It's... Complicated

Friday, September 23rd


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Star in 941. Ever LaVigne singing about this subject. Very this break and a radio. Complicated. When you say your relationship is. Complicated. What exactly does that mean I really am fascinated by these relationships that we would hear about describe why you have to say it's complicate 4047419408. Lane and Al do you guys will be up and. The second one it reminds you this weekend on start and if one shot and then as these lemons you open energy senate next summer as an album as a today you can win it. Beef or any body else listen at 12 and three. Tomorrow too when you weigh hey Caitlin RUN a relationship. I am it. It'll put it critic like I can tell us about your calculator in the OK so and me in the diet really like each other and a lot of people about it but it specially not. And it didn't watch it. Not you want again need an older brother. Dated for almost a year. And did you break his older Brothers art. I'm ready and he had that like him anyway. A bad mood not. The defense and humble. Think that it. And how did you and your appetite the lake that's broke code they keep in. I feel like the younger brother is at fault some a little bit through. Yeah. All along that. The mainly like age specially the care that they never liked me. And because I'm really outgoing and they're kind of you're really not fair and her family. And then that sits there. Leave your best friend a wall and then. Yeah ice sheet dated a guy. And it's trash slot now that I didn't really ruin our relationship though they're not apparently liked it spent an older brother so much. Now it's complicated. As you have a boyfriend but nobody else is pretty complicated times is thoughts on top secret relationship. Streets he's very you can't. Hello welcome to bridge avenue did you take. Are you had a relationship. Normal. Anyway yeah I really complicated are okay. Consider conflict and I just find it dynamics and a lot of the eat a personality can look at their. Okay our. All right now that's a good scientific explanation when he got let's hear. I. Acts I actually get along land and all of that and remember them however we all party together I current year. And my. Current because then I have no relationship that we live together. And I'd say younger man right now and bring America to have. And your current husband knows about it. I look great there. And he doesn't care. Well that's I guess where I hit complication and then not mind I'm OK with. Eat you repeat of the divorce. Natalie sharing out and I live my life well lived more. Does he bring younger women don't. No you can't do that. Recap it could be content married you know married and made what whatever. I do airlines. And I'm the umpire Gary that's complicated and. This or dynamic yes. Don't think we're gonna do any better than that I. That a couple of your idol. Like my group and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.