It's Not Your Day!

Thursday, August 16th

Jeff's friend is about to make a HUGE surprise her best friend's wedding! 

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And she I'll star. Maria welcome to jump engines are you can even heard anybody got an opinion on that wedding party drama with. That. Iraq oh early in our ports are Butler. All. Right here. Maria you don't. You don't know the story you might be it may be a super sweet story. Right hey I don't buy tiger that checked it out of course I think we're. About her. I. All right Maria I actually know the person has is happening to so I'm gonna put you on hold and tell you this story. Right in vain. Will take you Baghdad we'll see if you change your mind all right. Guys actually buy them I'm on hunting and on yeah. So I I actually am raab I'm glad that Maria called because this is a woman that I now. And she is a bridesmaid in a wedding. And there's only like four attendants on each side says she's everybody gets to make it quick speech. So during her toes herb big plan is to reference the open bar. And how she won't be able to take advantage of it because her and her husband are expecting their first baby and this will be the first time. It she tells. All of their friends. All of their family including her parents who will be there. She is it's all they only friends so and does that bride or the groom no no no nobody Ito had. Nobody knows now. I made the argument I might I think that's a violation. Now that you do that. Gee that none and out it's okay. Because our families are so close and it's an intimate wedding and it's only a hundred people and our families are so we'll my entire family will be there. I parents will be there my sister will be there my sisters you have to be their my grandparents. Will be there and no matter who says its per shapes. Now it's time that doesn't matter all of the bride's family will be thereto and the grounds of family will be there too is a terrible idea how. I'm insanely selfish it's over dude. It's like oh I think is at least we all enjoyed being her being pregnant is sleep absolutely you're bringing a miracle life into this world beautiful. Tell everybody tomorrow. Did not remember back in your day see Maria Lanny. Please help me change Kelly Jesus mind because it is sweet because our whole family will be there around eight. And I aren't. How and when there. Are and are now. You can make our own yeah. I. So please yeah I would be carried out or. OK so yeah Kelly. What is she did like a toast to their future children. I did right program's future children and then kind of slid in her yeah you lose bride and groom and their wedding day and their relationship was is irrelevant in the present time. And not build on I'm pregnant so congratulations your future children assuming you wanna have them Kelly hey. Why are you so anti family and I think it's beautiful that she's pregnant but I think he's got really bad taste in time and I. Amanda inside bridge is convinced the cheek and explained the Kelly what's wrong with her side and and humans tell you this is romantic and sweet go ahead Amanda. Absolutely not digital wildly inappropriate or someone glad I cannot. My brother and him I cried out and did not just got married in college that wedding and I. There was stolen there and get like bit. Ridiculous I don't I don't think that's appropriate. Way to heal our way and do it later I got Italy here I repeat escape for awhile right. Amanda listen you're being very selfish because there. Listen this hole where this court bridesmaid. Is gonna have to go the entire wedding with people saying well. Yeah anything in Canadian am and finish out. And she's gonna have to put it down so wide you only thinking of the bride and this Saturday. When you. Hey hey hey yeah. Hey. Isn't she has the bride will love it because they're so close and she's only got four attendants on each side to. I could win with the bride be excited now I don't know Alley what do you think with the bride be excited about it. Allah my Internet gotten very glad that primary. And my brother is uber excited about where pregnant girlfriend and she said. Now you have delayed until after I get married at my wedding we usually do it the week. How did you see. Selfish and that's really really sick and something about that address from the walk down the aisle well we wanted to be all other. Jane I imagine that's. You're asking if there's any chance the brighter really super eleven it's okay. The the woman who's going to do it actually is on the phone with a two changed and we Jesus mind not. I'm saying no he says she used to get ready is not icu. Julie Julia in Brookhaven wants to talk directly to you about her plan Kelly are you prepared to have your mind change. I mean I'm prepared to have a conversation most go Favre I change my mind away. No way villains if you'll be quite as our success you've got. I think the good Zetterberg Ghana and ready to defend herself admirably and she's on next to Evans and Janet. And she I'll star. Right so there is a woman today Jackie nose and red tape and who is planning to announce her first I didn't see. Her best friend's wedding during. Her speech during her hopes it's a small it is super small well I'm not even an advantage because Trulia. Actually wants to trying to defend her position ourselves out OK I was that will let her do before redo that Li Ning Noonan. And why qualifies you to give an