Interview with Nichole Nordeman

Thursday, July 7th


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One. This show different when you walk in studio a couple of weeks ago and I am watching a video on my computer and bawling my eyes now. While listening to this song. And I didn't sound too. To bombing you're crying harder than it truly ever seen you crap known you for a long time I see you're crier I'm a higher. And you are having. This song slow down and struck me all in the field I mean it's about your kids just went too fast and I am and that kind of like him three year old and nine month old are growing so fast every day is something new. And he just wanna preserve those moments with your kids and so. This I'm just struck me so much we've been talking about it I had yeah. And the artists who perform technical department actually heard about it and she's called in to say hack she's on the phone right now hey call. Well we are gray are you dewine. And I heard you act upon my thumb on the radio on and on the column I iron and you. That is so awesome well thank you for error writing slowdown and performing in the week yeah it's. The moment I hear your voice something about my tiered acts they just turn on and off it. I'm so grateful that I'm playing it again a lot. You're the king are you allowed this today. I am grateful that I made you cry should. I finally. Admitted that something didn't pick up or that and I'm glad it at about that. Nicole who do you think. His made more women dissolve into a puddle of tears you or Nicholas Sparks. I. But there are quite yet but they have so that he admired and and I. I. Your kids aren't it was slow down it's about writing hottest I've hits. We a lot of musicians and songwriters who say the best songs are written in two minutes time because agents who are out of the is that the same with us. Now I mean it as a songwriter has been around long time you spend your whole life you know China write something that connect. The latest on has been you know kind of thing as a defensive that you never anticipate. So one time that was sort of an app that you know I did I hadn't planned on writing and I am actually from the upgrade and I think now it's in their little ceremony and I think pat down that night before his graduate and and made that have gone through old photo album art is. Baby pictures it's kind of had a meltdown in my piano. And then on to sort of came out of me and and it managed to make it through acting head the next morning at the ceremony and I think that it resonated with. A lot of parents due to electrical power that they had gone by the way. Tiger right now and it Nicole ignored him and she has the honor of being the person who is made Jane cry harder than I've ever seen or fry. Before in her adult life with her son slowdown. We heard are from so many of our listeners that like ball alerts instead of the right. You should just a warning I mean everybody really connect with and I would tell you. More than just moms even death adds that dad's day RK I'm not typically crier but that song really got a lump in my throat so. He's done well. I'm so glad I'm so glad that it is resonating you know I think army units and have fun to hear from people all over the world. And I think that the putter you are sort of using that I had. I'm just a reminder that even try them out and now my parents live if you're busy and keep that pace that we met. Really mauled beautiful moment but their families into the kind of far out now. It's really great as I say thanks her face her right in such beautiful song and. Just know that wrong. You've got a ton fancier. I am a lot and I don't have kids yet that I would late to eight years I would like to make a similar video with puppies. I. Guy he is or somebody to talk about matter. Not my book writer people I. Thought. About it. That was Nicole and ornament the artist and writer of the song slowdown that may mean. Crying my eyes out thinking about my kid has on the jet engine shipments are 941. One. Appreciate shall.