Intern Zoe and Chinese Food

Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making the switch. Today Jesse James shall certainly aren't I'd love nothing more than intern yet engine channel. Jamie is like she loves the interns for the for the help that they provide. But she's awesome legs like the mentoring in the teaching and all of that they got and I'm it's very impressive to me. What I love most about. Interns and internships and that is to see the light bulbs go on yeah when they really like something that you really getting at especially big hit the radio bug like we have sure. And they really like it I feel like a cool right. Bringing the next generation of people I'd just is really fun to Munich I want. And they cubicle yes you like let me know about things like Netflix and channel and so I'm not completely out of they teach all their fancy millennial words. Actually I'm and we asked them to send us a series of what's going on in their life and are happening in their world yeah and it turns Zoe. Is probably the most interesting intern in the government because. She's the first one that I ever hired where English is not her first language. Is from two. And she's studying at university misery GAAP and is coming this summer to hang out and work with us so interns senate tonight four at this knows something about some thing going on in her world and I just on Jeffrey you know everyday for the first time on the give her grade. Garrett Graham how good this time how good cycle yet. This is from Zell. Food and foreigner. I still remember the first time when I talk with my American roommate about Chinese and she says. Yeah I love crab Rangoon. Honestly I never have fried one time in stuffed with cream cheese even I am from the area that consumes the most airy products in China. As crab Rangoon still delicious. Now many people really care at the origin of this did. Next day my roommate asked if I want to try some chicken figure. And I was really shocked by that. Oh my god you eat chicken figures she means to him and yours right oh my god you eat chicken fingers I think only Chinese guys. After I showed her a picture finally I learn the difference between chicken big year and chicken feet. But wait is there really a difference between birds figure and the eighth. That ticket fingers learn. It since oh. OK and we can I give you some Zoe real cock yeah how much longer receiving and knows we have a couple more weeks wither yes. Sometimes I get scared of foreign people because as if I can't get their accent radio lag you know embarrassed and I just laughed uncomfortably and I get their act in. Canada and now megabytes can understand. OK so I have now proposed this idea is Alia that maybe we can use like next week okay. I would like to bring in a whole bunch of food from like and express a kind she's authentic Chinese like real mobile. When she's like from China Jeremy made in China sticker on. I so she. Actually runs free agent in its how cool that's great that's way to make us feel on. And people in the Asia. It was the Asia. Now one bill and that idea I wanna just get a whole bunch of food from a panda express the tank and just put them plates and then have her. Do you a review. What I say and express but I mean that any. Fast food Chinese food restaurant yeah he just put it on a play and have army it is pretty order now we can do that you could have a are making the switch to the justice shall certainly aren't.