I Couldn't Hold It Anymore

Monday, December 4th

Adults aren't perfect, and this Georgia fan isn't the only one who just couldn't contain his excitement. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Japanese yen shell out all the now. We believe that there is comfort in numbers appear on the adjustment and shows so we need you because there's a man so excited. About the Georgia Bulldogs win. Then you wouldn't think. So rescued surely this have you ever weigh yourself as an adult. That's really what we're doing this morning. I reject the idea they're front of there. I do I pull up my instant Graham account I just posted sort of be the top thing on my answer Graham account. I'll tell you the the the story behind her this picture came from is. I was watching CBS 46 and they were doing a posts. Georgia Bulldogs win the show. And be ruin it down to. Mercedes-Benz stadium. Ands. Outlet Dorsey is the CBS 46 reporter who is talking to a whole crowd of people down there one point she referenced the Bulldog. And they had. I'm that eighth in the group of people very. You know overjoyed at the rain the bulldogs fan that was seemingly circulated on the Bulldog of physical dog all out is that camera hands down to get the ball died. It passes. A gentle man who seemed to be so excited. At the Georgia Bulldog win that he wet his pants. And. I would like you're right I think she could not get up and go to the restroom and wait in the long lines. At the men's Grammy mean to deceive the end of the game and just decided take ever right there. 404263094. Winds is our phone number because. It need to hear from you. If as an adult this has happened to you. Because I got some text message after I posted. From people lived on the yep adults adults. Adult in traffic I'm always afraid that. I'm always afraid of being stuck and it. Pam and not been able to go and have to know like get out of the car popped a squat on the side of the road and you know you made a decision free on your car acknowledge yeah. Is I kind of I I never make that decision is always afraid of you know and then. What happens you're seeking. As to whether you're probably if your boss moment you're Islam and then all. And I it is it roll back in the end. This owners. All yours for a 42630941. If you wanna see the picture. And and determine for yourself I just posted it on Jeff dollar almonds to Graham but. I hear is that the thing I got a comment. When I talked about deserve an answer from you over the weekend more than one comment I'm for I'm FaceBook for example. A woman who is so excited. That is the toward the Georgia com scored the first touchdown. I she screamed and jumped so much I leaked a tad myself. Hello uncle. Italy. In my defense though I had four children. Yes that I was gonna say that that's a mama cada dia. I inane I got a text message from a friend of mine who said that she had a little bit of leakage problem when she was celebrating the win. Oh just jumping up and down. A little like it's got to go to the girl's trip yep. And uncertainly into. I think we'll be able to get this guy some comfort in numbers. Which. Is independent family and Jefferson in a while diminish so. Emily. I'm whenever out a lot art form we had to make any emergent church in Michigan and it's well art probably got back in the IR. We are our. And we have about Adams and pregnant at you don't and we had two or three other groups of people around me thought you actor and it. There's a year. You get wet your pants. How I didn't I can't thank goodness I had. At. And you gotta do you gotta do that and act that I have that's it that's a good today. Let's see Melissa. In that tap on she actually Peter's oh. Melissa in Dallas is the CEO. The catch word now what happens. We contractor come out to our house you somewhere and that's you it entered you'd think can help you in that hole. We all right well on we. He peed in his dance. You can't and acted like nothing had aggregate cap and Saturday at it would block Larry and we didn't get bit that there MI can't get couldn't tell there. Was he right sloshing through here. Kids general whoever is who's giving you asked it. We yeah it looked pretty much like he can't. It was like he went around my neck and an and that I think really he didn't can't. I did he notice. And he sat down so he can't. You know you. You like just pretend it never happened here is gonna tell other boy dance you know are a great standard Jack got married Dan Browning united do you have to go into going and recognize. I Carney in Noonan. Eight when you peer dances and. Couple years back I really strict originally occurred always at our husbands and there they Electra and electronic byters safety card that order at that Joseph. That's pretty Leila I did not see at. We want you at your house a bone. It turned out at me and I still didn't want to let them. My amateur