Jeff and Callies Wedding Reception Father of the bride Speech

Tuesday, October 25th


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Jesse James Giles. Ansari not before one. We are still celebrating after Kelly's wedding day. So much and we have the best time you can tell you got little side story and think yeah. You know my favorite person I met at the landing news. Is tallies great aunt and his suit. Little on powerful all my guys this woman is ninety years old and she drove herself seven hours from northern Kentucky to Atlanta that's when asked not gonna miss that she's gently Kelly's. Moms. A day this woman misses that ninety years old and she and I got talking at the rehearsal dinner we became friends right away. When she pulls me aside and she says magic. You're just turn on the radio right and I said yes and I am and she said well now you know mama feminists that that attack started right back nine years old and those elements are giving me advice. And by the end of the wedding receptions and two days hanging out at me as we we were BF thefts and she does give me pep talk at the end she was like. Now gen. And you get out there all of those men push you around I'm like oh my gosh first of dioceses. Do you sense is that one of the highlights for me fresher than you so was the speech from the father of the bride this is so so special. But you need to know about callies dad Gregory says that he has two beautiful daughters in town is the the first eight so this is his first time averaging father of the bride speech and he had his wife Kay of onstage with and so we're taking inside the beautiful reception. Jeff in Cali and here's breaks. And I. This drag race. And a special thanks in this Jenn hobby when that great. TJ that they Atlanta market. This is. Probably the most proud night of my life. The first thing you should know about calorie. Is that she has always. Been beautiful. When she was two years old. And we would take her. Anywhere to the mall. In the airports. In Kroger. People with its top. And stare at her. And comment how beautiful. She was. Case at delta flight attendant when she would go up and it's two or three day trip over the weekend I was mr. mom. And when I was. Taking care of Cali for two or three days a distraction K with sometimes I feel a little bit lonely and felt like line needs some attention and I would put Kelly in this girl's stroller and take your Lenox mall. A lot of talent. And you know love us. He's I mean it intends I would music and I think that's a cute and he is the father of the bride talking about mean death. We were aware of Jeff before Kelly ever introduced us we knew job. From the Braves games. In the thick stream in center field. When between innings he has a media star would give away delta tickets to anybody could give Chipper Jones is batting average in 1987. That was our first exposure to Asia. And then we have heard about him and his radio show is operated radio show. And then Kelly. Started to talk about them. And then their canned that day. When he walked in sort and and we were able to greet him in person we saw very quickly. His high intelligence you've seen that tonight. In minutes we got to hang around them a little bit in the invited us to the lake house for the weekend we got to see. His gentle side. His kind. Side is thought homeless has generosity. And then there came a time when he proposed. To Cali. Over the weekend at the lake Kenny went on the air. On Monday morning. And he broke down and choked up and pride about our daughter. In front of tens of thousands of listeners and then we saw them vulnerable side. And now we see the whole. Man. And we are so. Grateful and thrilled. To have them a part of our family and the sun. That we never had. And snow yeah. He's okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. If you excited Lantos Jeff dollar and now he's exercising his time with us and didn't. Got another time. It's coming now.