If Jennifer and Brad Reunite...Is There A Chance They Could Work?

Monday, February 19th

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston are both coincidentally single for the first time in FOREVER. But given that he left her before, is it even possible to make a relationship work under such...egregious circumstances? 

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Star in 941. I we spend too much time last week Jan talking about. The update suite is Jennifer Aniston and Jess and yeah that we mentioned and we mentioned that everybody went from super sad about this. Bayless couple every thought Jennifer Aniston and finally found her happiness. And it's like everybody is is devastated and then with an opponent and it it dawns on you always second. Brad Pitt is all service and everybody got excited to out of the two of them getting back together. Brand in China he had because they were the America's cup at all. From what the ninety's trying to sell away. 2000 says his movie career was just about taken off she was on friends just taking off like they were. At that peak of Hollywood stardom at the same time and they were just this perfect couple to and then he ended up during that movie would Divx and Angelina Jolie and ruined everything mr. and mrs. Smith on the set things cuts steamy. I JP made it his mission this week and find some clips of Brad and Jennifer America's couple back in the day back in the day and he said it was surprisingly our offense but he found a couple. Brad that I love you and I thank you for holding me together again. Oh. You guys now looking for these clips I know that they were together from 1998 to 2004 so thank you very much an okay. Some milk relevant trivia night who knows it's easier politics okay. Hollywood's most. Camera shy couple went public Saturday night as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston hit the town. Now they are married right yeah I'm okay hands. Angelina Jolie is the one who broke up that marriage. They I mean she has later in interviews said that you know we fell in love on the set of mr. and mrs. Smith forgetting that hopes yeah. That's when that happened. I here's right I think. We should do with this we should read. Here's the question everybody's asking you should Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunite. Is there any chance that would actually work I think we need to find someone. For a 14630941. We have to find someone. Whose relationship. Somewhat mirrors. Jennifer Rembrandt and call us with the success story. Okay see your story. Could be the proof that this could work with that yes 404263094. Line. Star in 941. For a needle in the haystack relay because. Sure this could put Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt everybody employers so sad that Jennifer Aniston doesn't throw getting divorced they announced their separation. But then the thought Donna on you but the little thought bubble over your head wait isn't that guy Brad Pitt and got divorced Brad and just. Our but do you even want and why would anybody even want ads I don't know Lobo are leaning on you to see and is there any chance that this could work could yours story proved. They could be happy for ever they could find their happily ever after a judge is is this the leave 40 or 63094. Airline if you think you could work because of Yale brand may welcome to the jet engine jet. 10 AM on the I. I'm yeah actually married a guy that was my school we Ladish saying get like this happen god I would women like Angelina Chile Egypt deep deep and let's say it hasn't done that happened to that guy I married if they get that I let you blacked out and they. And then there's this other one and they hatch on the budget can't law and I decided to take him back. He clients like you know late evening my occurs and it's kind of like Jennifer and Brad and Jennifer an innocent person. It's embarrassing the way you say that that. He was led astray. Yeah. I mean I really village she didn't loan period. And the ticket and it took a little you know like some of the had everything and I do. Billy but I believe they can really strongly about him being all my current trench Balaguer won it he doesn't call each EU gas. And we'll be fine. OK so is he's still in touch with her if they had kids together they probably soft tock. I'm more I guess. In the world if you were light to see the link is that if he actually stuck somewhere else think that weren't included Egypt an hour early. I. Like I can make some and so I I generally speaking of long he'd ever follow each yeah knee again. Know you'll be. And aliens are contact looked at are there were many because they're in that situation in the cancer. So are you bracing yourself now for our. Came to mess around with the mother of his children. You know I just the early years. What people call colonel Donna I'm good as long as you don't already she like we'll be OK I think will be a conviction usually. So while. OK there's. Mean really that somebody is your person what does that mean media. I think we're yes man to EB like paranoid. The current plan. And Jerry Kelly very each other's person. And anxiousness to work out like clock your initial mitnick. And I. So no matter why you are person dies. It's okay. Yeah I didn't think you world you know than we need to Wear will be it was eagle on the cheek. Would you feel this way about you. Oh yeah well. So there's good there's there's hope there's a sentence hope this is not really bad guys have you where's their hope. Polite out yet I'm a little ball. Okay. This is an air of Sant there's been little aura of sadness around this. I ate there Arab remain. It loud at. And pain. Yeah I'm really hopeful right. Hole I on a polite to her at as a life I see it sap. I rate it. Our serenade coming log into the jet. I'm happy that I'm totally can't work. I actually. I had a semi situation. I am very young I was. At 20 am I had them when I. We have got married about two years and then I would actually I bet she did and and I have we gotten blurred and about five years later we got our copy he had been in contact occur over here and then backpack. A relationship. And. How we actually bend into about three years now and eat a total two days ago that we're actually about our Beckett let. All my guy is congratulations on your engagement. Hasn't killed that is a wild. I don't think that sometimes people are meant to be together but that pilot. Not the right time. And thank what are your families think that Sarah I just get asked that especially it is not. I'll won't actually went on a huge and a third the lives when we got married at first I didn't think Ted. It lasts for me you know family duke on the brink and I am actually really odd that only the court because they. They're like how passionate about the whatever happened down. They Arianna and I feel really bad can angle on that she could barely. At the same time they're both really and things happen. How he's LA and you've Holland Tunnel of love of my life and his eyesight that'll look there's really hit Eric. It every Saturday. There's your hopes for error. There it is if your written forum. Share in the email Lansana. Hi you were married for two decades and then took a vacation. And. Yet they would actually happened earlier and our marriage I met him when I was fourteen of the Nobel order. About two without naming any kind of link. You know the other way and we were separated for three years we look at different partners and we got back together and we are we're still together. And UK election this is your person. That you're supposed to be US. I would imagine so can we both came back together we're finally there was no hunting chasing whatever. And have been harsh. I'll. Take your advice for Jennifer Aniston movie go far. And it and it has some people go to Disney World some Bebo go to Angelina Jolie town. Bridges us a call fantasyland. I. As heads of possibility it's tough could it now sometimes we do topics and we have every phone line lit up. For the entire duration and sometimes we just to get three calls moved three good stories. This case it was three good couples who will maybe it's not his. Prevalent as people. And jumpstart. It before one.