I've Been Doing It Wrong My Whole Life Part 2

Monday, November 7th


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If you're driving and it helps drown out track. National duty at all. Join us for ten zones in Iraq every London where it's starting now before blind. Says the idea is. Confessions of what you just found out. As an adult that you should know your entire life even around your whole life hasn't learned much more fun call your siblings and friends on the sale to. Now last week we're all sitting around after the show Wednesday. And Kelly says my guys. I had terrible 24 hours. I parked my car died he hacked and that would each yeah I got a new batteries might sound like that for what happened. Her next sentence had us all tennis parent alive. While he yeah La. Well OK I have not given. There. I own grocery shopping and I was at though west paces area intersection that's always super busy right by the interstate. And there's a car wash there that's always super busy that you just drive right through him and so I always gonna car wash it turn my car off. Apparently what I've been doing wrong my whole life. But I left it on so I can listen to. And this is the longest car washed I have ever been and by the way I got like the super extra. A lot that none of this matters to you Marty Marty says that there well listen that night and old are yet. It finally stopped parliament shining and I got to started and it's like. What is that and then I got a starting and I. We found my card. In the car watched the busy car Atlantic Mary Whipple car is not high because why. Well apparently you're not supposed to leave your weight what are useless in the the only person any of us knows that shuts there are opt in a while I didn't senate all lay off I putted a what is news just in troll. It's super dangerous that machine role or if it's one Regis sitting there you're just putting Clark in there. I just let them in the electrocuted I have. But then yeah. Does it and it builds LA they average out here are in the range yeah. Like he hasn't been. No it doesn't it seem a guy who is by clicking the car up if it jumped my car inside a walk in the gas station that. And I loudly announced like my car's broken down yes you is gonna get into a big I met fabricate. I think we're gonna set off the stands there and we're just gonna you know light washed it ten pound. Is there. Bad welcome to now. Any. You are a member of the clever you bring somebody else in in the club now I'm here and a letter it and it being. He knows about I don't how old Briton how old were you when you learn this by the way 4045. OK I. And not know much now it element YU. Not planned and I encrypt the cookie. And that bring you the army rank number you can eat at you and you are now well. Yet I am not a plane. I have. There's like an orchard. The. Like unloaded and they eat and I play in and you know and that either they are in Indy I. Or it. That them. Well to be fair diet I didn't know her pickles came from until I graduated from college my college graduation day at. I think others like a pickle bush or something to an outlet got these are cucumbers. That's I'm not no hook after that as an uneasy at the bars and at no idea. I'm I'd they just learned that right now and that thinking year. Car on the way alert day you're OK I don't embarrass themselves I'm pickles alma conferences and the epic you know the I use to make money. In this summer because you know early harvest the and kindly bring her memory is when you can pull the martial arts yeah. And I'll welcome that you know. And I. Now are you gonna tell you think Apple's us off this guy. Now actually. No different really stupid and not just on album I had all my life I didn't understand why on the mound. Why he was next to Alaska and one day when I went out to graduate high school there's a girl I Wear wet and weird talking about geography Larry lying together and I said. I don't understand how would you need so hot in Hawaii and so I think relax. Right next week's. Christmas and he laughed so hard she didn't explain so guy. After I got many. I have been married for thirteen years now maybe eight. Sixty years ago he backed out and I mean my turn again think about and I did something about it and I had an when he. How old were you that that's on your husband explained easier. I would say. One need for. A core. AM. So I have a lot of things like that that just seem to go over my head. If so see you would be a fun friend to display he yanks not all of the time is also Slaton gullible I'd feel welcome that. I know when my head that I had our first daughter I the year ago he asked me as. Soon going to be born risky. Well I choose your vehicle baby shark. Like Q did it again I would. And really not actually kidding and he would even genuinely areas that need it was gonna be born with it. That would really change all the proponents of press the total of eight. I'll say. Loans I'm curious that is us in the last 88 Jennifer. Yeah. All right I'm. All my time my father wrote that on April Lyman diplomat. He's a thing Matt you're actually their kids. And I just thought he made it out and let them until I was in development palatable. And mayor. Flag out of them. Oh yeah old Jimmy made out. I am and he would. Thank you everybody for the covenant now honey that's. Yet oh here's his. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.