Jeannine On The Scene: Are You Trippin'

Monday, September 25th

Are these legit DJ names from the Imagine festival, or are these festival-goers totally trying to trip us up?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Coming to blow. And heard a reporter on the planet is in your neighborhood it's you need on this team. And he was just tell us JP you can hear this did you and the environment IG was just saying hey whenever we have to go out and do these gene and the scene things. I wake up in the morning give myself a pep talk that includes the line. You gonna talk to people today and it's not gonna take team. It's it's. Are you guys were at imagine music festival will. That means you never right here pretty light of it down flags and following a match it was so. Good and crazy and it is actually used it to people whose musical out. So you speak and be an introvert amongst the crowd at at. I have throughout the idea and this is for Kelly Jesus. Thirty expert in your big phrases here and use it. The way it is but it's also little on. So funky ED him I don't really knowing you know I'm gonna. Yeah so beating him. It was awesome so much time and I have. I maintaining though it means that Gary is ultimately and and I know they get thousands of people there is definitely again Mitch format of entertainment if you don't listen now. Right is exactly and they have laid at its deeply depressed they have like a hundred bands. They're Ginny and the scene this week. Is bringing home bands names and JP and I or. OK so how do you wanna do this mean these. No particular order regularly now. Okay which one is which go with the flow these are people talking about their favorite deejay there and used against them up there. I'm Jen hobby is out today so we don't have made this tenacity competition that's gonna divide us. AP will just I would just play August OK again. So excited he DJ thanks I thank. He is amazing he brings us like or accident crowd. And sign no way DJ landslide that not true I don't believe media there's no way. The difference is dad. I. Probably as well as as their place is out of this world. Yes diving please it's real it's kind of like a space smelled based nectar like I believe it. Also. Oh. Okay. Millions of lives because he's Smart as. And you can make is probably. Lux civilian. And choose very shoes so passionate she had to be censored. Couple times on the gallery golf I'm gonna say folks civilian Israel. I go real two and L head. I man number four and this is these are bands that may remain out of band. In Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend ferment music. Lands her strong armed drone I have all over it. And answer. No way plans earned strong. But Irwin Hirsh. I'm not you know that one eye and say that's a real. Made upside JP it I got to right now. I'm winning and I'm competition. Oh okay yeah. Ladies cities the other side there from Atlanta actually in early holes. Ladies the AD what. If you know. Value gophers gave. I'm from Chicago the windy city so. Share real. It's too bizarre to be even made up names that's where the city Israel. Hamas. A creative people at. Lindsay. He. If lose these keep it funky. Shape me. A wanna go with him I'm excited I flew to Israel the fog he flew he's JP says prices that may. Well come. On our time and I'll kind ingests it all comes down to this last when JP erratic. No pressured fund. I'm not funny all. The crazies they got an up and that's not funny at all and not crazy and they got an up and. And money eaten KP you go either I believe the name but I don't believe her explanation all crazy stuff I think that she outage at the fake. They miss a new eagle fake. I'm gonna it's a real because. Because it's. Time ago real. And Israel now. It's a non competition that I won the and how well he won't win and. You know it was amazing read those fans is they got to get all their for a group of friends and be like yeah I'll. I'm gonna go start DJ and and I'm gonna use the name no Bugs Bunny. Because I love cartoon. And I love chicken nuggets. There. You kinda chickened out to an end. I. I'm not sure of that haven't he's talking about magna Uganda had. Nags me thank you thank you for being introverted reportedly. Happy did appreciate him for making this list it's a suggestion. On stone not before one.