It's JP's Birthday!

Thursday, March 16th

And you know what birthdays around here mean...Birthday Songs!

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Yeah star in 941. Thursday morning and the Jennifer Jen carry very special. Thursday Friday eve. It's Saint Patrick's Day even candidacy of surreal moment. But more importantly. Today's JP's birthday. Happy I'm Maria. I'm 32 years olds. Day at our question free JP is a good thing or a bad thing to have your birthday the day before a huge drinking now. It's a good thing a guy you can combine two days worth of festivities. I think that that's good and then my dad was born the day before New Year's Eve salt an orderly that we have in common where. It's two days is of just an absolute crap fest the battle. Hit real love. Awesome we feed off Iowa as it is tradition and the jet engine show when it somebody's birthday we writes a birthday sung for them. And we are our friends producing and performing. You're going to hear AP's. So our show is it a little over a year old but JP wasn't a part of the show last march so this is your first birthday son. Mu I Iran may I am excited. I'm happy birthday. To JP. Hey wait nine teams. When Jay-Z for the windy city. We know huge leg but they've done it since I've got to go pixels always try this out. Gave Pete a life of the body. Finally saying he got married I mean. Maybe almost not and instill some guys some rest out sauce in his yeah. The Marlins. Praying team I mean honestly who would win. You do is sit and choose your. I've seen. America you know. Right diet and this tired isn't all those other odds I know that home. Hey swing. Where we're in when did you cry me it does not use. It's I feel appreciated with the guys and I love they know the guys so. That's that's why my head sweating. A Democrat you're correct yeah. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion one start in 941 and it.