I've Turned Into My Mom!

Wednesday, July 13th


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Just in general and saw hall all have even heard my cancer Alley duties as a and kids that I've heard her and I thought you what she's doing something that her mom is very. I teachings but close to Coakley and her team Woodward is that. Close to be close to me meals sees the ice moms seem stimulate the ultimate hostess. So. Gases have hurt Alley which is preparing a new duties in the race on his own hands them and soon non violence and an Internet every woman that. I got my mom would always show us like interest in caterpillars and suggesting. Leaves she's all into science and nature for kids and we we've collected them fireflies you know we had bug Barnes did you Bob Barr and you know or collect bugs and you know we've always inspect things so anyway on vacation planning this tiny little turtle. And showing her three year old and freaking out about them so it's I was over excited that I won the lottery we found it sounds like I'll myTouch I have turned into an anti. Lowering calling from Buckhead area. When the moment you figured it out when the epiphany. All of a difference in my house but says they drink in Manila are now that their passionate. Like you're flat you're accused prior to poetry. And apparently Ike. Like that is my mother is our tire out the fact that whatever we need like. If you needed you a lot extra laps talks or somebody adequate email we have an extra creature in the record but here are I think if. Yeah we had a couple people that. That's. That's probably YouTube comfortable. But yeah because there's a time people get drunk and crash. Yeah I think there's a pillow in the closet. That's an idea that nature even should he he wants to the top top she popped she Caitlin in Smyrna Dario. Good morning I'm sorry. And we're great when weighing did it happen. So my whole way in all my name my family was like all wondering together. And like get higher my it news that accurately that are remembered something my momma. Ain't. Kind of like like dot you know I recently got married. You might think and my equipment and Whitney and a third time we are sitting down watching T together and he got what impact the bacterium. A bit leery about going public. We you have those moments Caitlin and Jen when you guys had the moment do you call your mom and tell and that's why. I should have I think called it late until about the terrible I don't think the realization that I had turned in her humanity if you told your mom yet Caitlin that you're going to be. There. That play the mistreatment are out of it yet but I actually earnings you like more and more of my mom and I mean that I. Order multiple times like. Oh right at it like definitely it the other day and I always may I never learned. Oh really bad about. Yeah it is at all. Tease her about. It exactly and now. Totally mean and like I could never make an effort that I. That's grades thank you for the column Caitlin. Yeah I didn't need try is calling from Duluth the morning. You are actually teenager's mom is Colin from Duluth. You know you can make. It. You beat her. I'll mark it out letters to edit but you are a little. Well I would. A twenty. And and didn't yeah. I would really. And I'm. Not. Quite match. So. Right on. My era where why. And how. Well as your daughter which use comforting you off. And. Lets your mom's name Mara right okay you're an onion and you also honor. And you've companies. In here. She I'll still off.