It's Jenn's Birthday! Part 1

Wednesday, February 22nd

Hapy Birthday Jenn! We've got surprise calls, visitors, and of course a birthday song too!

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. The whole reason and that we're here today to celebrate Jenn hobby. You think you are such a birthday guy. Happy birthday I love it how much you love everybody's birthday and how much you love your birthday and how much you love and my birthday today it's great birthdays. Slightly uncomfortable with birthday intention YE. All well you know I. Tension really. Should not go to the birthday person that you go to the birthday mom and my birthday we should be talking to Ghana and your birthday we should be talking enhance yes it's. Really DNC's day I did all the hard work a lot of years ago hi Nancy. Odom Lauren me. Think I've. Eight that's so funny. Well aren't you sweet air around it did have these aren't they all think this weekend I can tell yeah. Alarming and a little pop in a pool got. Yeah. Yeah yes I feel so glad I parents coming to town to take care of the kids they let us get away they always go home with colds. While you say to you guys that haven't build up that the baby immunity because jet around them all the time so it's like surprise here's some germ yeah. Well Atlanta germs are different than Florida germs as I am around children all the time never catch everything. We learned in movie and you're just you know we share are terms like we thank. I. Am so excited and oh my gosh. Years ago I was headed to the hospital. Hewitt three weeks too late and they CEO eight. Almighty WB. Why do you even like her. I've been. This I have my minute toy ever an LA Lauren I've been around long enough pregnant women including new gen. Then when you get to the last week of the due date they're like I don't care or get it out. I feel like you go three weeks late any marks six sleep well or six days late with Reese and they didn't let me go any longer. But you don't have to understand. About forty years ago I wrote it may 29 was eleven years ago. You'll you'll only pregnant 36 weeks it was nine months out like Yuma so things have changed. Let's just the way they count head. I'm finally home obviously with the lord hasn't changed the gestation process. Is just the way that. A that doctors handle Landon and time around. Andre you are things you believe there man it's easy you have. At age 49 you have a forty year old daughter that's three Margaret now I mean I'm an old it leaves that. Please please oh my gosh I won't we kind of talk like gambling to turn Patrick quickly. All right before we played james' birthday sung. Can you share with us agenda hobby story that we might that now hold on. I didn't travel not do one that when you're fifteen. This isn't raised some years and years ago back in the eighties. It was probably. And her little brother Matt was probably knew. They would christmastime. And that was back in the day when the cabbage patch doll we were nowhere age. You could not go. You could not get them anywhere in April had them on sale looked like. I need to you know grab the ball first but somehow. EB in any. We're able to secure two. These little cabbage patch doll on the boil all the girl. When Willis had been at Christmas so really acts like a little girl like same path stacked and a curled up on one side. You can't put the boy's step on the other side. Christmas morning. Only tradition they had to come get us first you're telling where not to Hewitt you know brought. In and Udall a sitting there for Jennifer but the first thing she did she ran over and grabbed the boy job look like. You have brought you at all. So all her lies that loving giving sharing kind that has always come first and I'm very proud of Houston. He didn't know. That's so funny to hear that story with your raspy voice that's on my mom mom I got a lot of hasn't I'm Derek yeah and I'm. Sorry I know this morning MER. Since dad is off he left this morning about five till six to take a dear friend. Correct chemotherapy treatment and he's got a little bit of a cult hit so he took every. Bit cold medicine with him and I. Don't know since I'm not a phone off the film. Brenda Moore needs a new acknowledge your house now electrical product showing I. So we're getting here is news is Rory hearing is the unselfish kind thing to others I've been runs on the female side. Yeah oh yeah you got it and so that's fine thank you economy. I will I will I promise I love you so much maybe have a great day. Thank you let me COI Bruno Mars in a minute and a half Jana are you ready for your breath a song I enjoy any. May. Days. It's. And should the lone star. The little hole. And it's too. He's no more. He is already has no. You all both days if you. I've ever they had. You can jump star ready for a one.