I'll Remain Hot for You Vows

Monday, July 11th


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Starring Eddie Fuller line. And I need some real talk here some related Madeleine okay I got an idea. I have an idea based on a one main our main Andrew Warren okay she recently got merry. And in her wedding. She wrote. It she would remain. Hot. Early hours tiles stay out for my. And she's saying he op on the Internet. Hey because they say that superficial he should let you regardless of Bob. Too but I think she's just can't keep it. Hot spicy impression I think you always have to do that. And you may jitters over the things that she's it she said having an attractive wife. Makes her lesbians. I happier okay and in return for looking good he becomes attentive to her needs such as. Buying her nice things OK so she takes it down and not try to pay by being habit superficial. Rate by saying like. But why does shiny things. So why is physical attractiveness more superficial man well. I make in a Mary it's you should stay hot for each and that's by changing it up you know a little bad I think that's by. Trying to make sure that you still look that you don't let yourself that you still find that person important enough to look for. So you always look like. Schlopy. I don't know a better word used knives to get it looks happy for your husband but then get dressed up for work or get dressed to go out with friends get dressed up for church. And then at home user block all the cute wanna get dressed up and due date night and you wanna. You keep that spark going and I. I think that it's actually really cool that you put that her vows she wants to do. I was actually just having this conversation has it because. I had to skip here this kits are scared yeah and the surgery I was so after this fuels like iso one of not for them. She writes in her blind. That she says feeling good she writes in her blog that feeling good. Ultimately allows me to be a better happier and more considerate partner. Okay she says when I see the look on my husband's face when I come out of the bathroom ready for a night out. Or the way he checked that my butt when I'm wearing some hot clothes in you know makes her feel good having an attractive wave makes him happy. And that makes me happy wife. Happy life I'm an obvious demands in his. That's a lot really when really. What. About me saying that people are hammering out there saying it's superficial. It's because of the physical part of yup she says she doesn't understand. Why so many women let themselves go in relationships. She wrote banner glide in and I think this may. Have something to to view that I'm. She is attractive. She is long blonde hair she's in shape. Her husband. If not enact rage. OK so there's an imbalance and she refused to comment on whether or not he made a similar promise said. I you've got to make that promise for each other because there's a reason why you were attracted to one another right there's a reason. That physical attractiveness. Comes and apply hey there's chemistry. And you don't lose that and it's easier it's natural and human science says that there's like. Some of that initial excitement in chemistry is lost overtime so you gotta do which you can to sustain. She said some people obsess over rely on trees some people obsess over reading a book per month they're working on their garden for hurt her obsession is self care. So maybe people are they out the same thing it's like a selfish. But she's doing a further south which is trying to make it seem like she's doing. I mean is she taking extreme measures like plastic surgery. And now she has now yet she is worked out there herself tries to be I had an eight. Can't she just do it and then not be what everybody else has to have an opinion well convinced the pits aren't saying totally like. To each there I'll let let her do so UBU let me be meek. So see here's where it here's my question entry. I I rely on talk to county about Portman you're not going to a uniformity now. You're not going to bring this up at all so it's fine for Amanda Loring I typically via the Internet. And if he brought it up to you would be fine you bring it up to her and ever bought I wouldn't rate up there it is an averages beard afraid that you'd go okay you two men. Czar not before one.