It's Jenn's Birthday! Part 2

Wednesday, February 22nd

Hapy Birthday Jenn! We've got surprise calls, visitors, and of course a birthday song too!

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. OK. Here is iron and there Hank you you're up early amateur yes. Well do you have look up at like 415 terrified out of their lives. I thought I. Feel so I. Rotary I'm misty do. Huge hero. I don't Jens brother Matt her younger how many years younger is Matt and then yeah three. 33 years younger brother Matt is out in Los Angeles. I you probably has seen a mind TMZ he's up there are pretty much all he rolls with the current cash in some societies are so he's got in trouble with kind yay more times that we can count they're considering renaming this is us this is Matt yes that's yeah cockpit dad's gonna happen and rumored father of BI seized twins yes I mantown daisy and if it but he took six. I really put the game Kanye. I thanks for coming out of this this morning. All I'm so glad to be here. I can you believe I'm so old. Yet you know. Yes he Stanley Max. Yes. My knees hurt so when Leonard or consulate sort of here you must go to your worst in me. Or eight but I think aches and pains deafening kick him. Are getting older is that your brains still thinks it's the same I still feel like I am about twelve and I could drown Matt in the pool if you took my. Phone to lay you name it. I was totally. Thinking I would like I was like I'm gonna talk about agenda to try to draw little. Perhaps we really we. Our Florida kids and so we grew up in our swimsuits I think that we were bathing suits more than any other article of clothing and our whole upbringing. But Matt and I usage manager at each other in the pool but I was a little bit stronger when you were a little I'm so mean truly mom and have disease. Senator water I want a huge number of we're actually I was trapped under new he then this area horrible yeah. I just sibling rivalry and if you're using a weapon that's like attempted murder and oh I always has didn't I don't know I. Always so and he is a view fla kids because you see every picture I'm sure every picture of you guys grown up. Jen yet Madson swim trunks and their lead in your leg in a bikini and there's like I'd. Yes swimming pool on the background and somebody is wet in the mean and mean. Even in July I'm wearing like a suit snowshoes to get a Monica mess on our god and so envious that. I think we both had that green hands were both blind tell hey Laura and not because the chlorine our hair was always green yeah. I some shade can you share are there any story used him mad of Jane's. Youth or the you know about Jen that then maybe we'd. Don't now. Scotch you know I hadn't really planned on talking about. How urgent need to try to drown me in the school. Do you remember when. This goes the other stories. Which are good and OJ engendered betterment. We had like it like an old school arm's system and end because we're Florida all of the doors sliding glass door. And that engine betterment. She had one very small sliding glass door. And she just to be good news when it with a screwdriver and not. Now I do I figured out how it was a magnet so with the magnets on the door and the wall were touching in the alarm looked like it was on. So I just unscrew the magnet from the door and stuck it to the one on the wall when you sleeved adore what I say let the door open the magnets were still together and I can come in an hour. And ads on the alarm was set and I was trapped in my area home and I wasn't. And I remember how you and I don't remember how you figured out that I was doing yep I was like man. If you don't tell I will drive you and your friends anywhere you want ago. And Matt Matt is our life. A 1000%. Could. You know it would probably. Land that. Because of the three year difference when I was thirteen generally mixed team and so. All of your friends would come over and then I would pay attention to everything. 'cause I ran your current Dave have you had crushes on my friend Lou. Yes I had coexistence that is. And he's he's grew up to. But defense that was I definitely Nero and I was so I figured out but he does it. And that's another reason that I'm envious of Florida kids because at least a mad when he was fifteen years old. He's looking at all of these girls Wear and I think he's hanging out by the pool and trying to get that perfect cheater Brian's. Meanwhile I'm trying to guess if that's a boy era girl underneath the shadows I mean I'm like it. Think that's that's it. Iran is everywhere clad guards. Thanks for con in this morning we've we acknowledge. Your mom was out early here and Lauren and Reese crafts studio an hour ago is now trying to make it I'll pretend it's you are there. He's old yeah. Jen. I love you happy birthday Mary would fit happy birthday but she already up and out the door because she's shooting a commercial for idea medication that. I saw him and Clinton bellowed go out and. It is sure Israel and leading actor like Israel and Israel. And that ladies and gentlemen is a glimpse into a superstar power couple in Los Angeles Smith and. I love that well I I hope it goes well for Marion who she can really. Channel her inner eye BS says she said. Isaac is. I don't you can get some of the medication. Onside Levy Brody. I did you Kate thanks Zain. Awesome. I can't say they've made it and America and I think you're shoot after art commercial after you moved at LA Cruz. Or you're acting dream was perfect. Very very big again. Full time this week she's on this dog and I. That's my own son show.