It's A Big Day For Baby Reese & The Family

Tuesday, January 17th


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Some are less congested. Sixteen and we just mentioned solid sixty. Hollins and people want I would have pressed on here a couple minutes Chris is going to go stunning. We're gonna on his behalf forward Tammy. And Tammy was server restaurant. And Chris was one of her regulars he thinks there's a little more the relationship that even though he has never found number Norris never. Seen her outside the restaurant. Chris joins us next to remake the call that Tammy on his behalf of the then you're back in. Jones cut out here early today big day for now. Yes feeling a little anxious this morning. Our daughter Reese is having an MR I today. So they are going to check and see if we did in fact get all of the cancer with her surgery in New York. And all indications. Are wearing it they they did. That's offering reassurance. That. By all indications are showing that she news well imperfect and it is. Yes. Yeah all indications are that I just think that when you have a child who is battling in the illness and if you've ever faced this I'd love you because. Now I understand how you feel. Because you never stop worrying I think as parents he never sat worrying about your kids in general. Once you have kids you have all the sympathy for our parents and how much they worry for you. At least I did anyway I was like when when we've had our first honor I was like. Little while this is how my parents feel about me yeah tumble if outlets that they love me they couldn't have a name before having my hand. And an eight year always gonna worry about. Your children and then when they face an illness or something really typical. I think that it's up though the worry so it's just worried feeling to them. The sad. Only the combat possible outcome which and I know it's it's tough it is never. And worry about some things so significant. But I think for whatever reason human beings are programs. To. It hurt the worst enemy in the that you always have Burt. And negative. And the really special people at once you always hope. It's survival of the hardest thing probably people who worried about danger survive. So part of guardian dazed query. Right it and I don't now but I noticing NN the guy just walked out of his he even tried to eat that third hole. It into your market. It's a line went away forever stay an troll monster I know that dinosaurs and humans in the and as a template that I've proven. Wrong. There's no map or is. But that's a very good point like maybe that programming in your body is you know. It's of survives they worry about potential dangers and are surviving certainly worry for your children. And yeah I just on anxious days of my signal out of that conversation I think it's as my mind is elsewhere and and I just worried about what those results are going to be and worried about her going under sedation because she's too young to learn to sit still and it MRI you know it yet big tube that you go into. The science behind this fascinating. But is that big to that you get you know put into and she's way too little she's only sixteen months old and so. So they have to sit there and that's no fun this year it got. I am in how long do you wait to get the results we you know meeting. Well. Yet there's different levels of results that will get. Over overtime but it we should know something that hopefully that and that 88 depends on when making. Okay so they scheduled babies that young Disco first and then until older ones because in food and so. The littlest newborns have to go today are gonna go first mentioned ago a little and so. So it'll depend on when the test is done on when there's so awfully today and definitely I will now and now we'll just no way our act as. In the fine. You're a fighter. Warrior. Goalie prepare importance that. And interview and it cost him good. I'm yeah the importance of securing and crazy guys to divert attention to. Blair doesn't feel like you're when you have a great soundtrack turn his son when you get to work and attend so consider roll over. On starting now before blind yeah.