Jackie's Superstitious Boyfriend

Friday, May 13th


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Jen shall we go it's. Did any superstitions. I am always think twice when a black cat crosses the street in front maybe it's just because I'm supposed event. Like I don't know if I actually think there's any meaning to it but I definitely take notice right. In our neighborhood for whatever reason people of their cats roam around and there's a couple of black cats and when we come to work so early in the morning. When they cross the street from him likable what does that mean. I don't let I don't know that it really sticks with me for more than two seconds and ST. Do you give Friday the thirteenth today a second thought and I'll. Not really. And it isn't it's just an update on the counter some delays at Atlanta and a movie that scared us will marry under yeah. I definitely don't wanna watch any Freddie Krueger to. A Jackie. Pack a Jackie. Has a boy is it is here boyfriend. OK yeah he's. Yeah my boyfriend. Jackie has a boyfriend whom is terrified of Friday the thirteenth and she just found out about it and there's his twelfth. Why she freaked out. I think I totally got my body was joking I thought he was like playing a prank with me and then next. He just kept me leave me here to comment now look like leading up until today so I wouldn't. Super fascinated. By it and I am I for a third act you bunch of questions about it like. I'm looking at mission but something happened to eliminate childhood. Today or are. What can and will were uncertain what kind of comments was he making. Leading up to it was you that warning you that. He basically told me that. He is taking a pork which he's not working today he's sitting at how much Bob directory because your view that to order take out because he's afraid. The pizza guy coming true how that day will be a murder until it or be that he'll get a car accident and carry that weight back I bet. And or life. He won't even let me come over because he's afraid. That why ain't the same thing that I try to tout Matt I diet or that if I come to the house something bad is gonna happen at how play like. All or even that he might turn on me and tell me. And the enlightenment earnings out worry cleaner down. And he's totally legit. Yeah I think he was he so Q you were having such a great relationship. Why I say. Let's see how weird so he's literally not gonna leave his house. No he won't leave the how I'm like should I put out a scary math and go yeah Aaron hit. Now I could never could this typical really to me I'd really like it 30 he's really afraid that today. Now I have regrets I have a critical and is so our I've never heard of a guy being that superstitious is there any chance. Then he is using this is some way to late surprise you have you been dating long enough that you might be getting engaged or send them. We know why we know we didn't know we've been dating but I lot and so I he'll lay. I mean it and good. Really carry her relationship like that where I'm so mentally and we'd like I would vote for it each and all of time and five months but I mean people I guess who got married and shorter and that mask. All I'm asking right or is he that like based on your analysis of him is there any chance that he's right. Trying to take this to do to mess with use somehow or did he seem legitimately scared and freaked out. Oh he seemed petrified Blake. You and it started in college here that it just didn't. Were they so it's basically a fear that just like we've gotten out of control as he. Grown overtime. And so act as I still really could end of the day today he's going to be like just. Well. I'm not gonna lie I really hope that you guys are right because. I don't. How I mean how can you won't let somebody would it's like yearly crippling fear and doesn't mean to have any kind of near the Friday the thirteenth apathetic anywhere speak about. Twice a year I will rotate through toys here. While I yeah McDonald and here is this court. And what happened between children and if you connect you know like now it can. I've been winning power. Was this is this any sort of deal breaker thing or is this just. Are you process. I know I'm in shock and I'm really not sure how you feel about it. Because insurer asking yourself how well do I really. How do I really know this guy. A warm up thinking it's I don't know about him as somebody quite doozy of other superstitions. No chance all. This mean. And so we year old and then nothing happened to him in his childhood like on a Friday the thirteenth that would former spurred on. So strange old good luck today I do really that your idea of just just run our hockey mask and go how I. Have to go and not at his door I don't really help they when he hands. He might break out of me well I've I've got to have a sense that maybe edged up that. I thought well you could maybe you know they say is vague when you're scared of some new enemy exposed to it and ordered after. And like creepy sounds like. Mind to move Freddy's and you do remember that. Oh yeah and what's the when you seen in the mirror cool I don't know obviously three times all what is it all day. Bloody Mary reinstated to meet her right. You have got to be dark there's got to be up all excited at the whole prop them. I got the guys remains so excited that the number of very eight. Can rock. I thanks Jacqui good lap minute. All your old blood Jacki sorry. That it's fascinating. Thing just. She now. Or one.