Jeff and Callie Say I Do

Monday, October 24th


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The jet engine Yahoo!. OnStar in 941 that. It was such a beautiful. Here really really. You. And obviously so much part of my voice this morning I am trying to place. Yeah USS just the most beautiful day as Jeff and Cali got married. We are gonna take you inside the entire ceremony right now you're gonna feel as if you were there Jeff talent would have invited everyone if they could have yeah and they wanted us to share this with you. I was joking earlier than we snuck in some. Do you say yeah that's the information. They share reviewed their special day and what you have in store for you and just a couple of seconds here is Jack and Kelly. Wrote there own now with. And are the most beautiful things you've ever heard. Yep and then you're gonna hear from like the blackbird instrument only just heard. Was all live on gray saying though bride down the aisle and then Mitchell Anderson was he officially in who wrote a totally unique. Original home organic honest ceremony that you're you're about to hear and it was so beautiful I agree and we can't think of a better way. His start your week with feelings of joy and love and take you inside the ceremony. October 22 2016. Is just dollar in Cali rigs say idea. He's mad. This. He. Only is. They I mean again. Today. For all we. I mean and yeah. This okay Eden. Well. This. Yeah. I mean today. Diane this. He didn't. The bad. Okay breathe. And. Be present. Take it all and this only source. Well hello there. This is a special evening indeed. In a few minutes. After we do some very important legally binding stuff. Jeffrey John dollar. And Caroline Ashley rigs will walk back down this aisle. As a newly married couple. That's monuments. And that's why you all are here. To witness the vows. Jeff and Cali are about to make to one another. To pledge your support. And offer them much love and happiness. As they begin their new lives together. Now as I said before as a quick note please do not like your cell phones keep in nicely tucked away in your pocket or a year purse. I know you have a lot of pictures that you won that state and to post your social media platforms. You can tweak them later why you're on the dance floor. When I was putting this ceremony together I did a little research. Naturally I Google the phrase definition of marriage as one dives. Everything that came up reinforced. To ideas about marriage that I've always believed one is very practical. And the other sort of mystical. Wikipedia talks about the practical. Marriage is a socially recognized union or contract. Between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them. OK so great that means that after after today Jeff and Cali will be legally bound as husband and wife. And have a whole slew of state and federal laws that protect that union. They will be contributing to a peaceful and stable world by accepting. Responsibility. For one another. They will be if spam. But the other definition I think. Is more interesting it's more magical. And certainly more romantic. Marriage. The dictionary says. Is the combination or mixture of two elements. It's like some crazy science experiment we're witnessing here today. It's a chemical reaction. This magical alchemy. Takes to individual elements. Fuses them together and creates a new stronger or. And more vital material. Kelly and Jeff. To demand. They made the calculation their lives together will be better. More fulfilled and Richard and could possibly be a part. And that my friends. Isn't the magic of marriage. We should start. By acknowledging each one a view Cali and Jeff's poems are you guys can sit down by the way. It. I forgot to tell you empire. Relax. Okay. Now let me acknowledge. All of you. Cali in jest closest friends and family they had asked you here. Because they love each of you. And you sent back here RS BP card. And you picked out a pretty dress. For the perfect tie and you showed up here in this beautiful space. In the middle of the Georgia autumn because you love them. And simply by coming together with a single purpose by offering our unconditional love and support to Jack in Cali. We as a congregation. Creates. A sacred space. Worthy of this sacred moments. You know I'm always curious how up to people find each other and why they decide to be a couple. I know biology and human desire for companionship. Has a lot to do it. But why did you fall in love with this person enough that one. Yeah I know it's that men mystical alchemy I talked about before but. Given the world's population and the infinite combinations that could result in an actual couple. Why is it these two people app this time. Around each other fell in love. And then decided to marry. Richie and I call. And TB. Meant to be. In the case you see before you. It all started with the tweaked. Doesn't it seeing. Like everything these days starts with a tweaked. So here's how it all went down. Jeff in Cali followed each other on Twitter. There a 140 characters back and forth may be just a little Fuller. Kelly gets Boldin tweets you think we should meet in person. They do. At an event in the safety of a crowd. They flirt some more. And then it just is advised by Jenn hobby just shot it down when calorie. Casually tax something about a boyfriend. Jeff suddenly goes dark. Kelly wonders. Why isn't just phone working. Being over achiever and very persistent Kelly tries a few roundabout ways to get in touch. I'm not exactly sure what that means that her persistence pays off. And Jeff has hooked. They dumped their respective studies. And then they started dating. Well then during an argument at a rest stop in South Carolina just casually brought blurt out don't you know I'm in lovely view. Kelly gets back in the car still mad from the argument and she says to herself. Oh gosh. I'm in love with him to. This is that. So now it's official. Vote. Jeff feels like he has a partner. So he wants to be a partner back. Kelly is happier with Jeff than she ever thought she could be. They challenge each other to be grateful for every single day for the big things. And for the small things. They laugh all the time. And sometimes. Jeff knows Cali is but one. Because one time he happened to mention heard it coming home to me dead makes him happy. Well knowing this Kelly makes them every day. Not because she's a natural meat in it but because as she says. Why wouldn't I spend three minutes a day to make jets. And that's good enough for Jeff he wants to make her happy to. Jeff pops the question. How he says yes. They pick a date picked a venue pick address. Invite lots of friends and asked me to officiate. So I dutifully get ordained online by clicking the 3995. Most popular. Package. At universal life in the streets. I've received my official ministers card a certificate of ordination. And so now I am legally able to guide Jeff and Ali. Through their idea news. And that's how we got here. Anyone of us here who knows Jeff and Kelly well conceived without a doubt that they are soul mates. They are meant to be together and that yes they do make each other hole. Kelly says Jeff. Makes me a better person a better friend that her daughter and a better partner. Jeff tells me that Kelly knows me better than I know