I Shouldn't Have Trusted My Husband

Tuesday, August 23rd


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And you can see all star and I know activity and reposition. It's not in the crib right there's now an actress. Ever run. Hal are engineers. Days and as we have so at such great engineers and Adam Scott in town you know Scott did a bachelor of defeated Forrest you have in an. Hell this morning at 5 o'clock and it and goes down her street. She goes north. And Al comes up from the south in his legs now. L mobile. And as indigent thousand but it collaboration and I'd and as and ran. It's dolls is this really. Rate quality camera. In rhesus rooms and never has your car. Super high tech baby monitor. And I get to see here are my phone on my computer Waller working which is just so sweet what an awesome spratt from you that you can be package and of course back here from. I'm it in the past week opted to be with Reese who's doing rates. She is she's done really well responding really well schema therapy yes and earlier. In babies don't know they're supposed to be sick so they're just b.s as she should IBM eleven months old and she doesn't. She doesn't really know I mean is taking a physical Tull honor and it's really hard to go through chemotherapy but. She is. I surprisingly. Still smiling her spirit is strong she's still waving at everybody she does this sweet little silly baby wave hit every line and and she's generally mean I concede as I can see it take a physical toll on her about her her spirit is intact and and doing what she's a fighter. Which is I think it's probably impossible but it's a great lesson. In this whole thing they. It's such a gift. That. When a when I was in in in hospital and would see that nurses can mean who'd give different air. Res everybody had a smile everybody got a wave that same enthusiasm that she would give it. To you or your family when they would come just so insane hate everybody because everybody would come in a way to her go yeah. So any time the door would open she would look at darned out. Tiny baby boys and if there's a way to take out late the preconceived. Lock the comes with a whatever negative you're dealing with. In you can take. Backed out of whether it's a crappy meeting with your boss. Or a medical procedure. In his appointment are going to that the MP light. The only reason that's negatives because you've got this stuff in your brain a mute and if there's a way to start the year that away. And maybe make the trip to the empty not a and now argument licensed dealer. Instead make it like I'm looking forward that is and catch up on this text messages. Sir it's that mind body connection now them wallow. Reeves is in. Yeah how he's tickets to try to date a yogi and I don't much. In the spirit of laughter is the best medicine there were some funny moments. That happened at the hospital and I was telling you a little bit about the son Jeff but I wanted to share with everybody that. So obviously when you get a diagnosis like this you can immediately in the hospital earlier admitted. And you have nothing with you because you never planned on being there in the first place or so the first night I was spending the night there's hasn't running home to grab some clothes and bring back. He comes back and he you know it gives me the stuff here we go I got everything on your list tonight. He goes back great thanks so I get you know get ready for bed to sleep wake up. The next morning. Is the rooms and it Children's Hospital setup so that. Instantly apparent can spend the night there on this. You must be a pair. Of OK and that music band aid. In in the room it. Yeah time of it until some meals that's right so. It does the next at wake up and I go to get your side. And take a quick shower while she sleep being going to catch us realize that on the list that I had. Given him and he did check everything awful but I didn't put it on on. My. Okay. And I love the jeans that he Pak army and they have holes and who. A couple of intentional. In a global magazines they're fashionable back. Passionately hole I hit him and so I'm my wreck rates for wearing two girls night out and it's super Rica or are. The cancer for children so I was wearing the cool boyfriend jeans cop and now and then he brought up for it. Running shoes and socks if he knew that I was skulls hospitals are kept critical early yet. So that I have on my holy genes that I'm running shoes and socks commando goalie Jean commando Ali dean's. So at that point as I'm dressed I'm like halfway just I'm like OK now look like a tourist at Disney world's. In a hole right in the wintertime. And then going to see your spanky the ways and you're at it. Might have might see it and now. And and they go to put on my shirt and I realize he's brought me long sleeve sure but it's one of those burn out cotton. Shirts that were popular like four or five years ago and what's that burnout guys that like the super faded one it's. Looks like it just looks like it's. An hour. Quite public when you buy it. It looks like it's already been washed forty times but it I seen gas and it airy Anna and C three char and you're. So I realized that he once shirt and it this long sleeved burn out cotton shirt that's come AC stereo I. With the name of Bob Barr on the health. I don't know let those people out of me the first day there like she is not that. Evidently your orders speeds shirt. And I just look like. Hot mess and so anyway just don't. But his her husband passed but he did do everything on the list right leg he had ever Connell as long sleeved shirt for. Too bad but right at. We cared if all of a sudden all of the mail theirs is for checking and Reese at all possible. While we got to nurse every fifteen minutes we had Gary and John FFS. Ryan C. Believe. I. Mean it's the last thing you're really all that worried about but I did feel like eight total fool we can look for him comfort in numbers we can get out the number 4047419400. If it and there's anyone else would like to give you comfort by saying I finishing the sentence. I love my has been very much. But I never should've trusted him terrible like. I love it because I guarantee you there are women who have been in similar situations that may be going to deliver babies. And a baby coming early yet you take my under the hospital and adds a grammar run home what you need and you know if anything happens borrow 47419400. Lord do I love my house. I never should have trusted name of light. Switches on this dog and oh.