Jeannine On the Scene: Harry Styles Pranking

Monday, October 9th

What happens when a HUGE fan tells her boyfriend that Harry invited her to be alone after the show?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. Maybe that houses and found less neighbors sold out show. ACL. And their families are. Peanut. I walks the dogs and 8 AM pass the Roxy and there are already tense. There are girls camp out as best they could underneath umbrellas. We do. Podshows time because that that storm I forget the name Edwards maids. The hurricane hit a true. He just made landfall in the outer bands were start to a Baghdad Atlanta so here are these people these women out. Trying to look so beautiful friend Harry styles they're getting wind blown their well. Hey I'm glad that rain was bred on in their good hair for Harry styles ten hours before they gave free and open. Ten hours gas because. It was a general admission tickets ever ready to get in line. Quickly so they can get the best spot as soon as they opened the doors yes oh my goodness I appreciate your enthusiasm. Ladies but I can never do it. I'll but I was glad as I went back into my dry you know. I was glad to know there's just a few short hours we'll be sending our very soon genie out to talk to you hardcore ladies. Reporter on the I've seen girls and everything she's actually cited the leave her house in this. Hello is even in their brain oh my gosh okay. So I really knows these all these woman and why they weren't so senator Harry styles but I also ahead a really fun prank call mission for some of them if they were so willing. And I'll introduce you guys 23 women Julianna Miranda and intensely. There's a whole story that we're gonna hear from them and this is a thing isn't talking about how much they love Harry styles. I bought it thinking we felt like 400 dollars and I don't really care and I didn't get her calling in I do not care. Baby. I'm illegal business and a really happen. Did tax. He's out on my body in the that's something I'm gonna. But basically that watching nineteen dvd video while driving. Let's dig in and everything she's a so New Zealand and our fans if you could tell them one isn't it took me up on my brain called talent so I asked them I asked human. Will you call your boyfriend. And held him like you Kim probably just tell him LA UN Harry Lee made eye contact in light. And manager something came back in like asked you specifically Italy go hang out with him after this show alone light and just see what he says and it's basically the only direction I gave. And these three whom he gave one direction. And. These guys. They ran with this and you right. I'm disturbs you said that everybody your approach was excited to frank other boy oh my gosh I don't know why they haven't some upon us earlier people love recalling boyfriends but you feel for Alex who is this is a whole saga here. This doesn't end after like one thing and you're gonna hear until the point where she asks if it's okay and then I want you guys I guess who white. He says we take this disaster this is Julianna and her boyfriend is Alec yet. So. We're hasn't been you and like these people came by Mike Harry came by and we made eye contact at night. It was Sebring saying it like one is like managers came back and passive I wanted to go honey it's worth I serve him and like. Like I saw a lot of chemistry like I don't know what's gonna hear. I mean. Like your misses me and him I don't know though I'm freaking out like it. You came with a hi this is too powerful. On how light the Intel oh she's already played this out her mine's owner. Since she's at this script who's written before you even imagine the characters I I think they. It's that he calls are out I think he's like what ever see you later. Are we guessing news apparently. If if you have a guest. I think he's cool that I've user agent had serious and it's kind of close to a genocide and analysts think. Like if you are you OK with. Sir like. I think like this could just kidding me guys like are you sure you're okay we're back. It's a once in A lifetime thing. She keeps going like she kids just I think she's just trying to break the port. Played here OK we've liked so convenient and I don't know what's gonna happen and I don't know I'm gonna. Like like I felt chemistry like even into me and like I. I am worried right now. So I'm leaving in William Randolph likes. It's just going to be me. I don't know what he has won by like we had chemistry and the manager just came out it was like hey you're brilliant dean. He's come back. I automate your tail and leaving unregulated the night. I mean I guess someone did what I. And an insert feel it. She did admire. She's really really scary for daddy. Day excellent this is the secular deal how do you think he's