J9's Going to MomoCon

Thursday, May 25th

Jeannine fills the team in on what MomoCon is, then Jeff gives her an assignment to do while she's there. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. I James and guys can mean CNN anchor CNN first Janine is demand. It can mean is it bad to explain just went Momo Connie is because she will be attending this. Festival all weekend we had another. We have the same question of what is my all time she'll explain to us and we're gonna give her a challenge. While she's there that we will then revisit after that weekend. So Momo kinda 101 coming out into society and the first. Kelly she's not here today as yesterday morning she at all for her wisdom teeth yanked out of her hand outs. She was using instead Graham to document the aftermath of this this is still kind of coming up anesthesia this is the ride home from the danys. Could this sounds good job. All bolster those front seat of retiring driving home from the desert their mom dad. Us I should say tell AG's who is do you back this after the weekend and all of her. Wisdom teeth yanked answering machine telling. Gina what are friends music from a more commonality really think of us. Yeah. And here's where I was confused this and that we're talking about two innings going a moment kind she's complaining her costume for weeks now. And tracking time I guess because definitely an institution over Labor Day weekend right. And I get fat is MOCON Simone yeah. It's really similar it and thugs and on anime comics animation. And tabletop games. Okay just dreading con includes that but he is also lots of this thing. So is this a better if that's music to play to talk about all kind. Okay how about this. Maybe. And TV shows which I think would be accepted because everyone in the cost plane geek universe is really accepting of. Do whatever you won by a guy how to focus on animations about the president Kirk where is that cartoon music. I was confused I thought it was most most town. Boat like and sometimes. I in in once you say if you head aches and describe the Momo kind of experience. In one tweets what does it sound like oh gosh com. Bunch of nerds in outfits. Haven't like. And I I don't even though I can't even. I've never been to mama come before actually OK so this is my first year you're going this year in constant with your cost him a princess Madeleine okay. Princess Smyrna Noll came out from the Atlantis and Mara. Lose his share a is that a Miyazaki movie here is he's a huge. Is it movie creator is the Jewish rapper Matisyahu. Time. I will have some sake he's kind of carried my that he he brought and made to America I think and a lot of weight located away his main movie got a so many awards for an animated movie in America. So princess minor issues like this awesome. Nature warriors so it actually has a giant white dog that looks like a wolf and I compiled that great now. So why is that wolf I. Don't mind that the question what is big difference between and MA and animation anime is mean Japan I got quiet I think. Just Asian animation in general I don't ready. And wrong OK but yeah that's basically the only difference they have a lot of cultural differences it's usually based off among the books. Which aired late comic books from Japan. But basically it's the only difference so yield guns have tired yeah yeah. Mark and me. So you can go right in full cost him. And you'll spend a whole week and doing watt. Hold fully actually playing I dungeons and dragons for the first time in my life because I've never played. And I really wow he's good at it. I so never made it truly a dungeons and dragons virgin and Kenny annoying I hate losing fans and dragons players are. Is totally. So what's your challenge for Geneen. And it and I think while. Year is there. OK I think you need to find people. Who are. Very dedicated to whatever they're doing so to be a board game that's not going to be hard if I could be a video game could be a constant could be a TV show you'll be able to recognize them to say if Jen and I went it would just be like it's a beautiful custom element that's neat we would now but he you would be able to identify and I think you have them. Describe the two things thank you haven't describe what they're really passionate about. Okay so they're show their comedy show when okay. And there hanging desired bang vein. I think. You have them totally make something up. And you've played both of those for us and we have to admit after the weekend we have to try to guess if it's Momo RBS so. That's a tank. Silly I don't know that can be applied to show and then thirty seconds make up Michelle right a little so like the first one can be eight I don't know late. Well okay it's a TV show about a bunch people who were get a paper company and they got a bumbling Baas. Who always makes inappropriate jokes and there's one guy in the TV joke whose toll flirting with a receptionist in the end it together but that's okay just read the office. And then did an excellent judge all right there on the planet zip lock and say you need to the unicorn piracy has taken over the no word they is that out of god and what you need heroes finally. I knew your space fart and pill that's a all of the unicorn and take over the and you'll play both this forest and we have to try to figure out which from Israel which ones not real. It sounds amazing runs when you're just make a TV show yeah owes various. And Spain will try to guess it was if and so I think it and then when you're done with that I'm asked him if they still have their parents. In the basement specifically. I mean yeah yeah so their own space and see how. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One stone not before one and it.