"I Just Don't Get The Solar Eclipse"

Tuesday, August 15th

Vanessa doesn't get how the eclipse works. Can someone help explain why the sun doesn't catch on fire?

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So are in 941. Vanessa. In Atlanta. Does not understand the eclipse how can we help you Vanessa. And I don't know I eat I want to make. Friend could this sort of veterans can understand it but like I don't Ted understand what. Going on and what eclipses are what I eat it starts. You know a big deal. Are you are you in school in high school I'll do mine has announced here. Now I'm not an ankle I am twenty and in the professional world attacks okay yeah I just I don't believe it was quiet morning Barrett and regular school you know. Right so here's basically what happens you know the earth in the earth yet revolves around the sun you know that right. Who's in a game and the moon revolves around here right. Yeah. Every now when he gain it so happens that the way the earth and the moon in the sign lines up at the moon. Slides directly in front of the sun blocking. The sunlight from hitting earth. During the debt. Which means. It'll look like night for a few minutes because they're on any. It can act I should usually I seizure and that's when and eclipses. He does then anger then rained like stand I have made it like this guy and I'd like cool actually go out and then late comeback and a rebirth of the star. I'm I was very democracy. Is almost think of like being in the shade. Yes. I don't look. Okay Callista and I get like that post that I don't like how does that not. They get scorched Serb are now ordered. How did in that the sagging consent super powerful like how does decide I. I designed not catch the man fire and use your knee yeah. I mean whenever I mean a lot of I have iron. All of them men and with the way you conceive them and is reflecting the sun. Only seen this and amends not actually like meeting light. Oh yeah right so when it would let them get them on the sun. Are going to right. But she's asked him and they do it. If you ever really big fire which is signing you put something close close to help catch and fires that she's asking my. Who doesn't have temper I think it's I think it's far enough away that day he hasn't. Mean the distance between the moon and the sun doesn't change. I think the right. Well into the minute I heard you saying to somebody else to do it like. Agilent he'd seen the eagle but it focusing on me and I don't like. But the Timberlake. How old I have each ominous start all over again I don't then I give me the name tennis have one friend of yours. Our Karina. Karl I'm ready for this analogy again so. Arena I want you to imagine that Corina. Okay is standing on the other side of program. And she's holding. A really bright flashlight she shining it rating you okay. They got that now give me the name of another friend of yours. Are. The national right Michelle. Okay mission now is holding a stick. And I'm at stake is is two around circle. It's about the size of that then that flashlight. Beam of light right what happens if Michelle. Puts that circle. In between you and the flashlight. Right ring. Okay. Okay but I think it would there earth and act like. Open. The argument look at this great things would ever settled back how I need it should be excellent. Acts like our. Well Matt's. Well. OK so just don't you know I just don't look at it. So. Yeah this sale later and so. Can you explain why task. We can't see it in totality in Georgia that you can in cod won state South Carolina and Tennessee maybe that's what she's talking about myself to the earth can. I can explain I don't know that have been if fitness is at that level. About. Mean just trying to get and understand flashlight and stick. OSHA which she did it she didn't understand me. Kind as the sun ms. slowly across the skies now against this hello. You know we'll snap of the fingers and hands daylight to some high. David I think from a nine howry and other carrier did tell me get re at a school. There are rebuilt school and Georgia I call nine years seventh grader. Are you there at time can you please explain how an eclipse works the solar eclipse works to Vanessa. So what happened is they got the regular. Eight and a better. Every year at the election and then Cordero and then. Ethnic people and I crashed and then sell. Because without gravity pulls the live behind the hole. Every duck and little kitten and start like. Play and that's why it is compliment here that can't get around. Here. I'm pretty. Or the other side. Lightning bolt or. Says Smart takes. Right that acids that make cents. Yeah hole in extend that make any need I really like old Mildred gaelic a stupid what on earth. Real well about it and as I did not gonna feel bad that you like a big. Well learner on the David estimated element. Sorry I hit while he's Newton and hit and badly. I commend good knowing the overwhelming and it's like I did you ate there. I couldn't. We have to do one more. Do you wanna try somebody else we have a teacher. A teacher can help explain got a trade teacher is finally this is gonna get in your head Jeff hardy thinks he's bad and explain things. Well Vanessa is making me. There hasn't it will let you go okay as we did that we don't wanna make anybody that have sent the crime but we asked when OP that you understand the overwhelming things like champ. I mean I'll keep collecting them. I guess I'm thinking well I can keep working on a Janice. What grade do you teach. I am not a substitute your right now about you to each special Ed peeled and on I have children at my own. And and I'm an actor doesn't get so bad about not understanding. And big stops. It's really hard to understand that it is he okay can you treasure that. Here's the simple a simple way to understand. That they are. She's watching a concert and she's watching her favorite thing arsenic. And we don't know homeland and we don't know if and this is a bigger girl I think that's. It doesn't matter how big she. She's she's she's her her her guy machine broke into your favorite singer is shot. And sheets and financial analyst tennis and glamour and dance man. The NASA Hoosier favorites thing all the. Michael Jack and I can't argue that I know continue to. Okay okay okay we could propaganda that they actually does Michael Jackson standing on the major while wrote back. Understanding very concede or strictly got the best you'll be at. And yet to be your friend standing next to all of a sudden three Rhode Island and then you big 66. Or did blocks to crop. Just to Michael Jackson in your favor time. And burst into you coming you're like oh no don't get away. And then you come across and we try and get your sleep and right front and you can't see Michael Jackson at all he's familiar. Our guys look and you can't gene Michael Jack at all. He's catching Michael Jackson he's also not detection. So Michael Jackson and not getting anything better than you are still aren't back they can't like attack. And I think it's an important and made her way has imparted no Michael Jackson isn't touching any when you. Now there is Michael Jackson and I'm Irish day. He is he's on the they touched China is this and homeland Janice is as making any sense that NASA. Mean I it may include equal or does it make them a world. And our first and the moon and the style and are just like people except their giant. Are they just the big giant rock. And the moon is just a big giant rock and the salon is the big I happened on pot. You. Any closer. I don't care I don't I don't think I am getting it on news. I don't. Care apparently weren't it. The kind of access my Vanessa. Manny. Off. Britney. And feel really happy for our. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.