gonna. React now. I hear all this he's mad and it's a sad that made this way he's just got to get out of found oh god it doesn't go on an island he direction as it. No matter what happens I'll always love you oh. Oh how I don't think the panic. You don't tell me your game and OK well I'll volume I had everything. Exciting taunt you they won't let me take my phone it. Diet. And they're like he doesn't like the domino. Look like he certainly would not take. She could say anything knows about the let's just call back in late we'll just also the sound insane elegance totally prank before you like unbiased and isn't it. Now let's sweated out yeah. Trends in the late. In the do you guys again like why you guys love Mary and in the middle. And interviewing my written down this. Thing happened here is there's Allen calling her back knows about timer and then the other friend who's sitting right next to hack oh. Let's Julianne is boyfriend and as soon as they turned and ran as is like two minutes after it hung out. Our guys welcome back. Alan calling for Randy this friend and after Rihanna. This is so. NHL all star. You're starting to acknowledge every day and show concern any form one now Stiles is the biggest thing in music right now he's here last night sold out into the Google Roxy theatre. Our own Jelena. Went out to visit the women on the scene. Reporter on the planet is in your neighbor. You still need. So imagine me in person that you're obsessed me. Engaged wanna cry will would've been Joey MacIntyre for you Jen that have been yours I know I was Madonna lob pass her time and time. Justin Timberlake right and concert at the US and outside for hours in the rain. That's Eugene is talking to their fans. Of Harry styles. And we just got to know Julianna. Miranda and amstel. I bought it thinking we felt like what. Don't really care and I'm in debt for college and I do not care if I will have a baby. I'm a legal consent. Really have classes coming. He's out on my body and. Donna I think. So those are the hardcore fans that were guarding him and Gene Simmons is one of them Julianna. To call her boyfriend. And say that hairy his just invaded her backstage. Alone all lower. And for the guy and this is how they got off the phone Julianna and her boyfriend Alec. You tell telling her get there. Lamar had everything happen. Nothing exciting soggy they won't let me take my phone it. Diet. And they're like he doesn't like to tell me now. We'll let you. So they would not take pill a day. Showed that trade there is wary last things and they go on about their business and engineers out like he should we come. Tip them off there you go you're just joke and yeah and she's example blood and sweat. No gay men men and the other two woman antimatter and now like waiting to send a snap chats because they're recording all of businesses waiting turbulent -- amber she's like none and I and I yet let's see what happen. And Ameren electric analysts continue to be in India and in the middle of that. Alec cold there. And this is kinda. As well displaying her boyfriend telling me. And about. I think so do. Just forget love does he don't forget to Mary in every campaign. And don't provide a pain and he did meaning antley isn't like I'm so different Alley. You know look I would not be packed. I now like Steve Lilly. You aren't you left median they don't even know what I do think in the freaking hard. I mean sometimes people will come wingers and you Elin due to guide them. And we have this idea like a second. Thank you boyfriend. I mean it's. What is I want to turn into the girl an interview and he starts snapped shedding her. What are they doing to sending all these late sags against the sit like what are they gonna do I feel so bad happened and I usually like called him. Am an out like I used doesn't like kids and I isn't my friend this is so nice like guys aware she's lying are they okay. They cool home. I now usually he uses kind of lucky not giving hello can no security. Soon I yeah. Do you have any of the gift cards left that scored social gave us did have a couple they had gives them all. All. Oh my god issue is slowly night just. Hi when they guys there it's forty socially that they're good they're cool bar sports wire rate next to the Roxy or that she was gonna be out there. They gave her a 25 gift cards to hand out Ellen gets every wall. No not all. Thank you. I'm sure it healed enough to drink losing so now all I'm planning on perfect and he suspend that all of them. I don't ever want to hear any crap about women not genius cruelest man. Ever. Old man knows cold dollar movie you did was impressive. It was me. This is eight. Frighteningly good luck. Like I don't write she did stats. And. All Lowenthal and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.