I Hate My Name

Tuesday, December 5th

Our listener Alexa, and a whole lotta other callers, are fed up with hearing all the "original" jokes around their name. 


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell out all the now some may be time. But the how. Really tough this year if your name is Alexa who we have had captains and show us named LX. Who's so frustrated kicks off holiday season. And she just needs to come on with us and vent about it. We can do awful holiday season event. But she's got a specific events and we think maybe you can give her some comfort in numbers if you also hate your name. We we ask this aren't faced is already blown up. Whole areas people hate their name her own line of trees on the Martin's Ollie here is. Tell me Rhonda help help me I'm. Time. It's everybody's as a tour says that like it's a new joke you are not on this on Sarah Parker if I have a dollar for every coming in ass of my middle name is Jessica you are not clever now my name is not Sarah Jessica Parker please. I Wii and am an intern who are less is actually yesterday but her name as I left. And she walked in the Studio One morning and I said hi left. She's she looked at me with disdain. I'd on ever learned talent far so when she left yesterday and it wants Israel as they are all day by and give her the issue is our data said I love. I hear funny radio guy and I thought I it. I alleges that welcome to the show. Yeah the morning. I we're looking for comfort in numbers for each time people who are heard dealing with what you're dealing with you would just don't like their names for a four. 2630941. But has promised. You get to be the first one doesn't. Wow. And because my name my anemic has where nick and I need it then. And great AMT. Kind of thing you won't I don't run into any other election. But I'm I'm I'm really great again and no I paid. He's heard that this. We didn't buy EC hadn't kind of coming into the world speech which intellectually. And and I am or eat. Just edged. I've had my general. Election have related component and general AA keeps joked I'm digging it. Hard to finish. They do think that devices going to be one of the. All bodies wins on an outing and he's so already in your life do people come up and requests things from you. I haven't worker each tank he's kid. Rick you know Larry and I became easy that working he'd like. Yeah. I'm kind of funny because we don't deal with that daily but I would imagine. Just cringe walking into the office like olive you know I am that's the legs down. What's the weather going to be like today. Apparently in Atlantic it's 56 degrees with cloudy skies and you can expect thunderstorms. With a high of 69 degrees in a low of 41 degrees. And its leaders and that's yeah. Saying the sorry about that are stuck I started the other one mile and a. Good. And historian I think. Soft ball ball ball is. I hit it I detox your parents about this are you Larry. We are now on the strength to act. I'm like I'm not and she thinks she went from different and my brother actually they didn't get it. Then it's going to be like all the holiday meals. They get togethers gift giving it. To me like hey Alexa. And me against from under the tree. Sorry I don't know that if the. It costs on the table can. Hey relax. Aaron narrow the auto and can. You tell me it broke it and now they couldn't. Why shouldn't you tell us secret on the farm. Because the potatoes have eyes the porn has ears and being stalked. And beans. Docked. Sarah and I have to interrupt my view and a human Alexa do you know any other jets. Now all the right and Michigan grad the road. Why. There's. And that. Little well Alexa. Who. Writer Richard across the road. That's really only the chickens isn't. I. Elects they're human Alexi you aren't as funny as computer. All. I. Well I ambulance again let's see if we can get her some comfort in numbers that you hater make it your own name you can tell us why. Maybe it's also likes us. Alexa. Alexa. Alexis weed out and you know like that's how I. Owner Al acts that. I'm talking the human elects. Sorry I'm not sure. She is so annoy your arms are like that thank you for calling. AJ and no Erica. RYTH. A name. Cut everything about oh your country out my notes are 88 actually continent maybe you shouldn't let that go. Yeah it. Your way and Doug Israel. I'll have. Happy happy joy joy a joy to the world in my payment everywhere here. You're not allowed to come about getting. Can't be mad at and the named Joseph wave world war 2630941. Of you hate your name is. On the block it out justices today which is Joseph I. I've met while literally we did yeah yeah and she'd it took him and what's not may deem that aim 1010. And a U why do you see your name it's so pretty. I got a I love my name it may act and I'll call that act. Learning environment EM yeah Tyler Perry why it Eric Tyler Perry ruin their story. I'll pay you. A. Sabrina act and I ML and you Enron I guess why she needs surname. Are you a ring side. Exactly I don't cook actually happen. What can I catch and now let's put my though. You alone this. I can't I get every light yet they sit down 03 a lot of cool. I feel lit up by how much and you're at now Larry. And I can't say that's. Everybody thinks there's a clever. A man day and Alpharetta what could possibly be wrong with the name Amanda. I didn't grow up at the and they had aggravated yeah they are Barry Manilow. Now want to be and that's. Urban sound CEO. Oh Mandy. Rarely you came in you gave me that today team. My daughter's name is April and everybody's first question always is we're born on April. Now that order February. I thank sort of a cruel mainland China and around the union isn't gonna November Mike Tyson makes hence. The extra Obama huh. Yeah so pretty mood right. A couple of weeks ago again Robbie called out I didn't beat Larry and he got political ads and refer to them Selena and I immediately created iron and. Our own eyes I all I'm so sorry will follow my. Seaver instead. Alina can be heard receiver it's probably me what are we make change happen Jelena. I appreciate it I have good friends and it and his name is Julie mom but it's all of a wise so anytime you mean and I Haley month and it's. Telling. Miley and carols and why do you hate your name. I'm at least dire as. I think this clog up do and say but yeah not. And iron things or column does good things my little. I TT I love breaking ball behind sunshine in Atlanta. Well I mean it. It's sunshine and I don't think I really have to complain about a horrible. Well it's not it's it's a hero re yields should I feel for you neurons are really damn every day and that Jerry and center on the have a very easily. Related news coming at the top jokes that you get as sunshine. It's raining today it behind that Rainey and I. Why are you added. I didn't then I'm in Mena and it's so let me get my manager sunshine and no I eat a lot island at your real name and just get Barry Barry. Oh. Yeah common delegates total hippies life. I was thinking they were obsessed with care bears. So there you are at work your dream and the waves. Katie indicator. So I guarantee you no matter how you spell that you're not gonna speller right. You can item without failed to Haiti if LA. County seat. CAI. He lied. I mean is there really Kalin are now learning thing. No it capped. Brit I don't know why my parents decided that there. Time. She's there and Kennesaw. Yeah that's there eagerly and I didn't beauty center on its safeguards. Cezanne desire and a disease there. Will be there in all right in the pizza and brown let me get a salad. That you. How will continue the conversation out they spoke. Yeah if you may or may definitely share with us and I and there's always comforted numbers is just to make you feel better right I was so desperately dragon as I'm hoping to get a Feliz should just so make it's they have but we didn't seek it tape I have the play's at right Taipei's dot com us. Jeff intends yeah. All look all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.