I've Got A Complicated Order

Tuesday, September 20th


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Itself starring on before blind. It's pumpkin spice everything router I hadn't noticed we are in this season where everything is pumpkin spice I mean seriously your Cheerios. Your yogurt your English must bend. Mixed nuts a pumpkin spice and a Pringles are pumpkins buys it they grind today here they done that pumpkin spice flavored doubles up or is yet. No everything actually eaten when an old guy now I don't like pumpkin that sounds terrible Alec pumping and all I do like a pumpkin spice slot today. And what it almost feels like he can't even order one right now like it's too it's too much there's too much of it now apparently pumpkin spice hair. Is this thing. OK so you just have to go to your answer I am and check it out because just search pumpkin spice hair. And this is now see it's like all over the red hair spectrum right. They're saying it's like deep Auburn locks even strawberry blonde dues even richer more orange color. But people are going to their hair stylist and asking for pumpkins there. And he didn't know that I came in at visualize what color that would be we'll pull. While pumpkin spice air looked up pumpkin spice there if I Wayne's. He started that all he orders a pumpkin spice latte. Yes that you get more complicated than I want complicated like you can go to non fat eating goes skinny. I admire and go on day and T Ido my regular trade is is fairly complicated. Actually my regular trade is fairly complicated compared to our engineer annals. This actually you know liars and does more complicate als. Our shirt at Sears eyes speaking and you and yours is up on year. Yeah my on year profile yeah how might Starbucks order as many instant profile description. And it's pretty long. It's long but it's not complicated. Go for bringing that word by word and. And jumped up out of Korea. I east which is fine it's that complicated that is me you know you even higher and harder grind de Ronde as the size yet. Ice Saturday DO. Sugar free even now. Now you iron. Getting in line it's going into hot nanny says sugar for even as the flavor. Ice Friday sugar free and so a lot a lot. Because I'm a little milk intolerance and it may mean it. To feel bloat globes so I did so why isn't elves. You know line. Let me 4047419400. It's early it's Tuesday down of the phone rang but for a 47419400. Out complicate. This Starbucks during this is very engineer ails you ate a cat. Ban Ki coffee frat pitching. No problem so far right attack that he is the size. Coffee's great but if fraph Regina calorie and complicated. Wave. Peppermint. Raspberry. And caromed. And those are all flavored syrups that Ellen yeah and once all three in there no way. Based on syllables. Could pull back bad and she. Called me. Frowned. Jeanne now the way. Pat her means. Rants there re. And here come now half fat. No whip. The sixteenth rules. It sees and syllables or one beverage you have to out do als or it might be edgy 21 syllables and I who literally lost track while I was counting. I actually did that women on the show have less girly pointer and then the men that's 41 syllables. A case you have to outs syllable down right now yeah your. And you can't really fast right is that the cool way to order yes there really fast and why do you slowdown answering counsel. To going to be so much actually don't call this we don't want. When it's too early. Every hour of course 41900. Isn't amber I your phone calls and the most complicated thing. Based on syllables. Are rock sorters that you have. I'll take him next in the Japanese and ready for one. He's running get it done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And spring come a little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.