Its Complicated 1

Friday, September 23rd


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Jen shall we go it's. This asks you. Are you relationship. You cannot answer that with one more and it's complicated. Is. It should be yeah I page every you know relationship and yes. Yeah me in turn Tony are you in a relationship. And that's me it Jen. You are that yes one witness. Paging. You in a relationship. It if you come in the. Okay here's earlier why we why the phone calls from people who want to explain their complicated relationships to us. Four yeah 4047419400. Will started off wave. Geneen. Explaining why it's not really yes but it doesn't definitely now and now. Though we waited like game and then we broke which we agree with and all like well with if and you know we've both. Speak and X and X Malone with. So maybe. Or maybe we're totally non exclusive and I think even the people. King but you are dating. We've we've gone on to. One and we're trying I'm. It's not winning QB Judy if treatments before it's like it's like these were 44 important they may be. So it's complicated yet to come. Would I have no idea if we have a boyfriend he would say I haven't beaten them and not exclusive and going to the people. Social and asking me you have a boyfriend her ex boyfriend who's your boyfriend she. Something I don't tell you I am dating your exploit. I think the cash. I know a couple that's got divorced and are now are currently eating each other. And he got it before they married they are married they octave wars. Today are now starting at each other but they're also seeing other people will take the beginning of them staring at it again. Yep that'd. Divorce went their separate ways into thing. Started. Coming close to back together and and and have other it's not yes if it yesterday. And now. 4047419400. QX I mean how complicated it's complicated. In game it will take your phone calls right after being. Just like fire for a 474. Line and you've explained quote. It's complicated. It. And damage and cheers and any Portland. She I'll still are.