Inetta the Moodsetta

Thursday, May 5th


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Jesse James shells. Suns are now before one. And nodding about the one that lion and they got you fired and I don't think anybody has ever done it better then I admit that the moon said. Just let magnetic speak for herself isn't so often. They expected 93 be out that in the Gulf Coast number one forget I could not be and that was great rate I am a lot of the home seen in the morning. Joey who love this song to do it so late is that netted in the rooms in that code you backhand dairy. Employed and now it's me and he. I refuse. I refuse to walk around and watch people on my job looking over my shoulder. People are relaxed and meet people talking about mean it is ridiculous. It is saying. I hate taking it. I don't have to take it I'm not a Dem make I know how to find another job. And I refused to walk around people you can say what you wanna say about me if you see me on the street I let you know whatever you want to know. But I would fumes but as Nancy here that may sixth Dow looks. An outlook dead ain't never been. I've just got to raise at this six years that no unqualified an apt to stay in this adults get by ever given that the jabbing you radio. Period it does mean that met us to meet. Split we had no it wouldn't that be fit the mood at the end makes no more I refuse to walk around weak people status BTU. And you don't have the I would not do it to myself anymore. So if you confused about what I'm saying. Listen very carefully at wake d.s and two other big stations. That she set the mood and put an exclamation point and they just. She now. Or one.