I Do It Because I Love Him

Thursday, June 2nd


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I thank you for making this switch today Japanese yen Shia on starting 941. It's a risk of sounding like a curmudgeon. I can't stand Jimmy Buffett. You are not laid. Jimmy buffet music or do you not like that Jimmy buffet line shows spectacle. The cranky stick in the mud by saying meg who doesn't like Jimmy but it's got its time in its place like if I'm clean environment. Can we need. Like we had the one in the end reports that we know bloggers need things like margins in the pilots instead why you gotta be in your bonnet. I know I hate it so cranky is they don't like to me graphic is who doesn't like to. Right when it rob yup. And tonight you get to go hang I would Jimmy Buffett I. That's. And I'm only doing it because I love my husband's a much he loves Jimmy Buffett he had. Frank it's sort of memory lane thing for him yet and it would go after yeah and it ends. Up they would. Do detailed gay and you know at and T shirt shirts. Tommy bahama. You know the whole. Big party partners that would they call it in the parking lots and people brings and you know the day it's huge. Culture. The thing. Some months ago we talked about going to Jimmy Buffett and really. Huntsman and I am concert tickets while we ended. With some concert tickets from. Friend actually in front of my dad's said he couldn't go with like Jenny is our effort to sound like. Yes. Well. So I hate blank. But go anyways can of ham makes me feel a little bit better as for a full hour. And one Broder had them 9400. On his table their significant others all the time. It's only lining up on Knight on oaks really go to your impact and it's more your speed. I love my bachelor bachelorette it's my guilty pleasure. I watch an endorsement season and just some miracle of with her tonight and so. I was all excited it is gimmick that and those tickets came and that's what we're doing in instead I'm going to be she. I.'s ten. Started telephone number 404741. And 940404741. 94 zeroes here. I hate hate blank. But I do it because I loved them Dylan you could be our first phone call. And so it's not a sport guys eight sports. All sport I don't like watching him I think it boring. Like girlfriend is originally from buy energy issued threats sucks air huge. So the way you pretty much every year every day from April to October 1. Or. You guys saw it out. How long on that yet FaceBook that is the worst sports every day. And half the how the rest of this year in the in monument to post season possibility. The you know trying to do the best and get pretty into it and then. Like do no more than ever on that would especially baseball and Rhett Butler caught in this you're there in first place they're you know they're after gunfire and glad you're that they poppies though. It'll be government pretty pretty all the all the Red Sox Nation let's say on the. You're good man. They do it. They court knee yet Courtney. Also has a musical. Hi hatred and I mean it's not everybody's favorite. Please Jimmy Buffett but I can kind of relate to coordinate gardening. I need to Dayton abandoned. Lot to. Me. And I actually there outlet in the past weekend. Yeah I hate it but my point friend is absolutely except Japan ties in with him for three years and the white. One at his meter how to end so I keep telling them. What it for me like pretty unbearable. You're so sick of ants marching that DO fourteen minute version out and ants marching starts and she's like. A and and I actually started ringing at like a book with me to the contrary I might not within the whole time. There's some that for you tonight and you can be the only person that Jimmy Buffett concert with a group during a Bible study. After is. An hour of and I circuits jammed can't post anything base not very even you know refresh your feet or anything. The book idea thank you for the call. Think the partnership number twelve. 4047419400. If you can relate to really Jiang. I hate blank but I do it because I love them. Yeah.