Jeannine Target Rap Song

Tuesday, September 20th


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She's running itself. All over its yeah. Justin and shell on selling people line. Did you hear any of the song before. It was on the air today or did you just know I I hear the whole thing I only eavesdropped when she was producing and I've we're talking about. Geneen. Who is one of properties. Her first gig and radio right yes okay so she started it if one of our first intern. And now we have an opening and she applied for it and they're like no real supplied so little letter and and see your shares. All right here she is part of the part of the ambling. Right where albeit each other's backs were all trying to be cool we're all trying to be light. Even playing field certainly she's not gonna be arrogant and out. The command never having any radio experience in Friday show up when the people who re in names on the act that would. It says that when. You want it Monday morning rap battle for one week and he meant it and like every single day behind stock Jan eight will meet its now. I'm not good at right. And it hit the IE is sometimes the flow escapes me the all right the cap so. I was not able to excel in this particular competition and one. Where I did really well. Felt really good about it in maybe I talked about it a little too much. You only child. Then the next week cheating him. And she lays down a ramp about shopping at RE. It blows this Ali Ali Cheney's who's won the rap animal I'm in even wanna go after like. It did it would one you like. Over there yet no worries. So Geneen feels it necessary to. Need to rub it in apparently few things including the rate in. While she isn't. She. This is what you Wear and you. This is her son JP out there Ers on the first letter ridge route 42 on. We have a chorus. And few other birthday. She hired me to be a hike Maine to the beginning units. I've guy he's the producer behind the scenes. Yeah Antonin sees the town. Do but I Vermont girl. She's about to drop the ball is on the job. She's like Eminem in the librarians but. Are you ready yet. If you like your phone that I haven't asked about much but if we're talking tie it then I think I got a prince isn't that records his sermons and every Tuesday I'll take it is my Mecca if heaven is my calls another round in listing does not tell you story after story eloquent trying to boost I think you all about it I LL watching this and not just Arizona there I'll sufficiency my game that's the truth and I'm proud. I met him walking in with a solid and in in my but the protection and instead focus on a plane tickets IMAX in three hours that the milk I'm not hire. I'll just come right back after a long and heated shower and I closed until I styles did receive. My bank account as we put my sister incomplete I'm not broken rich in love then either as of Clinton and choice where none and as nice oh I don't go. Angie. You've got happy man though playing well yeah. Team needs. He game me playing me. Hi this job and they've been through means. My kids is looking going at it contained. The story you've ended a car in any of this doesn't courage and I think just you and every precious that you need every bit uneven shopping and my dreams nails polished remind her of things sometimes and if you hung over a business have a bad you have to sit and living rooms Lipsky and I'm feeling inlet let my life I hate any impact of the I got Kathleen back at home yeah no that's not surprised thank you let's move on. It's it's not an enemy theory no legends don't feel like Oedipus the Santana again and that's closing moment that it really is new Tylenol. And I wish you all the best Moore suffered any idea all listen I know I'm not client and I think each and sweating it takes practice you know important and ethnic if and when you check out ahead I mean. Just don't check in the end of a hero pretty much zero until at least good Chinese people of my happiness is perfectly some happy. Nice smoke I don't alone. Angie. You've got a three man though things have good. Me. I likes me. He asked me. It's and I have a pain and means. I'm believed. Mind to begin. Out. I just I just send a text as if you mean does not give a target endorsement on this raid at age and out of gas. Some what are you doing their job Ron. That rate payers need the commercials. This. Sound maintenance. And young star ready for a one.