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Tuesday, November 22nd


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Start any 41 with Marino and James day. On the line everybody. Regularly. Raid appreciates you I take its timeouts sought to this oh thank you gotta know you know urging GM lineup happening on December 4 here and Alanna. Actually got a Selig music midtown a couple of months ago. Oh thanks when that happens when I can't do that little portion of the American. It just didn't see this post without them I just have you been around a little longer I'm but she'll plug one of them to make sure you really really solid lead up some plea Ellison and Enron was so we tried to get closer crede went up. But here are shut down past a little bit the price for failure to catch that. It was amazing and you actually got to reform. At the American music awards to. We have the first time there as well. We Nigerians no contest to get to play. Hold on here incredible run up noticeably. In new musicians. You know as far as old music when that was good too bad in the last staying as well. I am so very crude. Seem to be invited to include says to get to play as well and. FDA amaze I saw everybody. Kind of seeing in swaying along when you Cleveland ago appeared to glance out the crowd and see the reaction you music cast. I do and it's a really wonderful thing led to catch. We'll look at some concentrating them until tomorrow you know movement it's very straight what do what an incredible just are becoming reunited stay focused for a second yeah he -- You know one of those one of those they simply because look at the month streak and so he's coming in and all the people enough and I think damage to get Cynthia to play well tomorrow. Did you have a defining moment maybe a phone call they came in order. The situation where you knew that and this music thing's gonna work out for me. I think I've been the attitude well just fell one is that it's some of us and in the the most are those the working music they just it just is continual kind of realization and acceptance the you have enough and affection enough if you use not a good thing looks more on to even in the bigger priority than Obama's. There was a couple who own. It was a couple of flight time for America to those scientists in new York and some electability is kind of the last flight home that I realized. Brower going to be coming back at all and that's because he's an excellent brilliantly Obama. Let's talk about the music you always here hold back the river in Politico here it's Arnie for one thank you erupt in a one sale let it go was already a hit. As far as I'm concerned are cool but it feels like on the radio it was further fueled. Buyer stands in the US. Yeah oh definitely definitely got some outright sustained until it was great that the tightest jeans are neglecting her big moment where. You know really everybody kinda got to see India polished the good read Dick I'm the Dick. Actually this is. Appreciation to that song you know we were gunned stand up and knock temperatures country dumped upon a who knows 20000 people. I put on social or the local news or Chicago I'm not trying to set people who they get people who don't go down excited about disarmament Medicare came on. They're usually more in the course and amazing. So. That was huge numbers that some complete trust in America. We're actually recording this interview. But I don't know if you hear this. Yeah let it goes like you're down on stolen. All but let's just say Princeton somebody's since he right now on never reviewed never and James day and if you haven't heard James bay yet or would that give you enough to get out there gentlemen thank you will join us somebody to know listening to your music for the first time. Yes like you know like it's a tragedy no we did today made its effect have been Smart album it's affected my Russia that. I'm our loved you know kind of great real organic chemist you know music that is that is played in the Breslin. So that's what you yet. For me. You know to remove their. So only a very personal and real glacial. Eddie that does that also assimilation the actual music and melodies. More serious note James do you go anywhere dodger hats are all very seriously hurt. It ordered. It was like a copy of the faction saying that I just decided to spend my own rules while Annan and regardless we'll bring it to singles at least show a statement that is being. And the radio stations aren't any for one just turned 27. Are right in we've been doing the jingle jam concert for years and years so happy that your part of it this year it's our yearly holiday tradition look at the fans expect from new jingles in this year. He's got the benefit from me can extend that and you can extra mile to sober and you don't play and play loud and other costs and just a very hard to try and and they know I was Tucson earlier were dropping back down the minutes show and it you know look whichever the sand Serb civilians who says. Well listening to more. It's tickets to see that man December 4 ad jingle jam start any 41 Atlanta doc Connors or receipts James day. And Jessica having your line looking forward to senior. Jeremy thanks again and are Souter so.