Jeff and Callies Wedding Reception Jenns Speech

Tuesday, October 25th


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And Jen shall we dose. Let's see this voice can make it through her pet. Jeff is on his honeymoon because we celebrated. The man was a beautiful wedding day on Saturday with Jeff and Cali to tie the knot they did it they are hash tag two dollars and enjoying some time away just going to be back on Thursday morning. And I am in here with Kelly cheese and no. We sound just because I know you're easily the raspy voice so I've got that raspy voice talent that I like it on you'd see anywhere well I don't know that I am struggling in this morning's events provide enough with my raspy voice. And doing and it summons Evans and Joey and take inside. The wedding reception rain houses so exciting there are some beautiful performances. Some beautiful speech is coming up and mine I have a half and half. So first I wanted to share with all of you this is a live performance. From paying member of collective soul is in his wilt urban. Dear friend and Jeff and callies and he performed on you need is love on the piano. In which he needs now is the entire group stands up and they'll hole on the whole wedding receptions stanza so singing along with him. Learn. Now. Even. Yeah. Okay. It's. He. You can't. For the first time. And it's. Now game. Okay. Yeah. Oh yeah. And we talk about how beautiful Kelly looked us. I has now curious I think that you dress she say princess and I can't explain it you are little girls that she was Cinderella I mean her a long blond hair with the part that little girl and make up close and this right but the pocket. And her for a load and Jeff I know wedding gown with pocket. And that their mind doubles like those pockets and give up any of right there. I mean she was stunning. I've never seen looked happier. Honestly you can see it and those pictures to smile on his face he says so happy his parents there and had a great time is Davis there. It was just it was an amazing day and so I I was the emcee for the reception as you can tell by my left over voice. On that along with ragweed has me sounding like that. But but. It was it was an honor to be there and to help emceed the reception in all the different performances and speeches that there so I got to take. My little they gave me two minutes and wears it to three minutes they to be able Zito as the couple was the first and I'm hearing back this and I'm really nervous that I do okay Davey you did. So good OK even listening and spoke from the heart out angle room. Little bit nervous the plane was going on doesn't mean you are in a moment I'm nervous and everybody I hear it. I welcome you and thank you so much for being here scientists. Share in the celebration. Jeff and values marriage. I'm Jenn hobby Rivera. And. Okay. You and I have been friends. For fourteen years and we are just getting started can't love that says thank you so much for including me and this. Incredible moment in time this really that's what today is all about and we're here to celebrate and share with you and if I can be. Even half of friends you infants means and I don't be happy in my life and so thank you so much for just incredible man that you are. That's awful person caring person just as the person who. Thinks of something and then things how do we make it better for everyone else how do we make it more special how we make this a lifetime memory. And it's really what he is the best at. He is amazing act creating memories for others and it is the way that he wakes up every day. And Kelly I know you know that about him and I'm so excited that you get to experience that with him as your partner for your life together and really. Is a magical. Gift. And not everyone has it and I feel so lucky to share that with Atlanta every day by your side. And I can't wait for what is accountant. And tonight the dollar Ers are gaining a daughter. And the rays are gaining a son. And I am gaining a bonus best friend tally I'm so excited to know year over. And I just feel. So blessed to have you and your light and your spirit and my eyes that thank you so much and the last thing I wanted to share with you is that. When I was little girl I think song from. The sixties and I sing it to my girls now probably very badly. So I'm not going to I think it's you all I'm gonna scare you back but they're little they don't know. But the lyrics of that song are really special and near and dear to my heart and I think of the two of you and I convincing units of the girls in the last couple of weeks and every time I get to this one part of the song I think as Italian Jack. And it says. Here's is a song called today John Denver covered it at some point seeming LA but. One of the lyrics they go and I can't be contented. With yesterday's glories. I can't live on promises winter to spring. Today is my moment. And now it's my story. I'll laugh and I'll cry and not saying. So today is most certainly your moments. And right now is your story and I just thank you for letting me be a part of it. And for all of us being a part of I Levy goes IMAX. All you have is out there. You know you've got to it and I'm like when I get nervous on the heavy breather since. I'm getting hit is on heavy breathing during. I was. Unknown lands and I was so heart well and that and as close as you and Jeff are an and then the brother and sister are best friend on that you guys have agents. I don't know about. It means giving a thumbs up back there I think it's just so you can do its heart out and it is so real and I just appreciate you for what you said to him and sharing something that you share. Their daughters and as early this week album one question region yes. Would you ever. I wonder if he'd ever seen today my now that I'm seeing means ideologues and I was a kid and you're right. I think he should well ABC and you're okay well and they I don't know how we're gonna have to get an urgent request because. Really terrible thing as an apple just listen back to me like that is unlistenable. On my lower half we can make her know we can now go around in your goalie Jean gimme me there and I think. I only get back I just after it just like fire or share with you guys speech from one of the bridesmaids. And also the best means. Jeff can count thing as market next insanity one. Star in 941. That's.