Intern Zoe Judges Chinese Food

Thursday, August 4th


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It's just things change out. Arnold and spoke. Jan is talking about the Chinese food that our intern Janine has just heated up. From two different Chinese food restaurants. Our intern Zoe. Comes to us this is no lie from who our hot. Mongolia. China yesterday. Inner Mongolia China witches. Twelve hours away from here. Could she was talking about calling her mom. But did in the time difference is exactly 1212. Hours yeah. And she has come to the United States to go to college in Missouri and then take an internship in Atlanta widgets all. Needing me but all of that aside because that makes you by the way. Much more worldly than I ever was much more traveled than I am. Much more adventurous than I was your age so what were gonna do is bring it right down to the most basic level this weekend. And I would like you did try different Chinese foods NTELOS if there authentic war. Gross GQ. All right so I've gone to different Chinese food restaurant one of rom is a fast food type place. Yeah. The other way and is seems to me to be Barea and they got when I go in there with Cali like that two of us are the only white people in the play. Can you say where the restaurant is I don't want to yet okay. Because I don't wanna give me and she says it's terrible OK okay will. Get her review for she smelling both bowls what are we have in front of her right now is this the end fried right right right right yeah that's why Grayson Friday race. Oh for she has a frown of patients wrinkling her bra on and not care for the primaries and number one. We'll resume Jan by the way brow furrowed now. When he thinks this is marriage. Okay does sells us on next where is Gaza right just so I guess this. OK so that for the fried rice bowl number wine wanes and on taste and authenticity. Of both of them how would they compare to fried rice you would have in trying to. Yeah that I actually rewind do you have fried writes. Yes OK yeah. It I'm that's come. Is it clearly exists. I I and ice mixed and other. They don't adds needs in its so. I sound and needs. Dozens. Prince yeah. And I missed analyst in me. An ass Americans. OK so the American south fried rice the wind to your laughed is that winner a camper. I just imagine her mind she's like stupid Americans I know and hate us good. Yeah. And at an aids day it's also good and then hundred you don't look at how. As always Jane Jane may reach over program if it's a little that so good in him now. It's okay. So we have two very large egg rolls that are fried on the plate number two played number one has smaller egg rolls also fried but small. She's smiling and telling them vote. I feel like YouTube culinary June wage I think he's actually spring rolls. Of that bad of a difference. And doesn't this doesn't the egg roll have shrimp you should tell us about a minute. What happened. She doesn't hate it. Maybe should the Tamar. The second led is just so huge and his Arab boasts and his. Plate one win. This sauces that we always get with Chinese for so many questions every offending you don't be offended these companies okay. This sauces that we get a Chinese food like the mustard sauce and the ducks us and the soy sauce. Do you get that we've you have that is condiments on your table in China. Honestly they. Lag tempting Ian and his day as it was my first time to which has a masters. And that. So I had besides us. Analyses and had 10 am I management others. And do you do you end every meal in China with orange laces or fortune cookies. I never heard Chad attempt through it's yeah I thought it is a total American concepts yen hi I'm gonna get the third day. Okay yeah. I think we have two goals. These are two beef dishes okay. She just turned her nose and it's the second 100. OK she's sick single number one. The difference Barry is soft and Louis. Not suppose layers of the flavor. And lists onion and and that's just an an activist. On my god you should host a cooking show. Back in China you're talking like the people who have little wind but a Somalia here's Somalia day of egg foo Yung. And actually I can. Attend tissue accounted the second is nice. You'll spot some action can ideas from my download. And opposed and hits now. And the fun side south at ten acres that it's really depends I thought about it and it's beefed it taste like chicken. Am. Not that the. So who wins that one. There's all first bowl. The first ball is Mongolian chicken in the second ball I've visited her feet are outside Mongolian beef noted I. First off my boy we have the second goal bowl is called Beijing beat SC notre recap what you have determined. The fried rice U awarded the best case too. Can't Tim cook's the Chinese food restaurant in Sandy Springs. That does not have won white president would you go in there and it's so delicious Exxon. The egg roll you awarded to you. Panda express. And fast food Chinese places at every shopping mall in the country. Where they harass you into Asia down to try to chicken. It's ads they've got the sesame chicken on the Imus. Yes that's who in the and then the beat fish that Mongolian beef is can't and Cox the Beijing beef is and expressed. There with a score of you know wide operation yeah. It's closer than I expected FF but cancer drugs that Wayne's. And I think Jan. I would like to go to lunch with Zoe -- and cogs I think before your internship is up and take her to lunch there and should we have to eat whatever she orders forests. Just for putting us out tell us how. It doesn't where she gets to pick again don't you crazy to examine going to be sucking animal phase she. What's your favorite American through the unity so far. Lows. I stayed. They've only got go to Chinese may we take it chops or something and threes she's an American girl after all a lot of Clinton allies are. It's just enjoy the show it's me and.