opinion in this manner. While. I think my parents aren't and that the street I didn't hear that. So you work in an industry of love and happiness so of course you think this is a great idea. Ultimately. And did that provide. A name and email our email money. And letting. Did not appropriate I need me no matter how well as their relationship it. Okay what do that obviously and it's obviously you've been paid mentally she's. Colin this channel so. LED wedding planner would not feel it and I. My. You read the toast before they're given. Smart says wow. So Smart I Kelly are you ready to talk directly to Julia. Ads. About in about this is she is a man who wants to do that Julie is not a real names so we had a story about her getting bussed. You know there's nothing bad for her to get busted I am so ready for I Julian go ahead and talk directly to county. Can morning's Kelly how are you a. I'm. Kind of yeah I think yeah I'm and actually I'm really nervous are you look. Now now on entry I couldn't believe it is totally incorrect on the latter and not being laid out correctly okay. I I don't. And you know Kenya and making it close to making an all out meat and they situation and I. And I don't want my dad's ENC getting married and I loved her and I'm a little early and trend. And taking our adulthood it. I'm not an ally and we've been saying it's cooler at each other shot or shots. On during celebratory OK thing. Oh yeah and at an open bar and at her writing and she'd be great idea I had a great time with her closest friend and getting shot. And so can it. It is shocked at her and I don't it will be blatantly obvious so I hundred theory beautiful speech Kirk here that is about them. It is not about me. And it's and how happy he and they're together and I remember when a man when she army chief Alan Margaret. Him and Kelly yeah see I am you know fish would Juli is actually doing. Is preventing the bride from thinking that truly is not enjoying the landing. OK but wait you got a letter vanished houses speech then you're gonna talk about them and then was. The minutes angle and I say and you everybody should raise their glass. I mean it's day. In my hi can you do my shot for me. Can we are expecting. And then everybody won't clap and and that's it and and it didn't understand why and not constructive tomorrow night in a happy about it instead. I admire you party I mean I'm just happy and excited about it being like I am and I I don't let Barack and think I'm not into adding and I'm really really. I'm really glad I only know it's not because what that tells me is here's here's your plan. From the price perspective and everybody at the wedding you think is beautiful speech all about them. And then you ended on this really high note that's all about yield. And then there guys like oh my gosh that's so sweet so that you're speech and everyone should be going after the brining grand giving them theorizes congratulations. And advice on their upcoming wet marriage in the first year or what to expect. Now some of this it's engine's going to be directed on you and your first child and what you should expect. When really you should do is pull the bright side today in the right look I wanna give a speech. I don't wanna take anything away from you I don't want anybody to know this yet but I'm pregnant. And I wanna tell you first wanna make it special and this moment just me and you are right now so that way when I'm drinking sparkling grape juice. At your wedding or you're one of those shot for shot you know that I can't and it's more like a private moment continuing your best friend it's even more special that way can you take nothing away from her big today. I share re integration please. Thank you for holding please explain to Kelly has something she's been. It is not. Like I am untreated hearing that all it. Well he's about. Winning quite nice things like that and add him. Now. Hearing. Somebody who I am and I. And here I didn't think after oh the actor I'm quitting and Jack and make perfect but it hurt by the hot not a guy. Could you without that ridiculous and Charlie is right. Chris. Did roads and the that phrased it you hung up on now. I'm not I'm sure you hand things over again there. And Natalie in May get you to be the last comment will move this sort of paceman. I am so I might not do this house hope that. I make a special moment and portable ready and your iron into acting yeah I. Beautiful. I can't wait to get at some point you want and I entry at the wedding. You. I mean that's a special moment. Care. Or a girl she carried out thirty. Got a everywhere and brainwashed Kelly everybody. I think maybe she's underestimating the response of Arabic he's slick just no real apparent Muslim back on the wedding. Oh you're saying is no the holes credit policy they're on to her brain it's a beautiful thing but you've got to know when to sharing an inch is not our moment is just not. I we are not done with the desertions jumping ship and shelling baseline inferior stuff so thus they are. Well I'll make sure Clinton quote Giuliani is reading the face of bugs they get had to merge Evans and Jones are 941 Atlanta place your comment right there. On if you her friend what exactly you would tell most. You better you should comment in the form of a letter to Juliette. A tax man's comment is that you're sending Juli a text message Lovett brilliance. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.