I Do It Because I Love Him Calls

Thursday, June 2nd


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He's a local all its fear and local job. What a concept very zero Boise. Pension show. Don't earn 841. Jimmy Buffett in a town tonight Jan is going originates Jimmy Buffett Larry ago. I'm dying because I love my husband grants so we are taking golf I hate blank but I'd do it because I love them. Hey Lindsay and act worth what are you hate. My as well as an at bat it. Why you know one more time I write a company made a lot like. I love them months. What I worry about. They don't let. Excellent TV and Alpharetta area. Hey I love my dad's death and that is the only reason I go hand being. Camping. Ten camrys a year cooking out Coleman stove you're aware in the off every night. Yes. I hated every minute. I view. All. These I'd ask what did they love it acted. But I'll buy dot packing compact. How many times a year do you go camping with the family. Why and how many nights each time there. Victory longest nights the life. I. And coming what do you hate and who do you love. I love my boyfriend. More than life itself but I hate going comp bookstores but I owe it Gobi curriculum that. Make the Steelers the team marvelous team DC. Or are you marvel. At what you do like air. I and there are a lot can go to crumpled like an hour war. Pockets taking late isn't sticking point at 3 o'clock in the into the school they. Yes it's eight bombs. Thanks for the call eight good luck in your own. Yeah.