I Love My Pets More!

Tuesday, June 21st


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All its Sears local show. What a concept or 804741. Now. Yeah. Eighty or 13. People who love their pets and their people who loved. People who love their pets weighed more than the people they love him right. And their life I remember. Once I hear a story of somebody asking the question hey if I get a car. And I had the family dog in the car with me. Car crashed into a ditch or something on fire. Who would you rescue first. And her response users as is well. I've seen you opened a lot of hard hours you'd never seen it. Wow that's telling. Feel. So for a fourth. 74 lines 9400. For a foursome 4194 and it will take two categories of phone calls between eight. The people who are proud to admit yeah. I like animals mileage the right or the people who are on the human side of that equation and they just feels like it we'll see what side Hillary from Lawrence goes on. Hillary. I'm John. As hard as it does add. I would definitely be on the human being slighted by that home. We have a lot of people have. I sat and act at all and might. On all of eat them out and play. Called the data out to make sure we haven't been. And then it goes by the public that I. Milan because intimate chief feed them NDY thing Merrill aren't. Yet this thing as specifics on to each cat when your dad's out of town. And there aren't can you sing has won it here it adds that sounds. Yeah. Yeah yeah. You know a liar and. It's that she knows. I chose not to get any better than that moment right now. What was the current week we use we started that's on re saying act ants. Jet boats snack is the name of the cat well cats names of shots. Jack that Lilly and then he. Barely. Yeah. I all right you're forgetting the seventh one by hope you enjoyed your last name with it and. Some artists. I remembered all sad and it. Yeah are you you're welcome. India with its ISI and heart and my. Your. IG EU are inspired me. To answer questions off the team that's on the last time you body gift for your. It's this past Friday I discovered woman's sisters and it's mean so China to her. But I discovered music for tax bases and what did you buy your boyfriend for his birthday. It was and then they definitely there is no gift Camden the I got the album yet boyfriend had not. 40474. Line at 94 to locate your phone calls. About loving animals more than you love human beings yeah. Lots of choices in the morning it tells us we appreciate. Yeah still are not before one.