It's Caturday Part 3

Friday, October 28th


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He's running Dennis L in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And straight coming overload office it's just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and. So Saturday is tomorrow night's national pad today and then Geneen words means the world means the crazy cat lady of the Japanese pension. Jeanne team. Every Saturday it's Saturday tomorrow. If yes national can we celebrate all things cat and wonderful symbol of loving and heating at the same time. They defy physics or anything that's why they push things off of things that casually they just have to keep testing. As if everything else I wouldn't the act I would eat at nine. And they're glass broke and batted and you. Some iCAD today answered and wife Christina noble couple of burglaries and bring no reason like I watch a potted that don't do it tried to get through and then it with Allen and then issues still really cute so I don't care. Think buying. The beauty yeah that. So we are celebrating all day today which is the best of the facts on that we have and created here and mean his the honor of taking them all out and remember away that candidates are to witness. You can beat him that yet. I worry that I'm mentioning the Communist Party on please asking Mitt you know lap. You learn infirm and Amy. So how it started with that as we're talking about people who sing songs to their net she sang us a song about chuck closer name. It was Susan Susan and we need to get her back on and thank her breasts against her singing that song inspired us to create a full song for Jack. Yeah we NN is a little. Checks full size and if we had one about I'm creature. And then now pit bull was the other had. And I'll start with who's inside it was Susan she's on a movement caps on movement. It's as we all need something to believe and it's brought us here Jane to what you have deemed the best camps on we have created team. It is my favorite. So far it's all about ralphie and his adventures escaping from him for a month because his. Lovely owners Lindsay and her husband David had a baby and moral producers that ralphie was just not having this whole new thing in the house and you just straight up left for a month. Man is there and you know anywhere yeah. Yeah. Light load and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.