It's Caturday Part 2

Friday, October 28th


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Is aware that. On starting now before. For most of us tomorrow is jazz. Saturday. Tuesday random Saturday in October it's a Saturday that many people will be putting their kids Halloween costumes together. It's sad it's Georgia Florida Georgia Florida game tomorrow. A lot of people that's that's my as it's it's run to target and stock up on their mini candy bars. Every bless you it's gonna be beautiful weather for Tom. Getting outside. But for one of us here on the Japanese and tomorrow. Might as well be Christmas. And New Year's. And fourth of July. All rolled into one yeah yeah you're also pronouncing scattered around an hourly now. Whelan English if it had. Oh yeah. Yeah. This just to clarify. So every Saturday's candidate tomorrow's candidate when he sixteen. Also known as national cat day. And it Wii is. Overeating by playing all of the best cab songs we've done well the top or. And this time it's creature is cats sung creature is a Paulie back to leak at. Meaning he's got the stop Paul he's got kind of too many little. Pat your fingers were culled. It's a sixth toed cat. Yes. He and I you IE business fresh in my mind because I was and US which is queries and wade yeah. Rating he's out all the cats stray cats is right in earnest hemming way. If you know the story was given a six toed cat because they used to be considered a lot. And now news. It's date is almost over Iran we act as a refuge for cat and it's like helpful yeah. I agree that the whole island in Japan actually and on its way out cats. It's amazing you can go and visit it's one of their biggest tourist attractions and is as a whole island it is turned into it. Zealots who won here on debate I think that's my honeymoon thought. I'm not hitting it. I'm just having the interested in merry human and cash. Yes cats are roommates. So this song is that for the cat named. Creature creature with a. Yeah that days she came creates this ten. Name knack. I'm a tea do you laugh. It's easy to you today hair and blood smells he's bad. Knee any parent is Jack. She is now. CNN. Each had food green needs. She's done soon I see change studies and I. He had learned ten moon. Shake yeah. Yeah yeah. And I just paint a picture. Everybody the bad guys we're all cracking up actor and a great classic cats on. Or anybody that can taxi Geneen gin and Jeff all have their cat ears on nine now yet there aren't just -- Saturday I. And a crying now and now they're opening it nobody likes U June Amos she's. I had eight mice while I can add is also like the meanest and I world's best of everybody now not able to see you guys are now they've got their hand and so. And disabled officer calls its they're waving and Yunus and the back there and do this and Hamels on lobster claws. You know yeah. I'm all right I can have side nearly the amount part of the club bunker and especially as it. Well. In. I can't. One more earned that will be Jim means favorite and we will play that. It this time next hour. It is celebration of national cat a pass jagged Saturday. Morning 16 all morning line here. Undetected into. Thanks for making this its essence it's gone stone not before one.