I've Been Doing It Wrong My Whole Life Part 1

Monday, November 7th


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Phil and when you. Keeping you go and work do include disarming him today on sorry for offline. My favorite thing about. Yeah all or part of its effort and show family. These never disappoint sometimes I'll write something down and I'll say. Nobody can call and nobody is gonna column but this happened in before we even get into it Ellison is on hold. Willing to share her story welcomed the jet engine show and I'll tell you go well we'll let you give your story and then we'll tell you that that how we got into this topic. But the idea is the topic. The owner and radius meet is call us. If there is something you do not know yet entirely if you just as well but everybody around you just knows it is basic element. Even on your whole 4047419400. Alison you get to be the first. He had an eight. And immediately and get these bad back I thought my nine Renee and college bad accident are wary. I. Wrote one about life yeah I never had landed. I heard on the ground in the car and they do right by. I am I don't know you know that means there. She had he never heard in the heard a lot in bed when you're Hispanic you're very light she never under EE of the most is the un real pain in the world. So then like she went and got a sandwich and it didn't growl anymore and should that almighty god I think Alison might and right of the holes and that's and as it was sheer which are remains name. Chorus of lesser life and at at after a terrorist Susan welcome to the Japanese engine. I hadn't wanted to say on the dirt late in the on her email all. She was funded at LOL. And he thought that meant lots of blue. Since the thermal power. Now on the Internet that was about some things that you write a little well. Yeah that's right any crime and then any pain. It would be LOL ST and. Deer season and I hate it either way in the game it is bad news. Our next door neighbor dairy it use it by a bus yesterday doesn't leave anime. Hello Al. High actually log into the Devin yen jam. It's there was a year ago because now we're realizing that people are upon the talent other people. Yeah. It's not me actually a little bit. He's not a little England England. I'm like and then they hated nickname and it can and might alcoholic on them again. We might look funny and he unlocked and then. In my life that we'll let you die he came from England in. Unlocking the and he went out and don't look like they time the and taking it and I. Yeah involved. And they and it. White and black and land and we know that the way I mean eighteen years later hustler. Don't think we're not gonna get to your story of the we. Michael out. That's going to tell on her husband's. Yeah that's my announcement at forty Carol and he recently learned that you'll want are not and your lower back. And I don't you go through. It's gray quarterback back. You can't even watch like that there are. So wide. How about. How about this when you watch any TV commercial for a nasal spray. Or hey or an asthma and valor eight shoot you very long car he wants like where your key Nizar. Yeah I don't like and we could not only kidney. Obama on. Her and there are low and our other Bobby. Blame his high school biology teacher Deanna. Who covers science that. That is fantastic night combat okay we that cross that we have another bad hold my favorite. Oh they better. We have another bath on hold who did not know anything about the origin of marshmallows fifth time. The maps in new orders school. Books yet you know always have Alaska and Hawaii. Near each other. Hotels get a story about that and got Kelly she's we'll tell us which he just learned last week yeah thanks. Are you ready for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.