Iced Coffee Tips

Tuesday, April 11th

Jenn gets smart with some great tips

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Star in 941 that. I won't get into this discussion this spirited discussion mid my wife Kelley and I are having she called an argument. And we'll get an NS I am but we've forgotten. For the lead Jane I share her wisdom. About making and placed cards featuring this is from my very first job in high school. I was little restaurant server at a place called it's a big gables tea rooms that we served little ladies and redeem team we did luncheon Seth. So it was my very first real job outside of babysitting. And we learned how to make ice coffees if you're make a home did you Beagle cup of ice and restaurant people noticed that. If you're pouring in the hot 'cause it melts old ice really fast right don't have like half water half coffee well instead put in long metal spin or a nice. And pour it down. Down the spinners tonight the need to insult because they hit he will be attracted to the metal. Oh cool off yeah sort of take a wave and heat of the cost in all melt less pace needed and I liked him. So it was little trick that we learned in the restaurant because you know you brew coffee really fast you're trying to make ice coffee is really quickly can't wait for it cooled down so much dude I'm so we would use a little. Nice for that long spend drink and there is nothing more so watered down eyes happy if you want to we're glad we'll excuse at a coffee. Precaution wall. I do not know. Yeah. At an event. Let their we should tweak that it Starbucks. I want you Fred for that is that somewhere strange at first sedan and 800 line by Kohlberg ice cubes on the Lam Harland you give Brees can't be it's just water laden says water has been run through smush them being tried one of their employees is listening right now like yell shut up shut up like that I. And that's ever you have to remake like 300 lattes as well guys Q why can't you just make the excuse out of espresso. In Maine each Joshua men each ice cube is like ash I have shot or whatever you water it down so it. Pres bush raising it compromised the taste right now someone because sometimes your ice cubes can tastes like what's in the freezer at Starbucks has some sort of cake flavored syrup that'll overcompensate for anything that these bad as stressing a fraph a chino is basically had liquid cupcake with a. Deion Goodman saying I think that you put cupcakes and the blunder and then come back I think of Xena. Maybe that's so brilliance. I am. Hey there. Nobel Prize he. Really feel like I strength. Yeah. There is this. Saying the ice face and you know I don't listen up now it's for making this wedge to digestive Shenzhen one start now before one and.