Is It Weird For A Grown Woman To Sleep In The Same Bed As Her Dad

Thursday, January 26th


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Starring Eddie Fuller one. I really get raped in service. She's 24 years old. Flaps in the same. Bed as her dad when she is visiting him over the odd. And her boyfriend doesn't know it. Of course it. So we want some advice for him to yeah we're gonna call him I'd Tony hey Tony. Better frozen fields seems. Well. Not a regular. Guy. Yes there were calling you ponies or what name should we call you're girl. He's done. Down note that mom's name. And Indonesia these works OK okay so. All right Tony tell us about what happened is duties. Aren't so. Yes I hear that I'm fighting to get back I did it work so. Little tricked out. OK so. Didn't eat his parents have been torched or not that long and so I'm even bigger picture a little. Welcome here and go. I wouldn't around. You know less slapstick and when she went to visit her parents spot. Her dad is here. He kind of got like the short end of the stick I'm in the lord and he's living. Anyone but there are. The small stage like. He didn't add up all so like it that much or anything like it clicked. Thrilled actually sat there and on so he's got like this queen's I bet and you know she's been elevated their mama bear. You know Apache brought in then she spent the next couple days the Internet. And people attendant mentioned that flight. Last week in cattle congress and that. He had been saying that it might say the same attitude that while you're there for a couple days and I just thought that. I don't know how I got pretty and at first and I didn't want it. I don't know I wanted to include in an opponent Barack that are so you know it is like OK if I didn't really. You just roll made an early land on the point he just roll with it like a school where issues. Yeah I mean it's just like. She was like revealing that to me she just I don't know I don't remember what she meant to go to like so actual you know on. I didn't sucker she entered and I moved on. And it wasn't like she was like giving you back heads up that it app and she was telling you the same way that she would tell you that. Her and her dad went out for pancakes every morning for breakfast. Very slight back in the day. So I don't know that I I don't do it and a lot weirder you like. You know what I mean actually you have. Liked it she felt like Elton region and the elderly are out there that I'd be like what what else going on here you know. And I'm guessing that you have been thinking about this. Every single day since she. And so I don't know I I tried elect just. Whichever Atlantic and back and let I don't know I mean are so. Kids. Would but their parents but like. When there are like six and they have a bacterium you know. Like I don't know I think it will I just think that it kind of like strange for a grown woman to be right. How they seem. You can report. And now I that was our tech team with on Sony is trying so to me. Extenuating circumstances what do you wish she would have or they would. Well he isn't a small apartment with only one bad and this is not unlike the house she grew up and with all these extra bedrooms and they chose to sleep in the same bed together. One and she is going on time at that. What do you think would have been the better choice if this part of it bothers. Well I mean I guess. I could yeah you won. I don't mean. I guess like. You just wanna know they're justified in poverty. Yeah yeah right like I I don't know yeah I would expect there her you know she would stop in a better dad in the acting on blankets and like. I don't know. That it has something like. And Alex that Heatley and I don't know what 40 am overreacting I don't know I don't buy it just. And it's been bothering me and that is on that they're at it like. I don't see what you ought to say about it. I had 4042630941404. 63941. Janet nobody is close or on the plants and her parents. And you know yet what would you wouldn't we urge you. Mean out and extenuating circumstance wouldn't in my choice it's wouldn't you like dad's choice vote. When I'd rather make him sleep on the floor me I would probably opt to sleep on the floor I'd may be like. An apparent whatever it is like I. Oh probably choose another thing. I don't think that it means that she doesn't matter in love with each other anything like. Do you know if she is big scooter little span. MI in Roswell. Called the second. He started out and hey Amma. How old. I mean we're working on all sides you actually being bit creaky. You know I. I'm playing nine adults and recently we have a family reunion and I tried to bed with both my parents actually you know when. I was like yeah. How are you on the I'm 39. Years and where and how many years ago and the family reunion happened. Recently. I guess pass it within the pats. What are we gonna ask me in Italy. So you're 39 years old and you've slept in the same bed Asia mom and dad. Also I think. That there is somewhere else this week that you put an air mattress on the floor. You'll get an air mattress at Wal-Mart for thirty box. If you can afford air actions are what it then you put pillows and. Blanket so when you couldn't make appellate pillows and blanket out but I don't think that choice asleep and the thing about it as your parents. Or as your dad is all I mean it's all that crazy theories. If it's a regular thing you do to beat. He'd like connector relationship and there's other bad options of course and I think that's odd let. And extenuating circumstances. Is all that we. I'm fascinated by this thank you for the Kama. Lied down we are not. How weird that we're not weird like super insecurity and that weird. This may be you know this might be a guy girl thing can I tell me that this is weird les. I honestly don't think it's weird I I'm I'm really close to my mom and lightly on vacation they Heatley at the end that. Or shall and we cannot and. Oh. You Wear a. Let's you know it's a. Child relationship and a healthy parents. About pulled out of you guys is this some sort of weird alternative acts you know that you guys. I. Andre now. What's happening it's a joke right now just today him. And just now finding out about it and there was after me. This this movie comparison isn't there. Her. Sisters and that was. Jessica this is so we are right. And Weiner might add ons now Tony this is the weirdest thing ever right. Now it not weird I ansari and guns broke I don't hate it you go to your phone. Ferran in Atlanta we here right. And I think we eat it parody at the our mom me and I'll and I ran it really look at it bullying are well I mean I think I only. And I can't even hear you patty speaking English and I can. I can't start shouting Tammy cents you couldn't this than most bizarre. Fascinating and and I can't know and at the end and got out outside in different kinds. Dye got. Ready for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.