actually had any external to or embellished really the basic cable. So it's not an uncommon thing literally scared the you know what I. Power of words she thinks they unemployment. You gonna get out of it. UN HL all star. Get some comfort in numbers for the UGA fan who was so exciting and to talk to CBS 46 about the big wind SEC championship game. That he keep his hands. I'm fat I. So just spotted this picture we're asking you would tell us or tell on somebody who paid themselves as an adult Tammy comfort in numbers for adults who have whet their own pants. And. Yet it actually. Excuse. It worked all your aim oak door I'm selling it hard and I. The actor Maria don't add it to get real comic characters that can't limit but again you know worried about the door I realize that it make keen. To lock up don't have a car that blamed Brenda go breaking my house to get Mikey he took her amber. L. By this time I'm glad I did go right aspect intelligently get doesn't doesn't. Job well I cut the flood gauge early when he said he and great hair in and again I go under is. Later I had until I can't firm. PE but our old friend senior employee. Yeah I am pretty much the message humiliating manner of my life. Are you sailors. Are there any customers in the store are now. Yet. Again. Let me get a good hard got to try to get it down you're gonna get me if you minutes but collegiate stand behind the honor they are probably wondering what on her good. You know how to get dating back there or. Ever. So it you've locked the door and Aaron EP. Everywhere. Pop the it. I usually I think Michelle they Mary and a. I found out about seventeen or eighteen Alabama bond swap but girlfriend. And we are still a good miles from home and I. I just could not great and so there was that Koppel Joaquin and none of us. Kinda along. I blockage. At a ball less impact and that the old tree I'll go in to treat each week and a slowdown we let this kind of up twenty something. You couple go past god and I went into the think a treat like a lot about my lot and I did not know it but not pass any. Eight I had so they had turned around. And Alex I freaked out I hold my can't eat. It all up and then eighteen. In the huddle I had to. Pete and each and they thought it looked doubted that can go lottery in the plant girl. Come. And I had I was a humiliating and I don't like about the worst thing that's ever happened. At the top. And they happened when are much. I walked home for at least another mild with soaking wet cat has gone a couple app in the Tidewater the hour in my LP. You and could. I ask you pay your. Learned the game would stack my fear of current that last tocchet in midstream she pulls him up. And learn it would stack. Pete advances and. Yes I'd close that I aids and green company here at arrow there are no hair and now this is going. And we heard 20 looks like and they begged me to get there and jump around what and I let it eat at. Totally unprepared and actually it and 88 or anything ever particular crew and such they'd think it's hilarious. Like download and Conley is gonna be a waterfall I can be anything important business and. Hello. New York City and it was pouring down rain it will retain coach Carlo my sister and I were able to jump Crockett and unharmed due strikes sure it does she just walked right through it or my doctor and I thought it was still funny. We couldn't apple acting we don't Canada PRP and so couldn't make it back to the hotel. Don't see a victory across the street cricket greatly to go to new underwear and be fine police get there and it's so credit it couldn't figure out why everyone there at at and we're prepared we're doing each but are yet and there's that model. With more trying to. It's very easy getting. Are we near Atlanta last doll. I know I went today against her like when you are hurt and another brilliant red book tour US or at the air or right or get out of our. Our everybody there's big about it are saying that anybody shot. I'm bad economic hit the terminal I looked like a totally blacked out though I don't even know why they let me play. But I stumbled down there they're got on the plane Rapoport got hit Gotham like I have not GP and I look like you're apt way. Step right I dropped back and beat out the way. If you don't like no and can't believe Reagan sent there. He could be. Yeah. I don't know I don't I don't remember getting on it the plane and they don't think you're like a short but it like to thank you Q I know you're aware that. I leave that alone and. I use that it was a good friend of his. I graduate they don't. Have an idea about high. We'll continue this conversation am FaceBook and you can see the picture. Of the guy who may or may not give Pete his pants it's. Irate outburst and MIM's to Graham just dollar on its program. All learn and share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook.