It Was Meant to Be Calls

Wednesday, June 22nd


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Jeff just told us that. He was driving his fiancee his car just minimally it was that day that morning. And an empty road going to work at 4:30 in the morning in the tire exploded. And he feels like that was meant to be because otherwise it would have been his fiancee on busy 400 traffic heads Al Rana. And tons more cars on the road or going twice is right. It's actually the universe. Conspired to make everything happen the way it did. Thank goodness yeah beaches and nobody cares there's no other listening to Armenians as significant if you. Casey and Kennesaw. Who'd of the universe saved. I. Well my dad and and are great you're out our. Art of the acres and he had a car. We're. Aren't all. He lit underneath or not and that you know apple and I heard a lot that we your. Neighbors and they'll call. I'm new iCloud name and now we're on our. And the current thinking on how it around figure out where it came out and all our ball. It was one cracked it. Hole excuse me. And you both hurt but you'd vote her that her. Saying I didn't look any other. Web log on each other like. Even taking aim I thought. Someone else common name and only. We both India record it and then ignored it hurt I. It was me act and now. We're game and then they name and yeah and it is clear day first and very your way and on. Loud that is goosebumps that is like a guardian Angel on my gosh Amanda and Bob Brown hey things are on the Jeff intention. So which GAAP. My parents are we're on our way to our broad trip there were going toward the end. We were in the car and hunger and my dad just randomly Obama election in laying because you know he backseat driver. And he told her that she is black men at their reply and cute and lighter car is not topple a sixty mile power slash arm armament it would have been there. The scariest thing ever. That is so easy. Yeah but it does happen and are going to expect things happen Murray and. Yet it's whatever it was so something's up there whatever you believe in in his own and is moving stuff around my like like chess pieces. Hey cam and Carrollton. Media. Eight. Was eighty. Oh. It was I would stop eating. It would be and it. They aren't wouldn't. Early on power. I. Am banking. Sure let me get government. That ignorant. Little. Otherwise why bother locking. Wow you guys so you've forced them to do that sonogram you were like pushing for it and had not I wouldn't. Who knows what would have happened. It that he believed that it that way and clearly. Your enemy and. Generally trial we've we've we've heard lots of stories like that our parents just had this intuition has he had any or all inked where they're like cages as a normal cold. Or whatever you know just that usual called it but my armor and mostly. And I just wanna take him in the future. For some reason and they get in there and insist. That this weird guy. And feeling no news you can better and even for her it was in Europe. I can't nominate Tammy in Alpharetta. Yeah I. I learned so basically. I. Or battered balance and I was back clay. And coming in 1980 thigh area. Outside their lines down and he leaned over there I needed a white. If I did well and wanted to break I have no idea that he locked in all of his vehicle or why. I've been thought at that but it was note willing hired everything's so luckily the car and Ernie and me that I get it from it Matt type starting goalie. And thank god that I did excited I literally looks right behind me and I heard you ear right after right. That got a little and he whenever two lanes and knack into the barrier exactly where our. It definitely final destination I like you're OK you're OK it's. He did he handled by that I not that bad it would dip and beer me. That's one of those moments afterwards you're like oh my gosh I'm so glad I made that split second decision yeah I don't know if that's university it's yeah it's march right there. This will be our last call. ITC. Undergo worries. And I am also wonderful. I will work quickly let me tell you differently had I gotten down it was like a three way. Originally worldly and common and so red light. It was like somebody it was a month exceeds if they hit that we're. And I heard why so I hit the brakes and that started slow down its course similar rights platform has. And that car. Out of militia across the median from the other direction people who don't call it like for them. Oh my god. He's sane to. They've they've basically. What it was it was like a pretty simple let them back. How do you feel like you recognize the voice at all. Now Hollywood. Is one of them were. Born and that was it was like war and I. It was the weirdest thing I've ever experience. That is bizarre but it's and story if you can believe it I have a best friend from college you. Was driving home from school one weekend like longer road trip she is a little bit tired. And she dozed off behind the wheel drive and an at home in the current ourself in the car by yourself. And she remembers. Coming to because something turned the wheel and she really feels like it was her guardian Angel. Turning to listen I know I didn't do that something turned the wheel back onto the road and it woke me that haven't degenerative. It was Jesus. I act. Your friend Terry and I would welcome it. Yeah. I'd take you through this bombs all over from all those stories from the county the.