Jeff and Callies Wedding Reception MOH BM Speeches

Tuesday, October 25th


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Star in 941. Love those my favor it. Maybe the most beautiful wedding anniversary. Saturday this engine can count every detail is covered. Everything was so personal from the menu. Sued there make a wish takeaways cards too I mean the photo Booth and everything was just. Beautiful perfect so personal I just for symington. What Jeff is going to be so mad we haven't talked about the food one. I haven't and it and it was long run anything this is a slider bar China at that I'm sure he rules and plenty of time talking about when he returns from his honey you've in the back and double dates here on the senate. We're taking you inside the reception today yes we've played three the entire ceremony of the language I thought was so special to hear. I'm never on an arrested and a a break from the Norman radios so. So thinks her fur loving men just as much is because we have so many great common sense of meeting yesterday. If he didn't get a chance to hear the entire ceremony is a online news we put up on the blogs that aren't in part one Atlanta dot com. And it says Jeff and how he say I do and you can hear the whole thing. So sweet so here's one of the bridesmaids speech yeah this is Janet. And now it is it is quite an honor for me to introduce to you bridesmaid at ten ended and just. I wanna get real little background on Jan that Jenna I have been friends since the seventh grade. And their friendship survive moving awaited different colleges. And they are I trio. Jenna and Cali and Margot are like that. Charlie's angels and they are the closest of friends. Jenna considers herself Jeff and Kelly's third we all. Some says she even has her own room at the lake house. So help me welcome bridesmaids and again. So I. About three years ago at a very similar wedding to assess. And I was so happy it was such a beautiful day. In May be a had been over Serbs but. I was walking around stopping. Doing these are my people they isn't my. But today death you officially become our people. So I don't like her very very very long time. And came news that Jeff was the wine. Because I had never seen her happier and her entire life. And her mom asked me she goes what do you think of this Jeff guy. And I say in all seriousness I've never seen her happier in her entire life. She looks the most beautiful I've ever seen there as like this dude is a winner. So I just say I love that to you very treatments. And cheers to you on your wedding day. Valeant. Does not eat and how all of us and all happened and we got to hear from the best man George from Karen in Houston that's and his aides. And Liz George because at some point you think they're holding on south writing he can't say here like wait a minute wears on one with. He's the best man. And you're wondering yourself sitting there watching it go down your leg the one too many cocktails. Because I'm not sure this is gonna and while but then maybe that. And now it's quite an honor to introduce you tested very best friend George McNair out. Storage is a dear friend suggests a business partner jets a world traveler with Jeff. And I think he might be the most interesting man in the world. Please tell me welcome George McCarron that's my hand crews say it's. Calumet you about three years ago. And hate to say it I immediately said Kelly came in today. And I knew that Jeff was smitten and enamored. But I want to talk a little bit about Jeff for a minute because we've been friends for fourteen years. The privilege of meeting Jeff when he was young radio. Rock star here in Atlanta. And I'm I know he comes from a small town and I know that friendship is important to him in but you know Jeff is. Just interesting because you wouldn't think of Amazon. Really emotionally deep. Graceful. You know kind considerate warm and wonderful person. When you first patting me as a matter of fact when. New phones first came out Jeff could spend an awful lot more time on the phone. While you talk during the and he could talk and you but I later found out because I carry this with me. I carry this is a letter. Jeff wrote me. Never had anything in my entire life. Said to me or put on paper like this. And accurate with me because it shows that Jeff is one of the most warm caring thoughtful intelligent people I've ever met. And that proves that he was Smart to realize that when a beautiful intelligent powerful. Really up and coming young woman named county's rates. Fell in love with him he acknowledges with his glove back so. I just have one piece of advice. Which is to stay steadfast in your individuality. And stay strong in your partnership in line. At the same time stay strong and your partnership in law and stay steadfast. In your individuality. Together you're strong but as individuals. You have to build the foundation. To go forward into the future. May your life be blessed with this much happiness today. Tomorrow and every day from here on now thank you. Eminem nags that it's going to be the author of the brash delivery next concern and for one. And she I'll still. Far.