I Can't Stand Driving With Them

Thursday, June 29th

Does your partner's backseat driving drive you nuts? Does your driving scare them half to death? Well good news, you're not alone!

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The jet engines show every. Can you not ride in the car with your significant other. There's terrible drivers there that we. Worst backseat driver ever see just refused to ride inside the car with them at all Flynn is happening to one Jeff intention remember us right now. Yeah and there's comfort in numbers so we need to know her story of why for a 1463941. I don't want to get you in trouble JP. Fight if there's any thing JP is engaged her beautiful woman named Heidi. You've heard their whole story play out on the jet engines have they got engaged. At our concerts. Where he sang a song onstage so romantic. They. Doubting and got engaged in and what did. Beginning in December. Mike I've Valentine's Day she had planned the most perfect. JPM Heidi wedding. He's an anti hazing ever. Together a year like best friends your head over heels in love we get along nineteen point 5% of the time yeah okay. Tabs the one point 5% of the time when word in the car together when we get in the car together these are my inner thoughts. Sox. Think OK is this when she's driving or when your track when I'm driving. Because she can't leave you alone right she said six things and a five minute car that's a thought OK so much so I wrote him down. This this is it courier. With a 61 stab each day and pretty much verse one why are you driving so slow on a parking lot you're driving like grandpa. So I won't. Next time you're about to hit the speed bump can you please warn me a sense and should scare. Now I'm Kathy you can and is now and then that car there's turning into gestation can turn right you can turn right don't you don't have the way can turn right. Against that card didn't turn and you're right you're careful when you're right I appreciate it up. Close to gone so fast slow down. Look there's moderate their bad there's about right they're not they're at their bag does not. And McCartney speaking is that high. Why did she do to everybody's surprise the are only you know I think Heidi likes being in control and it isn't in the passenger's seat on most scenarios. I'm really the only person she ever rides right I got to be honest. Is she a great driver. She drives like Speed Racer. Me too she would always see slow for her and he. He's one of those people and misty and Hanson who. Can you not right in the Caroline. Not. That I didn't know I and I McLaren. Or a and and and blocker who am I eat or eat. I eat out there aren't the only area I. In the U daring and wouldn't you. Ever happened review and re uniting legend she's giving you criticism of stuff that she just did that and 84 when you're driving it's tough yeah. Hi Jessica and can't. And don't let me out of my head and not shoot you in the cart let me tell I you know. Handled. Yeah. Tacked on a broad backing. Does it do you and your husband takes separate cars so things. And he diet I'm saying it I'm Mattingly and I'm pretty cool that when I had I had it. I'm Patrick and I. What's the oh crap handles a bad thing above the door and you'll land sue for dear life and a Beverly and coming. I I cannot arrive at net than. Get your dog like Rick Graham ball. Clearly Natalie drive. Socialized. I had to get in the car and Ricky Bobby all the wait yeah. Smart not trying to determine a passenger's seat and that doesn't you know but I don't hold it up. The worst part Beverley I'm driving with somebody like that is watching all of the people pass CU ESP I K you're going so slow slow literally everyone as. He has primary thing. I can understand that they think could garner wired but I don't know how air. Other great Jersey and Atlanta. I'd yeah. It in the car I didn't want to poll all of our goal at 8 o'clock hour. I didn't have it ain't. What. It sure. But can't. Sure. A little bit. I've. Euros for. Are 263094. Line we will I'd take your phone calls who can you not stand. Being in the car away and the first we take we come back is gonna be from Mike in giants great. Is going to be a guy. Target about being in the car with his wife he's got issues as. A Ben. Those jobs. Sex. Star in 941. If you can not drive with your significant other in the car we've got to hear your stories of why because there's comfort in numbers and JP and his fiancee Heidi cannot drive anywhere together without her critiquing. Every little move he makes it's not a matter if it's win for a 46309. F. For wine he went inside to. Mike and John straight. Might can jab straight words out. I hey guys so my story is pretty similar JP my wife and I can't fight seeing the car would mean without sinks down to. It's going too fast or you're too so this person and she's training my three year old dictator saying they. And then my three year old although Michael slowdowns. Low cut a bit easier few chairs is. Did your age I don't know why is this a permanent. I. Judge why did they ever get the kid out of the rear facing car seats. Demands and has to face them back to the car until he's eighteen the I know there might Hogan's they'll migrants out. I am not a plane and boat would say. You hear now the Bobby why are so now you know so slow. You don't return are you not go returner who's. How harbor slave by her editor I didn't go to a bank and it can be quite a good idea critique or particular. I think it's why ask some questions here's the jerk yeah. Actually exactly. Understand the wrong look I play well when a new machine back every eight. Guy guys you know why he does have premarital counseling classes Jesse doesn't do this you are you in Cali got married they need to. How he married O'Hara and driving less than yeah Mormon official. Needs to be neutral person in the car I agree yeah there needs to be as yet you see there's things and yet the sticker on the back it's a student driver ambition do and this is newly wed driver yeah. Constructive. I have advertising this in drivers I intentionally like I'm nine. Seriously I know JD I had done Nestle. It's a mess of them I get out and horrible you know. I'm nervous where teacher and realizing exactly as a real time especially in the land lean heavier band I'm going to be again driver and Allen now Orioles ass on a bad driver I. Yeah I had olina. And thank you on tasteless. There isn't created parallel parking practicing parallel parking in that parking garage and I intentionally pulled on the growing got a little too close don't just make America. You've heard sure as odds now. Does it have seen driver gives you instant karma. Is that. My rips your bumper off patent and guess what in the real world in the real world Jan there arrange some creepy old guy in the passenger seat with a foot on the other break. That doesn't exist there's people watching these people look at it which again and then Tim you do note. I attendance is harmless is generally the legs. Sometimes it just horrible sometimes they did you. The video game is liberal real kid in there I know that somebody's child that's Arlen now because none of video game exactly the Tudjman that kid out yeah. You're welcome yeah Kelly and Jennifer trying to see how Heidi score on the driver's Ed tense. And you know them cats Iran and Atlanta what's out. You OK I have. On how much bigger. Problem like our early. Well I'll get a car I'm all I. Car hit angry about him. I am Alan I like I had written. Not I'm not aware either. And why my number eight Eagles aren't. Born. Around. On some. Of the art. And more. So Helena draws you in a month car which means in the driver turns around to see what profanity just on Dan I'm. It's do you in the drivers see that I. I. Let us I am not. Is it is the general rule I'm not a violent person. But I will hit somebody doesn't touch. Oh listen but I Cali once reached over and turned on my windshield way though slowdown now and you almost brokerage since. I just thought entered my mind yeah instinct was to punch should be if there's like an invisible shield right there I don't you cross that invisible line Brad radio I don't care thermostat let's talk about it. You took should icons on the steroid. Now I stand you and I think it's a temporary insanity now from couple lines aren't Heather and you need to be Glascoff. Hey Jerry I'm dead last minute everybody's got to deal with with crazy passengers have been here right with. I think it'll does not have been had ten on the record was jeered and eat is instructor. There and I. Or do you like that you can't drop a little battle and each debate like that don't. Every time we get in the car he actually pay. Your limit her should probably only a short. And I'm trying to get the Dollar General. I I. Don't see. Millionaire and. I'm just trying to get some more dryer sheets I'm not pursuing him and. I. Here are very. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.