I Can't Take Them Anywhere

Thursday, August 10th

These stories of embarrassing people are too much. Humming during movies, fake-falling everywhere you go, the list goes on...


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and. Our son and fills you just can't take anywhere. We know a few movies we love to hear about the one that the airline seat for a four season 30941. Intel about Intel's. Very few public action and he just had this happen to you recently on. Oh my god she's the nicest person on the planet and I she's so cool but we were mad and I dinner prepared by a shaft right so he cooks this beautiful dinner for us. It just a friend of mine but he happens to be had a super talented chef. And one of the things he made. Where is. I get tenderloin. On the big green tag I mean you could cut this thing with a four rule. So good PNC and that's an expensive cut me right man melts in your mouth. While she snuck away from the table and threw her piece in the microwave on. He served at lake medium rare. She microwave terse statement in a shaft out at a chefs house. And didn't know that was so insulting and not the thing to bear the wrong club has now. Really I cannot meet friends there anymore now let's circle how. Yeah she's so friends can take. A loan me and it's embarrassing sharing in Marietta welcomed the champs. Being on my god I can not my bad anywhere. Hey this is a you're on a have to match or strain or watching and eat eat during rush hour and in that. They did reach anybody eating. Like where what is it what does it mean that. Like everywhere I went and their mom and ended their book and my little long and up I got. It and so everything in their own thing and he's trying to make a social statement. People have a their nose and their phone. I. AD side Kelly she has frenzy she just can't dig anywhere I can't take your anywhere Smith specifically to restaurants and the mega realist thing with those privacy is like. Gluten free dairy free and began when the fifth then there's like certain spices as she on he says he taker Chara shot. And C order some things she's like a take no butter no assault. That and then you've got to come separately and other than a day camping on the same girl is that it and I Allentown Allen does par really there's spinning in my fit yeah. I'm sure getting spit in my day because of your hard. Yeah yeah definitely get an exhibition cuteness and he. Hambrecht is sitting on the. I I remember in two years ago we used to have this friend who would aid go in order wine in a restaurant bottles of wine. And no matter what restaurant we are act there's from 50% chance that he would say that the bottle of wine is corked. Which means the court tried out I think and mesa wind tastes funny enough now. Oh yeah lights. It's. I've asked people who were into wine and the like now that's at one out of a hundred models. As rush later restaurant. Where they know how to store at least you can have bottled wine and your kitchen counter my neighborhood there for a couple of weeks or whatever years even. The court tries out an entertaining oxidized or when. Those so it's not where it's been already opens in and out the wind is courts which is a flavor. Things change. And we had to stand gone out with him in his life because every single restaurant he would is that if portal thing you would swirl it luckiest to have. I'm reminds me a friend that I used to have some is on my life anymore that he complained about the food every time something came to him. I can't think I have never I never ever went out to dinner with him and I'm talking the years and years and years of being friends is hymns like and he sent his food back and bar every single meal it was always a different reason it was always a different complaints every single male talk. And I think he spent fears I had him not ten not go out there aren't many mar. He likes eating dupers from the server. Borrow 42630941. There's comfort in numbers of sales tell us about the human being a I Thomas in Riverdale is up next. Bay after painting and start. Star in 941. If you just say this is another adults let me just say I can't take him anywhere. I Tommy has seen a river now welcome to the channels. Through this grown up in your world that you can take anywhere. Myanmar. And are now what does mom the second parent Colin around. We will whenever she didn't take that first thing to do in fact he had things like he's. It's not me. I got the rhythm of my booty and I got to sit. Part of me kind of appreciates that Larry is the last place around Danson embarrassed he has. Yeah under him OK okay all. Nicole and Lawrence though under the channel. I think morning wearing is the last place you got embarrassed man adults the media say I can't take this person anywhere. Well I didn't use another dare call. In Latin not a challenging at my mother to your restaurant not a car anymore lie yeah. She and so arrows for picking that when we get into any restaurant and our awareness of the lead in their militant Irish she cannot. I see it each and looking at the Fed by the kitchen. She repeated it ten at a rest sandwich she repeated that isn't. Like I cheered table tops and that they have being pushed into the wind from this. Is it time and sometimes there's hardly any additional you know they see it coming you know like I watched as another 100 as that. She had mentioned that in light of day. Shall send Mac and another one that went south on exports. Slowed super thinking about what cable. That was so that certainly no later than delaying or are organs or national or all of those things. I weird thing when somebody says there's food back what is the rest of the table due Randy like me without then. Or you daddy wade you lay food cold so annoying and are generally the same people who sit there and I don't go ahead go ahead I'd rather wait for good food. And then make my remarks about the food in front of the server Anaheim on hall. Did he said earlier see you're definitely insiders at yet. Ginger and Douglas they'll. And I went and anywhere. Apple. And she reporters talk to them and what she should want the and it was ear she ordered plunge it straight she had so why should edit your appetite. Oh yeah an idea. And I don't manage all throwing huge grieving Imus and real Giuliani in Atlanta welcomed the chance. Morning and who are we anywhere. I couldn't take my ex boyfriend and where he would get mad at me Wallace saying he had such an ad senator. It's ridiculous. So it's about at restaurant people. Yeah he would it matter that can expect people for not being there as well outside. England but what you're about to reach over the counter. And it could ignore. And are you kidding panda express gives you so much food this course and. I don't well. Christine and I can see in midtown. Who can you take anywhere. Well I would let my scores this easily see. My mother come during a movie. And theater. Action and I don't come a struggle out shooting the yeah. I'm here okay are all things is that treasures on an island out. JB and Illini got there is the adult you can't take anywhere. My mind that he can follow. It and I'd like. My guys is all. The body on the ground and look at running around but I keep turning into like last night. Right now I would actually I'm OK and what we did not. JP is dead version of view so I. I confess that I am I still do that I'm 32 years old and if I'm skipping a parking money CO lol overhang. I'll smack both my hands at the top of the overhang and sell it like I'm a wrestler. And and then father of the ground and you all and end and yet I don't stop signs were really well in fact. Well now we know our person is on the shelf. Uncertainty and a commanding. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.