IsThis A Dating Scam?

Tuesday, November 28th

What would you do if you saw what Jeff's friend saw?

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Okay turn enough. I'm Jeff and Kim shell hole. Well what would you do if you witness a crime happening between two people on its tender date. And you we're just observing and we need you to call and figure out what's there right thing to do in the situation. Because it's actually something that Jeff's friends experience for a 42630941. Is our number if you wanna join the conversation. I'll say the first charges sorry but I won't tell you the outcome until everybody's waiting. They were adds. It was the wife of a friend of mine at a restaurant. And they conceived very clearly. Got a couple was having. Allowed first dates Dana. And somehow they knew that this is like a tender date or a bumblebee I don't know how old I think the server. May have may have. They may have told the server somebody told server and got back to my friend's life but it was a first state and I'm line. Tank and the woman gets up at one point to go the bathroom and heard date. Reaches over takes her wallet out of her purse and uses her his camera phone to take pictures of her credit cards. And made couple. My a friend's wife and her friend watched the whole. Here's a question everybody in this room and anybody that's. What we do you have done if you witnessed that happening. Ginny. I knew if I was watching man I would take my phone out and take a picture of it. And then show her when they like I don't know like cool because it washes aren't actually ambassador and I innocent I'm like yeah now this dude it's weird. 'cause that's just that's there's no there's no like misreading that that's creepy there is no mistreating and I wouldn't feel weird being like I'm overstepping my bounds like that's. You wouldn't feel like they're not that mean a superb messed up at the beginning of a crime happening. But you don't know these people maybe they were just having a camera station about how she always loses her credit cards. Saw a future. I hope we're good to have them instead I can help her win were married in here and her and tell AJ is what would you. You can you are ready now as an island and island alone. And I well hell. Now and I Lenny and awaited verdict iMac and a walk right over John and grab a manager out of magazines I would have made a scene. I'm Caroline in corona. Soaring taking pictures that are you gonna miss somebody long line and then taken pictures of their credit card as exactly does that walk right out. Excuse me. What is he said that's my girlfriend or that's my wife local law mascara she'd come back. I'm really way yeah. Is he waited until she got up to go to the bathroom and then went through her purse pulled out her wallet and then took pictures of her credit card potentially her ID. No for a time I'm. I have 404263. Conine for wind I viewed it have an idea Kelly yeah I'm seriously true question for you. Because you do a lot of people. If you are are and we did even occur to you to take your purse to the bathroom if your candidate. And I must first say and I don't mess and I am always take my personal relay I'll always always easier you can always things you can always say your team it for like an in shambles or your lipstick or whatever right engine onto the non asking makers are under almost women have of her suspicious if you're going to bathroom. But yeah I don't know you. And most of timeout Wallace on a Franken putting like a jacket pocket tale. So I can just walk right intake like that person date purse that loss at all yeah. Just seeing now when you use the word unmentionable every guy listening thinks of the things he or not mentioning so bowl. Re join Atlanta. I would totally called police islands sit there while they're having dinner called police held what stock. And then I would work to keep the guys bear. Until police showed up because the officers can out of the pollutant absent evidence and then helped the woman. Filed charges I would totally totally call the guy out. It's gonna crying. So totally climate I don't. It's funny any Democrat embody a nobody didn't he didn't do any thing was that. He could just really like that designed either really need to be in a graphic. Arts and really like the Wells Fargo I loved how. I want to have hologram yes that little shiny things I amber. I know I completely agree with Kelly noted holy being and the bill I I'm either doing. Or are you trying to pretend dead taken a pretty picture out or eat are pretty it's our friend. Could that ridiculous it's totally illegal. Is there any other way I feel bad now because when I tell you wipe my friends waved did you hear. Ginseng saint. Is there any way to get the restaurant and all so that use stay safe and stay out because I worried also that this is. A criminal. I'd be worried about my safety and with jumping up making a scene like Kelly you said you would dale and I am and on at eleven I'd be nervous in and does that depend chart especially on the is Cali of the guys is a big guys is somebody that led. Start to bite is is somebody who can get physical is is somebody who would follow you out of the restaurant in Iberia romance adhesive could you talk to. The manager hour. A sorry there are a tailored cheated dying and amana for a 14630941. I would like to get a police officer or somebody that law enforcement experience. To calling him now what's the right thing to do what are we supposed to idea. I just wanna know it's illegal. At a you know it's legal. But it it's personal property that yeah in steal it. Taking pictures Chinese credit for 04263094. Wind. Well I'll let you know it she did I really am jealousy car. And your phone calls tomorrow orgies X three and I'm throwing the start before one hour. And she I'll star. If you're just confident that jet engine show we are asking you what you do if you witness a crime happening between two people on a tender date. We need if you figure out why is the right thing to do your best friend at witnessed a date going on. I'm and when a woman got up to go to the restroom that guy you reached over fatter wallet out of her purse and took pictures of her credit cards. But the wallet back before the woman returned from the bathroom. Leveraging. Everybody's gone I've Kelly cheesy engine mean everybody's caught up saying they would make seen the confronted dude pull the girl aside. This happened to the wife of a friend of mine and I'm gonna tell you what she did an innocent and and am disappointed in I'd. What would you have tension. Aha I think I would have either gone to the bathroom and stop turned. And talk to her privately they intercepted her in the restaurant and I think that's my first instinct or. If I thought about it a little bit longer probably told someone at the restaurant. Agree journalist on them like they let me get a couple squares also your would undermine can't get into a giant in Atlanta my question was is this even illegal. Because. If you take a picture of somebody's car you're not stealing their car. Right now. He John in Atlanta it was a crime committed. Yes definitely a crowd was Connecticut's first off he. We're in her personal belongings that stole the car to begin with and then the access that about taking pictures of the so now store has flown. So our starting goalie keep peace he's stolen originally the bank he still has the picture opponents well so. So using my ball using my analogy from just a minute ago if you steal somebody's car out of their driveway. Go ride around in a for an hour and then put it back. You still still the top yeah. And so he's still hold them smartly and I Darlene Amy Carter's what would you have done. Good morning I would have definitely can trying to camp but I would have waited until she came back to the table. And then I would have nonchalantly told her but he did right inside of him and let her decide. That she wanted to handle it. Now I here's a mash tanks hit. She. And I just for the record I don't know I know her husband but she. And her friend called there're server over. Who went and got a manager. Who then went and got that couples server and they all went to the back of the racetrack and they all talked it through in the couple's servers the wind. Who told them that was like an online gates yeah. Just mad and they talked through the whole thing and then the manager was going to ask to speak with the woman. Privately. Hey can I kick I speak to you from and an ask her how to proceed the woman who is victimized. And by the time they sorted everything out and eating couple. Alone Powell and nothing happen and nothing nothing. She doesn't know that he stole her cards at all them. My friend a slump. Crucial. I'm like ultra what I would she is as much as Jeff has now I'm frustrated. With any define who they aren't. Well now it's taxing the check it out OK if you have ever enter ask us got within this a lot of time here on Obama they'd hit. Well let's all learn a little something I runners yet let's let's announced let's let this be the take away. If you are online dating take your crap weenie because some. I give you gotta go make a one to intercept. Or step outside Emeka. Kara and alana. At a you want her to take yourself would you be out again removed as a motto sees some that say something and if you make one or to take a step. Can establish an Emmy Kelly like yourself just. When I am I judging use some are now and value your friend campaign is tolling I honestly didn't do things. Re evaluating the friendship and things he's done. 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