It's Rhyme Time!

Wednesday, June 7th

In honor of Brunch All Night, this time our favorite radio game is about all things brunch!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. We are gonna turn our brains an early this morning that we need. People for a Ford's U 630. Why we need people the cricket team team that JT. Fifteen Jan fourteen Janine. Because we are right to play around of Brian time up for grabs brunch all night tickets for a 42630941. What time of the game that seems so easy and failure in the hot seat as they can play let us I said the way where X is we just run down our own definitions of words but all of these words. Ryan with the original word whoever gets the most matches in sixty seconds just. Five they are the winner and the way you win is by picking who you think is going to be the champion and our progress our. Our options arm. Jeanne who won the last round this makes me really mad I was the reigning champion for so long. Like six rounds in her oh I. Well instilled in me beat me I'm blaming allergies even though I don't think I was six. You can also choose I'd JP who could stage a come from behind victory the only winners in this competition ever band Chan. And themes that's right Jen and Jeanine I'm coming to a dark horse on the jays. Katie indicator welcome to the show. I thank you afford tickets for a brunch on the right happening at next Saturday at terminal west of programs. What team do you wanna be on Katie. I'm all in Jane I don't Ozzie thinks she's got a streak that's gonna stay alive. I think that they shot this. I KD you are on that team Janine hold please. Only hate her. The perfect at. Dallas welcome to the shadow. Dario. Dead and who would you like to represent you in the competitions at the brunch on I take it. As well. An agenda VW teammate is get out of the room mr. AP's gonna gophers OJ he's going first and I think I. Honey and JP you are planned for. Jeff in Macon SATA test. To bonds is due this. Year. I have. JP it's the most words right. You win three friends will be on a brunch all night Paul Simon and a chair and JT as we start. These brunch all night edition of prime time. I give Democrats sixty seconds on the clock and you need. To identify these words we stand enough is enough for this is JP sits down for the whole show is actually standing up he shaking off stretching. JP 60 seconds and o'clock o'clock start after I read the first quote you're looking for words that ride waves. Juice tech words that Ryan between Jews were number one. A giant horse win horns and a boost. And escaped prisoner. The original Caitlin. At pumps. Not saying that it. That's yeah big mad birds. Everywhere yeah. Oh. It might be in your house. I was in December. My Anaconda don't want watt nine inflation down one of these. Funds. Worrying healthy part of Grosvenor. I got Alan you're every time Kelly James claims she brings a new one of the. I JP that was rated. You got. The moose. Bruise. Goose. And excuse. More or sorry Jeff. It definitely again Holman has now wouldn't. Let's send you Jiang in here will look the reigning champion allows you wave Jan managed and I gen. Gonna put sixty seconds on the clock. Says I. Kicker Randy got JP. Gods. For pay those those between us those numbers. What's so funny about I. Yeah he is yet I'm not on drugs I know JV. Eight JD we keep John outage and it's right I can balance. Our attorneys say king good luck to Jan. At this OK I gen sixty centers around the clock after I read the first clue you're looking for words that Ryan. We've juice. Juice OK a giant. Horse with hornets look. And escaped prisoner. The original Caitlin. And Bruce. Not need. Yeah. Here and past OK get mad birds didn't move everywhere. You. Yeah. It might be in your house in December. It's bruised. My and I kind they don't want to nine unless you have one of these. Fun fun. Booty this. Yeah. So boring healthy part of Kroger. So high yeah. Every time Kevin team. Only did she did you grow I got the. Com or are you harder can eat sorry he. I'm so sorry how that was it hard hagee and then another person. Downforce with currents. All okay Gary. I let's. Rain and you need in well I Janine and needs to get more than four. One. Gene. JT actually defeated that Jen. You need to come up with more than four. This is school hired. 40. Yeah this is sellers are right. This is a turn and that's when I look at some people are saying yeah. Excuse me all right. Mode wish. Yeah Gina and duplicating. It out any data we had this case I hang Jeanne we are looking for words. That Ryan with Jews is in Orange juices to brunch where OK as the clock will start after a I finished the first group you get more than four and sixty cents. And as. A giant horse with horn goes. And escaped prisoner book. Yeah original Caitlin. It. Not pain yeah. I'm mad bird did pope's everywhere. It might be in your house in December. Good to. The man I kind of don't whine now and and as you've got one of these. Bring healthy part of Kroger. Every time Kelly she's as of late she brings and then when these. It's just. Frenzy celebrate Chanukah. Oh. Please allow. My eyes go. I. It is time for. Dan you've got four tickets to brunch on my congratulations. Zardari slightly. Katie indicator report biggest impression on making gradually. Yeah yeah. He does love this game thinking. I want to know between sixty into including. I here's what we got. A giant Morrison who earns is a moose and escaped prisoners on the loose your original Caitlin is Bruce not he. Is that Jews. He knows in the latter day one when. Oh god and I think letters who I was like paying. Open in my. EWS why the big bad bird hit the groups everywhere is a deuce in your house in December might be a spruce. My Anaconda don't want none in the she got a caboose. Boring healthy part of Kroger Prodi's. Every time Kelly she's a blaze she brings a new excuses. Friendly celebrate Chanukah Jews please allow myself to. Introduce. Myself. And why we're so boxers. To seduce. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.