Jeannine and Apricot's Adventures in Amsterdam

Monday, May 15th

Producer Jeannine traveled to Amsterdam for a few days, and brought her stuffed cat along for the ride!


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all now. I've got to talk to you mean here and a second about the adventure that she had over the past few days. In Amsterdam. Globe trotting the right wing it with her stuffed cat apricots. Who I've got before I used spent the past four days and in this city of Amsterdam yeah. How was it was. Incredible. The whole place is crazy awesome island so much history about it houses like Kelly was are you looks like a straight out of Harry Potter. Like it's crazy with how late they're leaning over early that they don't even look like patient via. The the trip that you got basically for free can your boy from his over their from work and he had. Sky miles to fly you over so. You just got Ted Callahan around Amsterdam for four days for free yeah a really good pick for air Guinea which is really awesome. And you brought this stuff cat with you and if you go to the Japanese insurance to Rampage. There's a lot of really great pictures of this case. Well it practices stuffed cat that's been on a trip with Geneen every single year since you were seventeen. Through those ten and Steward ten is a past fourteen years old got it right so here's. Here's the thing that I discovered about apricots and go to our instant Rampage and take a look I was good to. With everything until you've posted the picture. Of April got in front of more motor sleep marmalade and waiters line waiter shot castle. So round what's that. It's just this old I don't remember the time period this old castle that they turn into music Ammon news and guardians next to it. Is this is gorgeous old castle that we took. Of us founder of the countries and Lucy oh well yeah it was really cool you showed your own eyes so anyways. Here's the picture did you see it yet Jenna I'm Nvidia apricots base is this stuff nightmares are I don't. A little mad bad. Cheney's goal like. Russia popped the first. Some taint this good steps in a while the comes to life that night in. To the breath out of your lungs set doesn't people kiss of I don't move the ferry and should ship the has aside fees or that angry things so that's her judgment aids. Hot and a look at what their machines at at snap judgment that's IE eight your soul for brand value she's garden can soul. As a parent I think that looks okay well loved Lovie yes I did that that Levy has been around for awhile at a. And I go to our our face Vera and are in Saddam's page in Sudan dot com slash Jeff and ginger and Orlando assailant at Jeff's engine John in Seagram. And I look at all the pictures of Jeannie and her cat taking adventures around Europe. And don't show your kids that cat is they will have a. Yeah it's your drive and helps drought out try. National duty your boss. Enjoy this for themselves in a row every why you're tonight on story now before blind.