I'll Never Again

Friday, July 8th


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Jen genre goes. Sometimes only to eavesdrop on conversations and grant and Ira to dinner and we heard. Someone say this sentence and bugs me that I didn't get to hear the rest of the story nice okay so it's one of those restaurants the tables are really close to each other and I don't you don't really mean to. Eavesdrop help yeah. If they are a day 300 billion. We heard dead guy in the couple nexus say I'll tell you one thing grant Powell never forget this at the parking brake again. As the only part of the story you heard that fit. Home about how big. Event itself. I thought let's check is on the jet engine in China I'll tell you thing I'll never blank. Again. I'm trying to think if I have one of these 4047419400. Is the phone number. I'm sure. Oh yeah I have a boating related line. Okay yet I do this sentence okay I'll tell you but I'll tell you one thing. I will never wonder. Why might vote keeps pulling and laughed when there's an extraordinarily overweight person. All. All. That's what I did drive the boat I'm like it's Peyton Manning the real cute kids polling apt. Kinect straight. Just everybody can't. Atlanta the and I finally had a guy in the vote sent me a text message you by phone from like four feet behind me. And it and Koroma. Hello guy. People do is shout out I'll say one thing I'll never talk again. And who's not such an. Any. And figure for an album that you flora floors of Portland 9400 men that you are going to be our first caller gal. I'll tell you one thing I'll cameras in the iPhone is really again. Because when media that you kind of telling your ex husband. Emea at his best and the its app you're an intimate sport fine. And of him. And it's. Who you're talking to your ex husband's. And then you muted the phone. And told another story seminoles. Yeah. OK. Let's what sportsline. Or. And OK all right Dan. I I. Had is. That's networks that sucks but that's worked for a 47419400. I'll tell you one thing. I'll never blank again we are taking your phone calls next and the Jeff intention. And Jay John we go so.