Is It Weird For A Grown Woman To Sleep In The Same Bed As Her Dad Part 2

Thursday, January 26th


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Are making this wedge. And adjusting Jan shell currently. My mind it. You've got this so where when you first heard about that you can tell me like my match. Outlets are on the we do around big cheese is this weird yes and now. Look I'm a daddy's girl I would never. Never you wouldn't sleep in the same bed as you if you're out of you know one bedroom apartment there was no cats sleep on. That view was all the other options on the floor. You would sleep on or before you would share queen size bed with your now might out of let me sleep and then he MacCallum yes. And we need probably what my dad would be too but I think it's. Hard and you're talking. Problem you and is from a girl who kisses her brother's return on my guide Jeff don't you dare down on the radio I don't do that zinni. JP. Seriously I asked JP is it weird not weird Kelly. That's. Zionism robots coming and is that we are javy. Yes thank you. A 100% Janine isn't weird not weird comes in just yet sometime in the games anomalies on thumbs up from weird. Now bush and a it'll sound all right Tony Davis are a quick 32 recap the story and animate these if that were that are. Our I let go out there and sure either. Jeep they publish their weather data recently divorced they share. Better him. If she had a bad in a one bedroom apartment and Chief Justice in particular about it. And entry in out and after probably get different viewpoints and spell freaking out. I hope. I Jeff's engine issue we are now we are pleased. To. Finally work. I am currently X and I haven't had a bad either. Hi all I would have gotten a hotel around our. Patrick something whale got. Previously lumpy couch even if it's a lumpy couch you. I don't think anybody other than angry inside that it might back out way. Eat out. I wonder if you were. Eager. It's. A healthy child relationship. He wondered if you've heard every expert thinking. What do you will. All I did go on the air as a I bet with my dad I mean. If there was no other option. An important. And it's what if something like what if there would have somebody dreamed. And you woke up in your current. You. Know exactly brain. I. Think that's stupid. It app. That's weird and out here. Thank you I'm so glad the phones were yeah it. Nah I'm actually does not only beat by. Mean mom and went on. And the truth and Thursday to let beat you in the hotel or in and even in an outlet in this chair. Moment and you go. All of this is when you're ten. A. He's. Never did world. Without sleep and the better their parent and it's ten I wouldn't it be okay in her head on the ice where. I BI lab aides does that change the become an adult eighteen. I think you can legally. If you can legally by the person in Europe in bed with a ring. Then anyone's that's okay at 29 at twenty. No no heat from the leaders to. It just I don't know I just think the parent child relationship it's a healthy relationship not that big a deal might have would have. Eight just for the record in case anybody notice yesterday my high school best friend is an aside David New York last night interviewed. The president of the united it's America in the Oval Office. My best friend in high school and last night interviewed. Donald. I. Same education. Same schooling. Same upbringing. My parents paid him his parents let me. Express. Donald Trump now meet saying I regret is that weird that a rogue elements in the same bad weather and all those reality check there. Yeah absolutely he's. I am other and that guy just now so insecure I am shocked that these days not a great relationship to a person that you are bombs and the rest your life quit. Their relationship which there are here to separate holes here you just very insecurity. We are running so late and on trying to do get things and I can't Andy we are not clear if which are voting and we are not here. And he's gone and analogy we are not weird. Not clear what would you hire bad girl talk com. Each VMware data not. A team is that. I'm I'm cheered inside. And all the on me like little weird. It's had on different I. It's using to reports I am sorry Tony I am with you I understand exactly why it's weird you out. Unfortunately watching the phone calls command. Everybody's saying it's not we're. A weird about a couple of calls saying it's weird but. But the majority says not we I had to pick their over here and we're there are guys who thought it was not weird. Yeah really matter as children and it daughters and children. And I know how to have a healthy parent child relationship that's weird you do anything you can take it there thank you thanks Johnny. Are yeah thank you thank god you know decision. Can I would seriously 101. Light lime and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search saw in 941 Atlanta.