myself. She takes care of me when I don't even knowing me it. They have learned intuitively. What love looks liked them. Victor Hugo talks about love like this lady may mr. rob he says. You can do it without laughing. But you can have a lovely giving. The great acts of love. Are done by those who are who are habitually performing small acts of kindness. We pardon to the extent that we love. Love is knowing that even when you were a loan you'll never be lonely again. And the great happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved love for ourselves. And love. You've been in spite of hours. Both Jeff and Kelly can see how this kind of love works how. Two people can create such a peaceful and loving life together simply by looking at their own parents. Jim and Ghana. Greg in K. By your example Jeff and Kelly have this amazing framework. From which to build their own marriage. And make it incredibly successful just like you worse. Okay you ready to get down to business now. This is why you're here the whole purpose of the wedding is projecting Cali to publicly declared intentions to one another. So that we witnessed these vials will in turn promised to do our part in supporting their union throughout their life together. After jumping Cali declared their intent to one another in marriage. I will ask you as a congregation. To declare your intent to support them so Amylin. Hopefully you'll answer. We will. Jeff your first. Please take Kelly's hands in yours. Look into her eyes. Listen to these words of your intention to marry. And finally answer I do. As you in Cali willingly enter into marriage. Do you intend to love her unconditionally throughout your life. Do you respect your answer equal and will you encourage her to be her best self. In both achievement and failure. Will you be generous with her humor. And stingy with your anger. Do you promised to listen to her without judgment. Giving her advice when you can and staying silent when you should. We stand by Kelly's side sickness and in health. And promised to answer life's inevitable adversity with the grace and understanding. In short Jeff. Do you promise to be both counties husband. And her via. A. I say I do. It's our intern at half. I think that's about it. Actually had just hand it hands in yours look into his eyes and listen to these words of your intention to marry and finally answer I do. Calories you inject willingly enter into marriage. Do you intend to love him unconditionally. Throughout your life. Do you respect him as your equal. And will you encourage him to be his best self. In both achievement and failure. We'd be generous with your humor and stingy with your anger. Do you promise to listen to him without judgment. Giving him advice when you can and staying silent when you should. We stand by Jeff side sickness and in health. And promised to answer life's inevitable adversity we've grace and understanding. In short how. Do you promise to be both. Wife. And his the F. And will all of you. Witnessing these intentions do your part to support an honor Jeff and Kelly as they enter into marriage. We you cheer for them in good times and comfort them in bad. Standing with them throughout their lives as husband and wife. Good job. So having publicly declared their intention to marry the next step is personal. Jeff and Kelly have written their own bouts. Good luck Europe first. Act I can't tell you that moment he would be sitting here when he didn't know the next Lehman is different than when I never known and had that. Actually it's injury today and they get to be your life truly is the greatest honor my life. You know letting I do you have the biggest hurt anyone in government. You are at the end of each is outraged when he come back to earth but you're also the person more than anyone. He challenges me to test my personal boundaries and spread its. You mean better everything. About her partner and better team player that her daughter sister friend and person. There has not been a single and a relationship that I haven't woken up. As you search history and as husband and I promise I. Promise your biggest man in your life you can't. I process support you crazy is when there is insane and starting every. I study team mate and your partner but everything else and make arrangement in the library. I promise to love to hear your parent says my parents and your brother as there. Is that we haven't and we need to send it to implement in partnership to our children a certain. He's done so wonderfully for us. I promise to wake up every day of the great experience and remember these spouses except incidents injuries do we have together. I cannot wait for a lifetime of love laughter. Q you permit us. There's. Okay yeah. Yeah. Should come first. Cali I will be your best friend. I won't comfort you when you're sad. Or celebrate reviewing their happy. And I don't make sure there's always more happy than sad. I will be a good father. I will always make you laugh. Well always. Put a new garbage bag in the garbage can. After I take out the garbage. Starting tomorrow. But most importantly. For the rest of your life. As you look down whatever path life is leading you down. You will see me. Whatever crossroads Murat. You'll see him. And if you wanna take that journey by yourself. If you want me to meet you halfway. Or if we want to walk that walk together. I want you and now talent that for the rest of your life. You'll always see me. And as you. You don't want to put a scare us and yet. You know. Tradition gives us an outward physical symbol of the bows you made to one another. The ring he will placed on each others being noble work reminds you and DOS that you have promised yourself in very specific terms to one another. It will proclaimed to the world that you have made these solemn bows and are committed to each other for life. Jeff. Take this ring and place it on the third finger of Kelly's left hand and repeat after me. Kelly I give in this ring. Calorie they give you this race. As a physical symbol of my commitment to you is it physical symbol of my commitment to the ceiling might promise to be your husband. Sealing my promise to be your husband's to love honor and respect you. Two of honor and respect here for the rest of my life for the rest of my life. He. Take this ring in places on the third finger of Jeff's left hand and repeat after me Jeff I give you this ring. As a physical symbol of my commitment to use those goals well right. Sealing my promise to be your wife. It's. Ceiling. Silly my promise to be your wife. Ask you to love honor and respect you. As for the rest of my life with us. That's it all of the important business is done. Count me in Jeff Hewitt told each other and us how you want to leave your lives together. You've exchanged vows and rings and you've said your I do's. You've consented to marry in the presence of your family and friends. Therefore by the power vested in me by this stage in Georgia. I can renounce you husband and why. So now. You should feel that the Olympic. It is my honor. It's. A good life. That's an amazing to have and no pain no. And after. That immutable or Oprah or seven Marlins and you 400. Collins let's celebrate together and Jeff intends to start and he's well. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.