I Left Them, But Not Their Family

Wednesday, August 9th

Do you stay close with your ex's family? It's more common than we thought. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the net. And you answered this question did you divorced and them mom but not their thing. Ellie we started talking about this is Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck obviously. Divorce he's already son moved on but she is still best buds with Ben's mom there was despite hanging out together going shopping center for voters like I divorced him. It's not his family. I hear your stories 404263094. Why I know Tiffany in Jackson. Any give a story like you divorced them not their family. Yes and my pick but I got my arm thank. All right so it required with each other like every bit. Really says she's managed him. And that. That she did I thought Bo and ought. Now how long how long do you think that will last he said he has just. Broke out in May so were only looking at a couple months now. While we're together for forty it was always maybe fighter I have a lot about him. I actually art collection which congress. As. Since she's grandma. It. And shall always big drama. So maybe the idea is that Jennifer Garner Stanley tastes like this is only going to be my kids grandma. You have three past season Syria today that's chair either. We some Rihanna. Holds views Shanley said who's exes family said I choose you. Over our own son. Coach to hang up as she got my husband and I am we're both married before we were married to each other and we both have gone through a similar experience with our. X family members OK so he had an ex in law who really wanted to remain friends and he just after awhile with like. I really love you man but can this isn't right hey you know as it moves forward he got feel everybody's life testament forward. And I had a similar situation with one of my ex in laws and where it's like it's just not fair to their new relationships. That's her business say isn't honoring their new chapter in their life. If their parents are still hanging onto the old chapter her head. That's I was wondering if it changes once there's somebody else it's a semi new in the picture again Nicole in Smyrna welcome to the shaft. Lets your situation calls. Obama had a boyfriend for sixteen years in high school Kirk got air ambulance are Colombia and we talk. Yeah he's on top squeeze his family. Yeah (%expletive) I am leaning my weird other live to South Carolina where I helped them. Columbia and all you don't talk but. An ex boyfriend you're not. This is Don it's a new relationship. Yes from what you're. Oh I'll go but it they would tell you married had child. Kind of mood I'm in I'd Madonna by. I built into it and we came here that it is been out there and I went there. Went in evidence and climate and their other sister came here to edit made me. So. Just curious about the pitfalls and if you ever go to a good them well or see them do you try to have mapped it out for when he's not going to be around us. Now look at you want sing can't tell us. I don't think that's a lot and. There's still over the tape. Makes it easier the other excellent excellent entry in yeah it. Thanks very comical. I emea and this Sandy Springs is gonna come out when this rate after dare. And tell us who in her ex. She is secretly they. That's dated a whole new level totally different. She's IMAX. And young star ready for a one. Do you still relationship with the family of the person you split from some reason I divorced some might not their family we are taking your calls and we. Our backs to Amy and say anything to actually. He's dating a family member of an act. Journalist Anna that's how. Those are saying things like its heels of that. Yeah ladies we need your help one hour from right now we will convene. Our ladies only jury we call a very very Jerry. Think about that for a second commands. We can be in the mid jury because today we have a guy who gave the same gift. You two different women. I don't know now. And then was coming out to tell one of the women about it narrowed an afternoon now Luke once you know if her reaction to that. Suits what he did wrong that's one hour from right now. I just environs bell what's up. There are different but not accepting money for the last twelve years. Packed. And excitement separated for twelve years. And I hadn't entered our nicotine and who had a child with him and. There's still really good transaction in regularly. Are you still friends Tony are you friends with your ex. And when ordering county each Blackberry can get sick and Mac and why they would either ran to get along great. Standing. And sitting there is even carried. We should've had been dead disqualify error on this that night kids don't count. Previous staying in touch because of it is right SS and count because there's still family. Yeah I'd be writing into business this sprung from the Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner story. In the picture of Jennifer Darren benefits mom just walked in chemistry together like hang out. Is going to shock and and renamed it hit the pottery barn outlet in the sunny nice lived in Marietta has a similar story to hey Liz. Cat a cat so I'm kind of a little story apparently looks or. Started playing. I went out in high school and college broke. On an older sister and actually I'm not as strange. Being very very close thank you all let me linked baby shower. Had been attacked. Out years. I wonder if he is so man and his sister. Among the few times I learned. My brother dated a girl who is my very best friend and that and there's a high school later frontiers. Anti matter and we Libya announced on the NS. High school and she's like nobody. And say your brother's like I can't shake that girl Kelly yeah they're good friends now zoo leave here's that's if threatens its Amy and Sandy Springs. And so. We were divorce. Six years ago that I'd say close with my attendance for your family 200 intimidated sister. And blacks here. She actually got divorced. And now. I actually been seeing her accent and and weren't thinking about doing the big thanks Sudan and saying hey. So you're at your husband's sister's ex husband is now your boyfriend. Yeah did. Daley should have never heard who knows about yeah. Creating and and we've bonded over the creek and kept a secret. So young so nobody knows about this in you and your boyfriend or binding. Over how crazy your ex in laws are. It's yeah. The case is it's annual doesn't her ex husband's sister Sarah and her sister in law's ex husband. And now her boyfriend's big if I feel like using liquid on the Slater who Abu. And nobody knows. Let me know and we're not currently not normally you should announce McKinley on where you know can we not only anymore so. Wow yeah I hate kids involved anywhere. It's. Hit it it's on my ass and it is sentiment picture from Vegas this year has a seasoned wedding is healthy. How quickly those things Amy how quick they are those phone calls gonna happen. Go round and round around once that picks and hot sometimes they've no. No kidding how does it include. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.