It Was Meant to Be

Wednesday, June 22nd


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I had eight harrowing. Ride into work on Monday morning fight in retrospect. I'm glad everything happened the way it is usually the universe intervened in order to save your fancy callies life or maybe somebody else's. But this is I I was driving to work on Monday morning. In I was driving in tallies car she was overdue for an account is my chance I was overdue for an oil change and ice. But the week before hey I'll I'll take your car. When these days have yet wake up your car's gone. And taking it and then afterward I'll take it. To cast iron though the right and so. All these things should rest of bearish Childress receipt. So. The the whole week before suggests random stuff kept coming out. One day I was gonna take it and it had nothing to do in the afternoon McCarthy's other. Halfway to radio station. There so. All these things just kind of fell into place and then there's different lunches after worker just things that would may be so. I told league with the week before. And gain. I've Sunday night and thought well. Tomorrow I'm gonna take sites put her keys and my so I would see. And I drew and now there's a whole bunch of other circumstances. Around. Her car meet me in the universe was inspiring okay might. She's very much rule follow when it comes as some things. So you know change every 3000 miles that in his suitcase she was overdue. And she was gonna drive to South Carolina for a girls weekend. She in 100 miles each way. Sheila driver car because this past chain that she didn't. Mom's car. She did not sneaker car over the weekend. So. And we've got her car I drove in the work anymore at the most violent. Tighter exclusion. And and a few cars and usually it's what's weird. Yeah and feel the bump bump bump on and he get over or you hit something in the rotary pothole or whatever you know listen it's flattened but you kind of feel more. This actually was like all this I didn't hit anything all of a sudden. The card church that would have been left in and shock to the right Lou Ross. Into oncoming traffic. But I was on a side road and the next time you come to work and it would notice it was 4:30 in the morning yeah so there's nothing. So I straighten it out and it totally freaking phone home free at an early morning adrenaline the wind up. Getting to a gas station at the gas station a block away Paul and I get to the radio station toward the car took it took a sharp change and she. I think I 100%. Believe it's something. Inspired. To make everything line up that way it did so I was driving that car and you Rhode for every morning she drives of 400 award. She had been driving. You know tightly. And twice as fast or more and it would in Russia yeah tons of people would have an all around her. That's those so creepy but really good that it ended up happening point it a 1000% so IE. You know and I tried to have you just be an optimistic as to look on the bright side of things and find the silver lining them at least. It happened to me in my county so I can view on the block. But I really do there are so many things where she could have been the one driving and yet it's been a completely different result yes. Attempting to line up exactly that way but the universe conspired for it in and I would love. Other stories similar to us it was meant to. 4047419400. Like this is so. Ominous and relatively competitive deadly you know admitted movie's final destination. And all these bugler for us again planes and cars that you all this effort and Kuwait's example and reasoning down right. You act like I'm looking for real life stories of those 404. 74194. And if you are kin means that the universe. Somehow conspired. To any view. Or make life. Different for you I was Cali about it. I this is the first and I think she knows about the flat tire and stuff but this is the first I'm hearing about nine. A loss of 40474194. It.