It's Caturday Part 1

Friday, October 28th


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And Jen shall we does. Our resident crazy cat woman is Jean she's pretty sir. As Christian change tomorrow for earth. National tax today what will you do for your cat. What's your cat's name I have Jack and brie like if she's okay. I see it Jack Embree and we you do any things that we gain special for your pants on national cat and. And I'm thinking of making them special meal all their favorites you know tees and we'll. Ante in the act let me eat them is the act and insert picture aids. But it mostly immutable things. And it'll probably rushed and the that was on the list in Italy but it helps cats and that. Can either get him it prevent surfer from getting it out and helps manage and everything and referrals all's well. Okay growth. Yeah yeah in hand in hand aren't when we adopt a cat on Saturday Arriaga and that's what got my friend he's fostering the pants. They can send you the pictures now we've been up full court press in my house in. Yeah attack on my husband's not like by non cat and I mean hate apple nobody is not a cat and after they get it. Look at people who hate cats that have had. I think that's yeah that's true in his case one were celebrating tomorrow being national. Day. By. Have been awful. He says she's posturing that whole letter says oh and if you. You can you haven't had my lunch and so that I like or I don't know it's staying married about stuff you know would be easier why don't I just have her give her you're actress. And she can bring a couple of these guys over to your house and you don't have to keep on but just let your daughter play would just let Lauren play with them he would never forget. So I'll never forget. Yes yes means make it stronger and then at. The end of the day just have grown and pulled a kitten out of Warren's hands if she cries. And put it back in the kind of Alan -- you know I got to have my cats and it was bawling my eyes and the pet story until they can they got it. So we're celebrating our national campaign we've it on the caps on that we have performed and this all starts with. Woman named Susan. You don't beat him that yet. IEU and IN GU Communist Party on these. At emit few laps. And in fact Dan and Amy. She follows Kevin to tell us about that sound that she sings fur cap. And we had fully prettiest. In golf you. You've lived. You. Do you ensure that. This doesn't catch and pass defense. Home. So and yeah. Is we again that's how it started on efforts and we're featuring a cancer on Henry Aaron that your name has hours on is this song is. Heard. Afghan. Monica's cat named pebbles so obviously he had indeed based of one of apples and obviously and as tournament there is just like the song as well. But it's. Mr. bolt doesn't end up being. We got eligible for the what's available this summer night. Hit the ball but without. Then the magic legs you know one of these and they. A fair ball. Flu. And that changes revenue Edberg snapping. She leaves her car. Sure Uday. And as for Monica's dad tag them. An animal and every hour around this year the new features on for a cat and next hours to next hour is our Catlin. Mingled call. Lobster claw I think that's is that Kelly she's favorite cats it's not favor it it's a pretty Sherry okay he's accurate Matt on the right now lesson that they had it been has a mangled. He had. And David David had his creature eat yes. I've an obvious tomorrow is national cat day which were trying hash tag. Basics. Star in 941.