Jeff and Callies Wedding Surprise Part 1

Wednesday, October 19th


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Engine shop. Just out of curiosity. At what level. Is there one main tired of talking about wedding related things and. Never. So I. I don't think ever making you can reach I. Heightened level of stress. That we have to ask now ride I'm just talking and he's feeling about talking about it and talking about the. You know the colors and. The flowers. Some day that I. Women get excited about talking about just weddings in general I don't ideal. And everybody is unique to the couples especially loved the copilot we love you have tallies them I can't get enough. I well Cali is here. Because you have asked me a lot well for two reasons one you've got some obviously it would discuss them up with two. You ask me a lot of wedding related questions and I ages. And looking you let it dog look and a buyer traffic. So let me just say Iran delays is over Pakistan a little bit the that Kelly is off work today sushi is you know hunt them. I feel and and are you doing first half. Gray IA was dressed like a month ago and just hasn't won since since I had my little like oh my god and to do. And now I agree and that's to do list. It's I feel great but his club my bigs that ends. And Mike welcome. To this and I. I really have anything. That big to do except. I finished the details of the rehearsal dinner and right might. Oh I saw. Other than that which I'm okay I but I've decided it's just going to be on limerick. Browsers in the form of limerick he is so when loves poetry. You guys are reading your own doubts we are reading and now switched. A little bit stresses me out because Jeff is used to writing a living and also speaking in all. I am act. So no pressure but the other day became a couple of lightning and put them all out yes and so would you guys have them. On how much you and about her vows that lyrics Justin Timberlake. They may need to have the. It is meaning you can. So are you in a member. Are we have them written in front of you. I've made my occupied a ago memory wells again. Because I think you can get so overwhelmed with the notion. That it beat it. You know icing. Well. I have I paid media packet once and it's it's. Our wedding. It a what about it back at her I just wanted to play and beat that was making me nervous that there was going to be silence and you get choked opinion and it's. Well I'm fairly good and lending and wealth kinda. God I am I could get we can Ozzie do you cue cards. May just have cue cards do region sir is have a VI differ. Now in the camera shut up. Like Saturday night rock and he just that the right now out for you. Okay well that's exciting what else calm about the ceremony and you guys having. It's it's an interesting set up where you've got the ceremony and the reception happening at the same time. So is it in the same or is it different parts of the room there gonna make hold. Changeover change sat. Yet there is a nice clean just sat and at our wedding planners done and report that Americans air works. And it's this huge gorgeous ram and they are super pros and getting everything apparently the way to do that is they get everything ready all the tables and I'll Utley picked up. And push it to one side round. We have the ceremony there's a little. It's a hallway. Outside that nobody goes out there to start drinking while we taped last minute items and we intimate photos and they push everything out. So okay. So you'll walk into the same room twice but once little ceremony next time you come back and it'll look well that reception party this ceremony with the chairs in the rose or whatever is like third of the rumor twenty. 25% of the room attack Burton that divides the others to the other city percent that dance floor and went DJ set out. Yeah round tables in the nude in. At the buffet food stations. Those will be out in and they open the curtain is now the ceremony shares a couple of. It's a major productions. Movie says basically it. Art can master some of the girly question all I have been able askew before I go ahead everybody wants always ask him what are your wedding colors. I hate. So putting collars all of it we have like and it seemed like girl were it was. Whites and like natural greens like if it's not hours but not green. As normal color right Kelly green yet and now and Eddie. Heidi is the life a color lets you know like that kind of brownish toe pitch and then deal announced. And privately. He is learning to. It sounds like aunts is an event salad a morning show and Chad news. I dropped out of us know white party in the morning. Robert did an interview that Alan Jackson that was outstanding and I am. I have honk and about the bridesmaids dresses they are pretty Jack patty color and their long knives picture. And how many bridesmaids you have. Interest questions. We I have eats. One of my bridesmaids is due to give birth the day before her wedding she's pregnant and rightly. And so we don't know maybe eight maybe step and depending on if they maybe they can't get the they have not done yet how about the possibility that maybe nine. That's true I think he could show it on Barbara made an eight point five hits us is hoping she isn't labor or what. That decent viral. Center. A case at eight on your side Jeff how many on your side. I have less than eight igniting New Orleans is populists. I have my best man that I haven't grooms wall main same lot. And I'm honored and excited and then have they gave Jimmy and in rent of or grooms men of grooms woman and. OK so how we all gonna lockdown because somebody asked me that he ended temple. I August you can shuffled on the company has edited out like well are you want to on the aisle with a bridesmaid Michael cool but I don't know. They pair. You pair up the rights mean immigrants and make from them together and split. And Stan while asking me if I'm with calories and your colleagues suffers some of the bright in at least one bright means. That we don't know if I am assuming. Well you heard the list of grooms. Who do you. Rich vein who actually and a backpack. I'm so excited for you guys and I just wanna say that I was I'm checking out and if it was FaceBook and Sudan yesterday but I site you're really cute. Those of the flowers. And I don't think it's I mean that we talked about on the show enough it's just how romantic Jeff is so. This is bride is here. I want you to be able to brag about just what a sweetheart and how romantic your Cindy has been as he is an and in an insanity and is about it. I instant name. Is it some addicts are losing. He is this business. And entire world and he. Is and he had monstrous. Bank. Along and it and it does that do you have easy and locked out. Overwhelmingly. Large hours. In on. An. Always he always thinking that he is always thinking I've steps ahead. And I am as a means and really don't but it's funny and carting this morning. Yes who I had already bought that card for him when he surprised ours at right. Time. Cell where. We just love doing things other. Year but he really at that. Mr. romance and they give me. Talk about that enough on the show because do you really think. My guess romantic and such were really really excited for you got 72 hours ladies did get me. I well the DeVon and show in your family here and stand in for one has a surprise for its actual wedding again if there's one person on the planet. Who likes surprises less than me and she's sitting them. I'm Mike is I think my hands and like ring man. And worse about it. It's going to be fine. But what I want our listeners and now is that they can finance the surprise before you guys so you just a couple of minutes here we are gonna start at FaceBook lives that. They can discover the surprise first and we've taken their phones from Broadway Kelly and Jeff will not be able to see. What this as the joint hasn't faced a glad to see the price of price first and then you be able to see Jeff and Kelly's reaction. Because you guys not only are getting a surprise you have a big decision to make its first. Decision as a Mary thank hey heard you on the spot and it next on the Jeff contentious Danny Boyle won for making us less. It's just it's OnStar not before one.